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  • Kindle Edition
  • 366 pages
  • Strange Little Band
  • Nancy Brauer
  • English
  • 08 October 2019

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    That was some read If you want to read a full review, check the Bitten by Books website will list my casting choices in case a brave filmmaker takes this one on.Zachary Quinto as Shane Myers Naomie Harris as Addison Harris Madison Pettis as Ashlynn Harris Noah Gray Cabey as Jake Myers

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    Actually a 3.9 More Than a 4.00Strange Little Band is one strange little love story, in a good way This isn t a traditional romance by any means, so anyone looking for hearts and flowers and declarations of eternal fidelity, look elsewhere None of that hero and heroine meet, fall madly and deeply in love and walk hand in hand into the sunset together jazz Practically no one in this novel is a very nice person, but that s the beauty of this very unconventional romance novel Bear in mind that the couple in question are, for lack of a better term, the bad guys Believe the by line All Around Bad Behavior because there s plenty of it, and not just the sex though there s plenty of that too Doctors Addison Harris and Shane Meyers work for the totalitarian Triptych Corporation, a company that makes Resident Evil s Umbrella Corp look like The Salvation Army It s not quite clear exactly what Triptych does since the book contains both science and magic as the primary focus of their research Be that as it may, working for Triptych and its mysterious Chairmen would make working for The Donald seem like a piece of cake One of the things that really stood out for me was the fact that the authors populated their world with characters of different ethnicities It mig...

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    4,5 starsHoly cow this book was different interesting.relentless I loved it.Quick synopsis In what I can only guess is an alternate reality to our own, Magic, strong psychic abilities including telekinesis teleportation exist, and off world travel is no big thing A giant, murky corporation called The Triptych corporation controls its employees with an iron fist Dr Shane Myers is a half human half alien who has been trying to break his contract with Triptych for 20 years having been conscripted by them when he was just a teen ager Addison Harris is the Queen Bee Diva Homo Superior pet of the Corporation A top tier psychic with frightening abilities, she and Shane lust for and despise each other The Corporation has used Addison once before to try to breed her abilities The result was her daughter Ashlynn This time they impregnated her and used Shane s sperm to do so Now Addison is pregnant with Shane s human alien psychic child Despite the Corporation s express wish that she would be nothing but an incubator and that Shane is to never know, Addison psychically bonds with...

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    Supervillians get domestic.Strange Little Band is one of the sexiest stories on the internet, and how can it not be when you are looking at two supervillains navigating their way through parenthood and romance The wonderfully adversarial relationship between Addison and Shane creates a dark comedy of errors inside of a top secret society that may or may not be on the side of the world outside of its nefarious influence Unlike many romances, neither Addison nor Shane are likeable characters, their evil natures tempered only by their interaction with their children and the dysfunctional family life they manage within their relationship There are few characters who are good people in Strange Little Band, save for perhaps Svetlana and Teague Both Addison and Shane are selfish people who seek out their successes at the expense of others and aren t afraid to use and abuse those around them with their alien and psychic powers respectively.The main crux of the story is the often rocky process by which Shane and Addison discovering they do, in fact, have souls Their children are selfless and understanding, a wholly alien outlook to their own parents, and thus become teachers in how to get back those components of their humanity they had lost The fault perhaps lies in Triptych Corp., a mysterious entity that blends both science and magic within it, manipulating tho...

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    Mild spoilers The world of Triptych is not unlike our own, but despite familiar cultural references and a collection of mundane day to day problems, Addison Harris and Shane Meyers have lives further complicated by belonging to a cut throat organization populated by super humans In the Triptych organization, anything goes as representatives of Homo Superior lie, cheat, and steal to get what they want Affection is a thing to be exploited and genuine love is almost unheard of Even children are potential pawns.Addison Harris, resident self described ice queen, thinks that she will have no trouble bearing a child for Triptych She s used to the scheming and already has only tenuous ties with her first child, daughter Ashlynn What does she care if they want to breed a race of Homo Superior that also has alien blood One unintended psychic bond later and she finds herself in Shane Meyers office, informing the half alien scientist that he s about to become a father Professionally cool to one another at best before, Addison and Shane find themselves drawn to each other, first because of their unborn son and then because of mutual respect and attraction Of course, love is a weakness at Triptych, whethe...

