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    Using tabs to choose which of the 13 beautifully photographed spreads to look at, kids can easily navigate this large scale board book, even if they have fine motor issues Each spread has a rich variety of items to look at, label, and see the sight words for Items are most often presented in their typical color yellow rubber duck, brown teddy bear, green frog , so children can begin to form those associations Although there is a lot on each page, the empty white background is a calming antidote to overstimulation.While My First Colors largely lends itself to a solitary experience, adults can read the activity prompts on each page and help a child to understand their meaning if they are ready Let s point to all the green things you can eat, etc For children who enjoy labeling, this book and the entire seri...

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    Title My First Colors Let s Learn Them All Author DK PublishingCategories Genres Picture BookCopyright date 2010Estimate of age level of interest Age 1 6Estimate of reading level 1st GradeBrief description A tab, board book that dedicates a page to each color Identify at least 2 characteristics of this genre and subgenre and discuss how they appear in your book.Picture books do not need to have a storyline, and this book is a perfect example of that This book helps small children associate the names of the colors with things that are those colors Each color has it s own labeled tab that little fingers can easily turn to Each tab has it s own picture, which is a fun way for children to learn categories Simple text helps children put the words, colors, and pictures together Children will be able to point out objects and colors as they repea...

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    Sort of random at times and all over the place.

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    L has been picking this book out quite a bit recently Although the one she has isn t this exact version, it s a bit simple It has a lot of things to point to and is good for teaching new words.By the way, I feel like I should note for L s sake, in case she reads this one day and wonders why she read way fewer books than her brother at this age, the answers are a He was willing to let us choose the books and read a variety She is very adamant about what she wants to read, and basically wants to read the same handful of books again and again, ignoring the other books on her shelf This is one of her chosen few b She...

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    I really liked this colors book Its probably a bit busy for really young babies, but is good for toddlers I liked the tabs around the outside making it easy to skip to a certain color Like many colors books, it h...

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    I really like this book There are two full pages dedicated to each color Each two page spread has a tons of pictures of things of the specified color The pictures for pink and purple are a bit of a stretch, but it s so c...

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    This book was great for my color obsessed 3yo I like how it is layed out by color and included silver, gold and multi colored objects.

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    This is great for a young toddler Lots of pointing and talking opportunities We revisit this book daily and my son lights up when he finds it in his downstairs book collection.

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    My son cannot get enough of this book He will turn the pages for 30 minutes at a time Probably longer, but I get tired of it and encourage him to do something else for a while.

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My First Colors: Let's Learn Them All! Help Toddlers Discover What Their Favorite Color Is And What Colors Are In The Exciting World Around Them In This Tabbed Picture Book That Leads Children To 13 Fun Activity Spreads.Filled With Clear Photography And Simple Text, Tabbed Board Books My First Colors Covers The Colors Of The Rainbow, What Color Teddy Bears Are, What Color Rubber Ducks Are, And Look Around The Kitchen And Name The Colors Of Milk, Carrots, And Bananas.Perfect For Learning All The Colors And Durable Enough For Toddlers To Handle, Tabbed Board Books My First Colors Promotes Early Reading, Listening, And Writing Skills.The Toddler Tough Tabbed Pages Of The Books In This Series Are Filled With Little Ones Favorite Topics Waiting To Be Discovered Thirteen Inviting Picture Tabs Lead Children To Fun Filled, Activity Themed Spreads, And Each Page Offers A Wealth Of Speaking And Listening Opportunities That Promote Early Reading And Writing Skills.