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    Rutledge has to go to Scotland to solve a murder, which he definitely doesn t like Thoroughly enjoyed this mystery.

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    Rating 4.5 1 2 demerit because % asdfjkl cliffhanger A beautifully written, character driven mystery Bravo I have a soft spot for World War I veteran, Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge There, I said it There is no rational explanation of my love for this series or Rutledge as a character After the first installment I usually picked up the next novel just to see what is the next mystery , I read the first chapter or two and then dived in full force leaving the book or books I was reading at the moment, to wait till I finish with with my favorite inspector.Rutledge is not a dangerous bastard like Jorg from the Broken Empire GO, JORG , not a sigh great book boyfriend or sexy supernatural like oh there are too many , he does not go shirtless, we don t see his well sculpted muscles, he doesn t send shivers down ladies spines and doesn t make me snigger at his witty comments but I love him all the same and sometimes a little Actually sometimes I feel even a little possessive, there were a few times in the nov...

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    The book started off kind of slow, though the pace did pick up a little as it went on I have to say, I really hated the ending It was so abrupt Didn t seem like an ending at all I almost wish Fiona could have remained an abstract vision in Hamish s memory I suppose we are to assume at the end that the police found Rutledge s notes, he survived since he is the main character , everyone believed his story and Fiona was set free I would have liked to have seen Fiona s reaction I also would have liked to see the reunion with little Ian and how, and if, David Trevor welcomed the boy and Fiona into his home There are definitely loose ends which need to be tied up Will Fiona play a part in any future books Now that she s been resurrected from Hamish s mind, I hope so Especially since she now has a connection with Ian s godfather Also, the death of Eleanor Gray is treated like an afterthought in the end The slow start and the lo...

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    These are complex and surprisingly enjoyable read I say surprising because of all the angst and heartache and demons Inspector Rutledge is battling with after returning form WWI to his former life as a Scotland Yard inspector Such a tortured man, but such an intelligent one as well For all his personal troubles, he still has retained the ability to appraise the character of people and have compassion in evaluating the situation and the participants Rutledge is tormented in his mind by the voice of a soldier, Hamish McLeod he needed to execute for cowardice He his tortured by what he needed to do to keep up the moral and courage of the rest of the troop, by having this one man executed and all for naught in a sense, since just after, they were shelled and the man would have been killed, without Rutledge having to execute him.Lo and behold, in this book, Rutledge come...

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    I can t remember whether I read this one first, but from the references in book 5 which I finished last week, I knew i had to re read it One doesn t have to read these in order, I find, though it is probably better to do so.So we find out what has happened to Hamish s fiancee Fiona, since his death She has one very powerful statement that is true of all women and since women can now serve in a number of military forces men as well Well, really, of any civilian victims of war and children of those who fell in war Very moving, very utterable sad, and very much going to be true in the future as well.I became a little confused about who was the father of the little boy, Ian and indeed post the book s finishing, how this was ever going to be proved and how his future would be decided legally, but such questions are outside the mystery and we know what the dispo...

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    I am so predictablefind an author whom I like and then read every book written by that person as fast as I can get my hands on them So after reading several of the latest Todd works about Inspector Ian Rutledge, I moved back to the earlier books The most challenging aspect about doing this is knowing I have to read about the demons that haunt him following WWI, but I have come to look forward to how the characters you meet in every boook are putting their lives together following the war There are subtle lessons hear for us as we work through our political, social and economic issues.I can never anticipate the resolution of the several mysteries that tie Todd s books together, and there is always some thought that he raises that stays with me at the end Here, the questions of someone knowing something about you that could harm you or be used against you, who could profit from that knowledge ar...

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    This book is a perfect part of this series Inspector Ian Rutledge continues to discover the real mystery behind the crime he is to solve Even the past does not prevent him from a committed search to reveal the real from the scapegoated, to reveal the one who relentlessly persecutes an innocent woman, and why In the process, the Inspector reconnects with family who live in Scotland He also connects with the land and the people that he came to know during...

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    I love the Ian Rutledge series Yes, cliffhanger was annoying, but it made sure I have 5 on my nightstand the day after finishing it Such a complex relationship with Hamish, and yet totally relatable These mysteries have twists and turns and k...

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    This has been the best written yet of this series tight, taut, spectacular investigative sleuthing, character portrayals I stayed up last night until I couldn t stay awake any , and then started it again after breakfast.

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    As always Charles Todd wrote a murder mystery that held you to the very end with complex personalities Humanity is portrayed with all the layers of passion, deception, self deception, fear, love, denial, and rugg...

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Legacy Of The Dead The Weathered Remains Found On A Scottish Mountainside May Be Those Of Eleanor Gray, But The Imperious Lady Maude Gray, Eleanor S Mother, Will Have To Be Handled Delicately This Is Not The Only Ground That Inspector Ian Rutledge Of Scotland Yard Must Tread Carefully, For The Case Will Soon Lead Him To Scotland, Where Many Of Rutledge S Ghosts Rest Uneasily But It Is An Unexpected Encounter That Will Hold The Most Peril.For In Scotland Rutledge Will Find That The Young Mother Accused Of Killing Eleanor Gray Is A Woman To Whom He Owes A Terrible Debt And His Harrowing Journey To Find The Truth Will Lead Him Back Through The Fires Of His Past, Into Secrets That Still Have The Power To Kill.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 386 pages
  • Legacy Of The Dead
  • Charles Todd
  • English
  • 23 October 2017

About the Author: Charles Todd

Charles Todd is the pen name used by the mother and son writing team, Caroline Todd and Charles Todd Together they write the Ian Rutledge and Bess Crawford Series They have published two standalone mystery novels and many short stories.