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Rethinking Cold War Culture Read Rethinking Cold War Culture Author Peter Kuznick Federicoscridel.eu Rethinking Cold War Culture Questions Many Widespread Assumptions About The Culture Of Postwar America Illuminating The Origins And Development Of The Many Threads That Constituted American Culture During The Cold War, The Contributors Challenge The Existence Of A Monolithic Culture During The 1950s And Thereafter They Demonstrate Instead That There Was Much To American Society Than Conformity, Political Conservatism, Consumerism, And Middle Class Values They Explore The Multitude Of Ways In Which Americans Experienced The Cold War, Reflecting Profound Differences Among Generations, Genders, Races, And Classes.By Examining Popular Culture, Politics, Economics, Gender Relations, And Civil Rights, The Contributors Contend That, While There Was Little Fundamentally New About American Culture In The Cold War Era, The Cold War Shaped And Distorted Virtually Every Aspect Of American Life Interacting With Long Term Historical Trends Related To Demographics, Technological Change, And Economic Cycles, Four New Elements Dramatically Influenced American Politics And Culture The Threat Of Nuclear Annihilation, The Use Of Surrogate And Covert Warfare, The Intensification Of Anticommunist Ideology, And The Rise Of A Powerful Military Industrial Complex.This Provocative Dialogue By Leading Historians Promises To Reshape Readers Understanding Of America During The Cold War, Revealing A Complex Interplay Of Historical Norms And Political Influences.

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    This book is a collection of essays by historians looking at culture during the cold war Some get quite heavy and deep, others easily followed It covers everything from gender and the cold war to just what the average person experienced during this period was the threat of n...

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    A somewhat uneven edited volume, but definitely full of interesting stuff and some good theoretical frameworks for anyone getting into Cold War studies.

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