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The Streets of Ankh-Morpork THERE S A SAYING THAT ALL ROADS LEAD TO ANKH MORPORK AND IT S WRONG ALL ROADS LEAD AWAY FROM ANKH MORPORK, BUT SOMETIMES PEOPLE JUST WALK ALONG THE WRONG WAY From Moving PicturesAnkh Morpork City Of One Thousand Surprises According To The Famous Publication By The Guild Of Merchants All Human Life Is There Although, If It Walks Down The Wrong Alley, Often Quite Briefly The City Celebrated In The Bestselling Discworld Series By Terry Pratchett Has Been Meticulously Mapped For The First Time It S All Here From UnseenUniversity To The Shades, From Major Landmarks Like The Patrician S Palace To Little Known, Er, Nooks Like DwarfBread Museum In Whirligig Alley See The Famous Streets Along Which So Many Heroes Have Walked, In Some Cases Quite Hurriedly As Leading Ankh Morpork Entrepreneur CMOT Dibbler Would Say, A Nip At Any Price And That S Cutting Our Own Throat Well, Close

10 thoughts on “The Streets of Ankh-Morpork

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    It s fun to clear the floor, spread this out, get a magnifying glass, and play pretend you re an explorer of Ankh Morpork.Just remember to bring a little insurance, like a brick in a sock or an armed troll.

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    Fantastic map, a really great one that adds a lot of things when youre reading Pratchetts works about the city watch for example.

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    I love maps, and this one faithfully lay out Ankh Morpork in all of its slightly sticky andthan a little suspicious glory A must have for the serious Pratchett fan.

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    This map has been on the walls of all the apartments that I have been living in since moving away from my passport country On days when I feel defeated by a language, culture and landscape that baffle me the foreigner, I look at this map and feel slightlyat home, oddly enough.

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    Another fabulous map hanging next to my bed.I m amazed by how much work has been put into, and I can t wait to know those streets by heart.I don t think I ve ever had such a good feeling about a series before, and it was about time I start it

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    As for the Discworld map, this is beautifully illustrated and I enjoyed pouring over it, finding all the locations I remember from the books It doesn t gave the funny additional book but it was still a lovely accompaniment to the books.

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    8 10

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    40 of so books, different collections, some audio, it s pratchett, read and heard some as well, all Dates wrong.

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    If only the map were detachable by design I mean, I could peel it off but the way it is done, it would mean ruining the book Big no no

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    A fantastic little book for Pratchett fans

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