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The Political System of the European Union Epub The Political System Of The European Union Author Simon Hix Contra Saustall.eu Systematically Revised And Rewritten Throughout And Updated To Cover The Impact Of The Lisbon Treaty, This Highly Successful And Ground Breaking Text Remains Unique In Analyzing The EU As A Political System Using The Methods Of Comparative Political Science.

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    A comprehensive book to study and understand the European Union, which takes theorist approaches to each policy area into account in order to help understanding the system Includes also clear examples about the development of the European Integration and also illustrates the current inefficiencies and problems of the Union However, a bit outdated since the latest version has been published in 2005 and the effects of the Lisbon treaty and the first effort of a constitution are only slightly spe A comprehensive...

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    I have met Simon Hix This makes this textbook all the better.

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    A comprehensive guide to the European Union Although Dry at times, it provides you with sufficient information about the mechanisms and institutions of the forever changing chaos that is the EU.

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    Update Complete

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    Reading this in conjunction with the Dinan text made for poor comparison Arobustly theoretical approach, but incredibly dry to read.

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