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The Ten-Year Century Remember Worrying About The Y2K Bug In 1999 Or Life Before Twitter Ten Years Ago, September 11 Was Just Another Day, Facebook Didn T Exist, And Barack Obama Was A Little Known State Senator Some Have Called The Jam Packed First Decade Of The New Millennium The Ten Year Century For All Of The History Making, Life Changing Developments It S Contained Now, James Sutherland Explores These Influential Years For The Audience That S Grown Up In It, Putting History In Context And Explaining How The World Is Smaller, Faster, And Connected Than It S Ever Been And Why It Matters.

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    Informative though I lived through most of the decade anyways, this book included lots of info I d never read before My only gripe is that the book placed a heavy emphasis on American politics, and only briefly addressed pop culture music, ...

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    I thought this book did a very good job explaining many of the events that occurred from 2000 2009 However, I think it could have spent time talking about the technological innovations that occurred in this decade This book mentions them, but it doesn t expand upon them as much as it could have.

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    A very good capsulized chronicle of major events spanning the the first decade of the 21st century, which Sutherland shows was indeed a tumultuous one in many respects Further explanation is needed for some apsects of Islam he metions and I take issue with a couple of generalizations.

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    I detected a slight liberal bias, which was fine with me, but otherwise a pretty good general overview of the important events of the last decade for children.