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    The story follows the psychics Addison and Shane, who both work for the mega corp Triptych, a mysterious company that seems to specialize in almost everything Both of the main characters are strong and manipulative it s refreshing to read a story with such complex characters and so much hidden politics at play.Addison is passionate, stubborn and controlling, oftentimes bitchy, teleporting pet psychic of Triptych s boss, and a fiercely protective mother.Shane is a part human, part alien supreme martial arts expert and workaholic, who has no friends by design As a matter of fact, any time he seems to experience strong emotions, he retreats into his emotionless alien side, thus appearing heartless and uncaring now imagine the two of them having a baby.Technically, this is a dark paranormal romance, which is personally not my cup of tea But this isn t the PWP you d expect from the genre, this is something slightly twisted, set o...

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    Description Shane and Addison, two brilliant and egotistical psychics fall for each other hard after being brought together by their corporate overlords breeding program A tumultuous and tortured love affair, spanning 12 years, ensues.The Good STRANGE LITTLE BAND is probably the strangest little IR romance I ve ever read, and I really dug it It s kind of like DR WHO meets RED DWARF meets Wolfram and Heart the evil corp from the ANGEL series meets DAYS OF OUR LIVES I like d all of those programs, so I was sold from the start And I couldn t download the rest of the novel fast enough after reading the sample It was really interesting to read a romance embedded inside an action filled family drama, and I love that the heroine has an even stronger sexual appetite than the hero Seriously, I wanted this to be a TV series so bad that I m having a bit of trouble not remembering it as such.The Bad Shane calls Addison bitch and whore than he calls her by her actual name For so...

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    Authors Nancy Brauer and Vanessa BrooksGenre erotic urban science fictionPublisher indie self publishedWarnings language, sex and plenty of that Disclaimer I found this a very difficult book to rate as it s not within my usual genres young adult, skewed towards fantasy I don t tend to read romance or books with many erotic elements, so that is also affecting my rating somewhat.The review may contain spoilers Strange Little Band is a Strange Epic Duck It s a very difficult book to label and categorise On the one hand, it s an epic sexy romance, peering into a huge chunk of the lives of some very, well, bad people On the other, it s a hybrid science fiction and fantasy introducing a world that blends science, the paranormal, the alien and magick Oh, and one foot is firmly aimed at being a solid family drama too.We start off with two leads The beautiful but, shall we say, testy psychic Addison, and the equally terse and inhuman Shane They both work in the fairly evil Triptych Corporation I don t really know what they do or why, but they do seem to want to own the lives of all their employees Case in point both of Add...

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    I initially picked up this book because I met one of the authors, Nancy Brauer the other is Vanessa Brooks , at a convention I liked Nancy as a person then I attended one of her readings, in which she read the first two chapters of this novel, and I liked what I heard I decided to pick the book up in eBook format, because I m always really leery of self published books To my delight, the formatting, grammar and such were all very clean and there were very few typos Best of all, the rest of the story about an unlikely couple, their children, and their fight to control their own lives proved to be as good as the beginning The characters are well detailed and the plot thoroughly interesting It s very well written, but definitely isn t a book for children or for the easily offended.I enjoyed it very much and would recommend it to those who like dark scie...

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    This is really good I had a late start today because I couldn t put this book down once I began reading it last night Even excited now about receiving a copy than I was when I first found it in my mailbox Lawful evil never looked so cute Villains need love too.

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Strange Little Band Addison And Shane, Two Self Centered Psychics, Work For The Cut Throat Triptych Corporation Their Insular Lives Are Disrupted When, Due To Triptych S Machinations, They Become Unlikely Parents How Can They Raise A Child When They Can T Trust Each Other

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