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The Patriot Paradox Ex CIA Analyst Kurt Vetter And Enigmatic Foreign Agent Amanda Carter Race Across Europe In A Quest To Unearth The Truth Behind The Murder Of Kurt S Brother Trying Desperately To Stay Ahead Of A Government That Has Forsaken Them, They Discover A Conspiracy That Threatens The Very Foundation Of World Stability The Clock Is Ticking And Kurt And Amanda Must Find A Way To Halt The Plot Before Millions Die

  • Paperback
  • 247 pages
  • The Patriot Paradox
  • William Esmont
  • English
  • 10 November 2019
  • 9780982875810

About the Author: William Esmont

William Esmont lives in Tucson, Arizona.

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    I won this book through the Goodreads First Reads Giveaway on 02 19 2011 and received it on 02 24 2011 Let me start this off by saying that I am not a fan of authors I ve never read It is almost like a fear of rejection I don t want to waste my time on a book that is going to stink and I want a refund from This viewpoint sometimes makes it a little difficult to find things to read if my usual authors don t have anything new out William Esmont has completely blown that to smithereens I had never read anything by him and I knew nothing about him when I entered the giveaway for his book and I couldn t be happier that I won I have a new author to put on my usual list There are so many things that I want to say about The Patriot Paradox First off, amazing book I love spy goverment books and this is in my top two It has been a long time since a book has grabbed me from the first page and then kept me hooked until I finished it The characters were really well developed, the story VERY well written and the plot was gripping.All too many times an author makes a hero indestructable I love it when an author makes the hero flawed enough ...

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    Mike Vetter has taken something that doesn t belong to him He s being tracked by co workers who would rather see him dead than allow him to leak the information he has taken from them In no time at all, his life is over but not before he sends the package to his brother, Kurt This special package finds its way to Kurt, giving birth to a wild journey overseas Kurt locates a woman, Amanda, and together they try to solve a conspiracy within the CIA, if they can stay alive long enough to do it.Esmont can tell an action packed story like you wouldn t believe The pace is set from page one and never let s up I was concerned at first that references to the details of the CIA m...

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    Splendidly written novel exciting, superior characterization and a plot one simply cannot resist a must read When Kurt hears of his brother s deathand a mysterious package sent to himan amazing race against time takes pl...

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    In William Esmont s The Patriot Paradox, the first installment in the Kurt Vetter Political thriller trilogy, this fast paced thriller is action packed and fast paced from start to finish When Kurt Vetter learned about his brother s death, it had sent him reeling and went home to his funeral As he listened to the last message had given him on his answering machine, it sounded cryptic to him When he discovered what he referred him to his late brother s home, it discovered a top secret plot on a decoded disk That had sent him straight into London to look for Amanda Carter, someone his brother had previously worked with Back at the CIA, when word had come through about Kurt Vetter being on the move, something he had belonged to them And they would do anything to stop them, no matter what the cost When they disco...

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    Article first published as Book Review The Patriot Paradox by William Esmont on Blogcritics.Drawn back into a world of espionage by the death of his brother Mike, Kurt Vetter is already suffering the loss of his wife and child, Kurt is doing his best to forget his prior life A plea from his mother brings him back to the states, to just one pain filled memory The death of his only brother Following the funeral, Kurt receives a package from Mike a package Kurt now knows caused his death He is immediately aware that with his newfound knowledge gleaned from the package, he too is in danger Mike leaves a request for to Kurt contact Amanda Carter in the case of his death and turn the information over to her Mike copied the information, hoping to bring down the rogue faction of the CIA willing to start a war to get what they wanted One step ahead of the CIA, Kurt tracks down Amanda through the internet, and to London.Amanda too is in intelligence and a good friend of Kurt s brother She grieves at his death he had put himself on the line for her in the past and saved her life His request for her hel...

