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Talking Tails Download Talking Tails By Ann Love Horsebackridinggeorgia.us Pets And Their Owners Appear Together In A Book As Heartwarming As It Is Informative.From Our Earliest Beginnings, We Have Shared Our Lives With Animals Jane Drake And Ann Love Explore The Ties That Humans And Their Pets Have Formed With Fun And Fascinating Facts, They Address Dog People And Cat People Why Does A Cat Wind Around Her Owner S Legs She S Rubbing Her Owner With Glands On Her Face To Say You Re Mine They Also Introduce Us To Unusual Pets There S Polly The Parrot, Who Lived Through The Klondike Gold Rush To Be 126 Years Old By Belting Back Whiskey, Swearing, And Biting Gold Miners And, Of Course, There Are Fish And Reptiles, Rodents And Horses, All Of Whom Can Be Beloved Pets As Useful As It Is Fun, Talking Tails Is A Must For Children Who Have Or Want A Pet.

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    This is a very cute nonfiction book about the connection between animals and people It is broken down into four basic sections The first section is called Pets and people Hearts and Smarts This section is really short and explains the brain chemistry involved in loving a pet It s done in a very good way so that even kids can understand what is going on in our brains and why we fall in love with them The second section is called Different Pets for Different Folks This section goes through fish, birds, reptiles, rodents, and horses This is a quick page or so for each type of animal The third section is A Cat in the Family This begins a rather large section about cats It goes through the transition of wild cats to domesticated cats and then a few stories about cats My favorite part in this section is called I m a Cat Person My mom is a cat person and it really reminded me of her The last section is called A Dog in the Family This does the same type of thing that the cat section does It goes through wild dogs into domesticated dogs There are about breeds in this section and puppies, but basically it is the same type of thing as the cat one As I am a dog person, this was definitely my favorite section I am a dog person and match their description pretty much to perfection.Another great part of this book is that it has a time line that...

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    This juvenile nonfiction selection is a look at a variety of pets and their relationships with human beings throughout history While most of the material is good, I did have a few concerns about certain parts of the text The authors present keeping cats indoors vs outdoors as both acceptable choices, although they ask those who live near traffic to consider an indoor cat Those who select outdoors are advised to put a belled collar on Tabby an all but pointless endeavor and keep the animal indoors at night Considering all of the hazards outdoor and indoor outdoor cats may encounter coyotes and other predators, traps, antifreeze and other poisons, cruel people, feline leukemia, and the biggest of all, traffic this laissez faire advice seems irresponsible The section on dogs names pet stores as a possible option f...

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    This book is not only adorable but it is full of facts about dogs, cats and other pet type animals There is also a fascinating time line about animals that runs through the whole book at the bottom of each page Obviously, I am a dog person, but the stories in the book gave the pros and cons about each animal and would help a child decide which would be the best pet for their family There is also a great poster that folds out from the dust jacket This would make an excellent gift to any chil...

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    I love children s books And I love pets Yet this book fell flat for me The stories had the potential to be interesting, but they jumped from thought to thought so rapidly that I almost had trouble following it I d worry that children wouldn t make the jumps as readily return return Also, the artwork is a bit ...

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    I loved this book What a wonderful book for children to learn about animals and how to care for them Although all the basics are covered, the author provides another level of learning with her timeline which cotninues on each page, telling us the known ori...

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    A great introduction to companion animals A timeline of interesting animal related events throughout history plus plenty of fun facts and trivia A particular focus on cats and dogs Packs a lot of information in a slim volume perfect for keeping middle schoolers interest.

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