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Vagueness (Problems of Philosophy) Vagueness, Volume XX, Contains Twenty Seven Essays, With Issues Covered Including Nihilism, Phenomenal Sorites, Degrees Of Truth, Epistemicism, Higher Order Vagueness, Contextualism, And Intuitionism Written By Leading Contemporary Philosophers, These Essays Will Be Of Interest To Researchers In Philosophy Of Language, Philosophical Logic, Metaphysics And Epistemology As Well As Those In Natural Language Semantics, Artificial Intelligence And Cognitive Science Generally A Substantial Introduction Written By The Editors Provides A Guide To The Topic And To The Essays In The Volume.

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    Williamson s book is a landmark It is admirably precise and synoptic It is, in my view, a chore to read Williamson, but careful attention to each chapter of this book will be rewarding in the end.

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    Did you know that Vagueness has clear and distinct boundaries

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