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    Being a student pharmacist and all, I loved this book.It was like a short revision after a whole year of a bunch of information.It organizes everything in your brain especially if you know what he s talking about.For those who have no idea about health or medications, you might find it a bit detailed concerning some drugs, since their mechanisms of actions are mentioned, which I didn t see was necessary if the audience the book was intended for was everybody.I had hoped that he mentionedab Being a student pharmacist and all, I loved this book.It was like a short revision after a whole year of a bunch of information.It organizes everything in your...

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    Drugs A Very Short Introduction Very Short Introductions 52 , Leslie L IversenThe twentieth century saw a remarkable upsurge of research on drugs, with major advances in the treatment of bacterial and viral infecti...

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    Chapter 1 HistoryChapter 2 How drugs workChapter 3 Drugs as medicinesChapter 4 Recreational drugsChapter 5 Making new medicinesChapter 6 What can we expect from the future

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    This very short introduction tackles mainly medicinal drugs and explains how they work I found the chapter on recreational drugs is slightly disappointing as it did not provide much new information Also, the book tends to use specific terms that make it a tough read for people not so well...

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    Pretty good intro to drugs, both legal and illicit ones Written by a person that is leaning quite towards drugs in the sense of medicine with quite a lot of descriptions about how the drugs act on the brain and the body in minute detail.

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    A great book that explains simply why cannabis should at the very least be decriminalised, why people that take cocaine and heroin need treatment rather than being sent to prison and how the big pharmaceutical companies are making profits off of people dying.

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    2.5h 1.8x A good intro as far as VSIs go taking also some harm reduction perspective , though I wonder if the second edition from 2016 would have felt less dated with regard to some of the aspects discussed e.g., the medicinal therapeutic potential of many drugs historically famous mostly for their recreational use.Contents missing subtitles, to be added later view spoiler Iversen LL 2001 04 41 Drugs, The A Very Short IntroductionList of illustrations 01 Imhotep, Egyptian god 2.5h 1.8x A good intro as far as VSIs g...

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    The book is too short for the number of subtopics it wanted to deal with They should have avoided the legal drugs and focus on the illegal one or use acomprehensive approach.

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    An exemplary VSI on a very important topic that impacts all of our lives Its non sensationalistic treatment of its topic is definitely worth anyone s time.

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Drugs Drugs Free Author Leslie L Iversen Chardonneret.eu The Twentieth Century Saw A Remarkable Upsurge Of Research On Drugs, With Major Advances In The Treatment Of Bacterial And Viral Infections, Heart Disease, Stomach Ulcers, Cancer, And Mental Illnesses These, Along With The Introduction Of The Oral Contraceptive, Have Altered All Of Our Lives There Has Also Been An Increase In The Recreational Use And Abuse Of Drugs In The Western World This Very Short Introduction Gives A Non Technical Account Of How Drugs Act On The Body And How Therapeutic Drugs Are Developed And Tested, Then Goes On To Review Both Legal Prescription, Alcohol, Nicotine, And Caffeine And Illegal Drugs, And Discuss Current Ideas About Why Some Drugs Are Addictive, And Whether Drug Laws Need Reform.