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The Cobras of Calcutta (Decipherers Chronicles, #1) In The Fifty Years Between 1757 And 1815, Britain Lost An Empire, Won Another And Emerged From The Epic Napoleonic Wars As The Greatest Power The World Had Ever Seen But No Empire Comes About By Accident The Spread Of British Power Was Fuelled By The Ambition And Zeal Of A Host Of Larger Than Life Personalities But While History Records The Actions Of Those Who Chose Familiar Public Paths To Make Their Mark, Others Who Served Under A Necessary Cloak Of Silence Have Left No Memorials There Were Men Who Gave Their Whole Lives To These Hidden Struggles At The Centre Of These Machinations Lay One Secret Institution The Decipherers The Code Breakers, The Interceptors Of Letters And Messages, The Analysers Of Intelligence Constantly Locked In Silent Deadly Combat With The Cabinet Noir, The Black Chamber, The Secret Agency Of Britain S Greatest Enemy, France Working Tirelessly With The Decipherers Was A Small Number Of Trusted Agents Whose Secret Trade Carried By Necessity Into The Deepest Conflicts Of Empire And Alistair Douglas Was One Of Them.

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    I can see how another person wouldn t enjoy this, but I loved it The style was made to sound a little as if it were written by a man born in 1739 a rather nice balancing act to keep it sounding authentic while still allowing the prose to flow smoothly for a modern reader The author also did a good job of balancing the attitudes of the time with what would be offensive now The book took me a little while to get in to, I think because we are dropped so abruptly into the action, which is the English war with the Nawab of Bengal in 1756 1757, from the attack on Kasimbazar through the Battle of Plassey Without any knowledge of the day to day life of the narrator, it s hard to know how out of the ordinary the initial events are, or how alarmed to be, though this did make the Calcutta section pretty effectively jarring I had known of Clive and the Battle of Plassey without knowing any particulars, so knew the end we were going to reach without any idea how we were going to get there The battles were very well described I was able to understand the narrator s personal experiences while still getting a clear sense of the tactical execution of the battle I liked the narrator and I adored Mr and Mrs Watts I thought there was a strong sense of time and place though I have a thoroughly constructed fantasy India in my head from when I was in high school and obsessed with the Indian Rebellion of 1857, so it s possi...

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    Good start to the series A little slow at times but a good reflection of the company and the times.

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    No story Rubbish

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    I always find this genre of books Historical Fiction slightly difficult to get into especially at the beginning of a series Except for Bernard Cornwell of course I had originally bought the second in this series without knowing so I obviously couldn t read that first God Forbid so I kindled the first book It is set in India and although I knew edited highlights of Indian historiography basically I was a bit lost Add on to that discomfort the Imperialist commerce driven trade and politics of the 18th century and a hero narrator who is conspicuously naive and unreliable so I took a while to warm to the book It is very heavy on the politics on the period, machinations, inscrutability and double dealing but the reason I bought the books was the subtitle The Decipherers Chronicles Yes I know, very Dan Brown, but reasonably accurate to my mind and given that it takes the entire book for Mr Douglas the central character to decide to become a spy secret agent rather than a soldier or a company man East India Company not CIA this is decidely cerebral rather than action packed This is not James Bond This is stiff Upper Lip, Robert Clive, Black Hole of Calcutta, Broadsides from Ships of the Line, and blood flowing off the orlop deck It is English and it is not a period of history in which ...

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    So whats this book like and who is Grant SutherlandGRANT SUTHERLAND is the author of two internationally published novels, DUE DILIGENCE and EAST OF THE CITY A native Australian, he recently retired from his job as a stockbroker at the age of thirty three and lives in Oxfordshire, England, where he now writes full timeThe Book,Its good, its not a drag you along rip roaring ride like an eagles book or an iggulden, but its an ineresting look at life during the early days of Calcutta, the Siege by the then nawab and what followed and the tensions with the French as war breaks out in europe.It also gives a great look at how easily a young mans p...

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    I really enjoyed reading this book I liked the olde English writing style and the strong gentlemanly values of the main character It was also interesting to note the minor role the main character played in larger historical events this was much believable than many stories where the hero changes the course of a battle T...

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    I am told that the rest of this series is considerably better than this first one I wonder if I ll agree, because I quite liked this one I suppose it is a little slow, but very rich and with great characters Looking forward to the next.

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    Well written but for some reason not as exciting as one would expect a tale of this nature to be.

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    A good romp in India during the war with France involving the black hole of Calcutta and Clive of India, detailed but enthralling

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    Too slow and boring DNF.