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    I have to say, when I initially saw the length of this novel, I was skeptical about much could really lie within less than three thousand Kindle locations Color me surprised, then, when Esmont delivered a hard, driven story with a complex conspiracy and an unexpected emotional range.This novel had me constantly agitated, afraid for the fates of various characters as rogue CIA agents set about eliminating obstacles to their nefarious plot The amount of information gleaned from simple communications was astounding but surprisingly believable, and I found myself eying my cell phone suspiciously as I read, wondering if so simple a device would be the means by which Kurt and Amanda got caught Was it I m not telling.Unlike many a thriller, Esmont delves into the tender side of his main character without forcing it Kurt s initial homecoming was gut wrenching despite its brevity, with a palpable sense of loss and despair It made it easier to connect to him, something that becomes incredibly important when the protagonist is too busy running from killers to worry about forging a relationship with the reader.In spite of his skillful use of words, however, the author does seem to struggle with semicolons and commas, as well as quotation marks, as well as occasional redundancy The punctuation tended to be off every so often, which was distracting but thankfully not intolerably so The overuse of words was sporadic enough to be understandable Still, a bit proofin...

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    The Patriot Paradox is a thrill ride of conspiracy and sabotage Fearing for his life, Mike Vetter sends his brother sensitive information, making him the target of a rogue group of CIA agents who plan to annihilate Russia with a nuclear missile.The plot is strong, I like the basic premise and though it s not exactly an original idea, Esmont has thought out events carefully The detail he uses seem genuine which gives the plot a sense of possibility The action is fast paced as Kurt and Amanda run from Carson s team The deadline and desperation gives the story a sense of urgency that pulls the reader along It s quite a short book at just over 250 pages and the conclusion is an unexpected cliffhanger which brings the story to a screeching halt I can only assume that a sequel is in the works.Despite the non stop action, Esmont has taken care to develop believable characters, providing enough context for the reader to build a sense of their motivations I did feel Kurt s...

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    To start with, the plot is remarkably good Ex CIA analyst Kurt Vetter has just lost his family his wife and daughter over a road accident He hasn t recovered yet from this loss, he receives another bad news His brother, whom he loves so much, Mike Vetter was killed in a carjacking gone wrong Well, that was the official cause of death though just before the funeral, a package was delivered to him containing a classified information the package was from his dead brother sent the day he was killed murdered According to the package, his brother found something at work he should not see, something he should have never touched and Kurt believes that this is the reason why Mike was killed.His brother instructed him to get in touch with Amanda Carter for she knows how to deal with this problem Together they set out to uncover the tr...

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    The Patriot Paradox starts off with a bang literally there s a murder and then takes off on a non stop race from Peru to Washington, DC, London, and Moscow Along the way there are spies, double agents, terrorists, and a nuclear bomb Reluctant hero Kurt Vetter teams up with Amanda Carter to locate the bomb and stop its detonation.I really enjoyed this book The writing is clear and vivid, and I could easily visualize the action unfolding as if on a movie screen I would be interested in reading if author William Esmont decides to turn this into a series.I did have one small problem with the book, though The copy I read is not marked as an advance reader s copy or uncorrected proof, but I felt it could have benefited from a good proofreading For me, errors in spelling, punctuation, etc., interrupt the flow of a story but then, I m rather picky, and other readers may not be bothered in...

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    Won this through the Goodreads Giveaways.This may appear to be a relatively short book as thrillers go but my god it packs a punch The story follows Kurt Vetter as he tries to deal with the lose of his brother and the subsequent conspiracy he gets drawn into as he receives a disc of classified information which cost his brother his life Although the story has been told in various guises before but then again that s that what thrillers are all about, the government conspiracies and the little guy battling against their huge might and resources but Esmont writes with a style that just sucks you in and brings you along for the ride, occasionally letting you taking a breath.The character development is superb in parts with Vetter homecoming showing the depth of grief and lose without being overwhelming or excessive in any way However the fast pace of the book limits the potential to develop some of the lesser characters and so they are presented in a sterotypical manner, but this doesn t detract from the story at all and it actually allows Esmont to ...

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