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A Historical and Contemporary Look at Psychological Systems A Historical And Contemporary Look At Psychological Systems Offers A Novel Approach To Examining The History And Current State Of Scientific Psychology This Boldly Original Volume Analyzes The Systems Of Psychology In An Innovative New Way The Author Provides Interconnectedness To, As Well As The Distinctiveness Of, The Diverse Theoretical Approaches To Psychology The Book Revisits The Roots Of Psychology And Traces Them To The Current State Of The Field, Both Theoretically And Methodologically Readers Will Gain A Clearer Understanding Of The Foundational Differences And Similarities That Currently Exist In Psychological Theories.The Volume Reviews Four Broad Systems Of Psychology Behavioral, Cognitive, Humanistic, And Psychodynamic Evolutionary And Neuro Psychology Are Considered As Additional Approaches That Influence All Four Psychological Systems The Book Opens With The Historical Background That Led To The Emergence Of The Four Systems It Traces The Concept Of The Soul Through The Periods Of The Ancient Greeks And Romans To The Beginnings Of Psychology As An Empirical Science Differences And Similarities Of The Four Systems Are Then Explored With Respect To Eight Fundamental Psychological Issues Consciousness, Reductionism, Teleology, Determinism, Values, Spirituality, Therapy, And Psychological Research Procedures.Intended For Advanced Undergraduate Or Beginning Graduate Level Courses In The History And Systems Of Psychology, This Bookwill Also Appeal To Researchers In This Area To Facilitate The Book S Use As A Textbook, It Features Discussion Questions At The End Of Each Chapter.