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Fortune's Magic Farm Everything Changes When Isabelle Discovers That She Is The Heir To Fortune S Farm, A Wondrous Place Where The Final Remnants Of Magic Grow For As Long As She Can Remember, Ten Year Old Isabelle Has Dreamed Of Escaping Her Home In Runny Cove, A Gray Village Where It Never Stops Raining, And Where She Is Forced To Work At Mr Supreme S Umbrella Factory.Journeying Across The Ocean, Isabelle Finds A Sunny New Home Filled With Magical Delights, Including Curative Cherry Trees That Can Heal All Kinds Of Sickness, And Floating Fronds That Make Her Fly But Isabelle Still Feels The Call To Return To Runny Cove And Use The Secrets Of The Farm To Stop The Rain With The Magic Of Fortune S Farm Behind Her, Will Isabell Be Strong Enough To Bring Back The Sun And Stop The Despicable Mr Supreme From The Author Of Smells Like Dog Comes A Magical Journey About Loyalty, Family, And The Magic Within.

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    Roald Dahl was a troublemaker Did he really have to be so original So interesting Did his books have to fall into such a distinctive age range And did he have to be the kind of author that would inspire parents to come up to reference desks across the country asking desperately, My kid only reads Roald Dahl What do you have that s just like him Honey, you are barking up the wrong tree if you think that anyone could replicate Dahl s style He was one of those rare authors to tread the line between early chapter books and older novels His sense of fun was light hearted and impossible to copy Few authors have ever come close to being compared to Dahl, and nobody has his distinctive flavor One of the very few authors to do so would have to be Suzanne Selfors She doesn t really have that streak of darkness that was so distinctly Dahlian, but she certainly knows how to tell a story and tell it well Slugs and marmots Magical apples and dastardly foes Fortune s Magic Farm follows hot on the heels of Selfors last novel To Catch a Mermaid and shares that book s gleeful storytelling and delightful characters A pure pleasure to read, for child and adult alike.When you live i...

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    This is a sweet story about finding one s place, about the power of magic to heal as well as to astonish and the book packs a pretty powerful, but subtle, green punch, too.Isabelle lives with her ailing grandmother in a town the color of sadness and spends her days working in an umbrella factory owned by the meanest megalomaniac this side of the Grinch.Isabelle knows nothing of her slowly revealed magical origins, only that she was found on a doorstep as a baby The woman who took her in, Grandma maxine, can tell her nothing of her parents Rather than fret over the lack of information, Isabelle takes her mysterious origins as a sign that she is extra special and, of course, she is.Her journey to discover the happy place she calls Nowhere is as full of light and color as her first ten years in Runny Cove were gray ...

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    Although this is a shorter book aimed for younger readers, I still loved it It seemed like I was really experiencing the the story firsthand I would definitely recommend this to people looking for something to read

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    My eleven year old daughter insisted that I read this, her current favorite book The story features Isabella, and orphan working in an umbrella factory in a town where it s constantly raining After an encounter with a remarkable sea creature, Isabella comes to learn that there is to life than drudgery Secret after secret unfolds until she finds out her parentage and her destiny.Like other coming of age novels featuring young women, the novel roots itself in images of fecundity It s whimsical and engaging, but part of the denouement borrows a bit too much from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Oh, the anxiety of influence Nevertheless, I ...

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    Fresh and funny I loved it and my guess is that my 9 year old will enjoy it too A nice pick for the sort of kids who like Eva Ibbotsen s fantasies.3 29 I brought it home for my daughter and she not only decided to read it, she s read 5 chapters This from the kid who tends to ...

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    Fun fun fun My granddaughter loves this book and recommends it to her friends, so I had to see what the fuss was about Great color imagery, strong writing Magic abounds and good triumphs What can you want from a book

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    I certainly hope this isn t how they treat the employees at all umbrella factories I d rather take to being soaked to the skin if this is the case.

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    I loved it when I was younger.

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    Good story line Well done Would keep elementary interest Very funny in parts Lots of discussion could come from this book.

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    Fortune s Magic Farm is a book that I remember reading when it first came out I read it, enjoyed it, and returned it to the library I then lived for around a decade with a small but fierce memory of a middle grade book about a garden that was really good for what it was I looked through the middle grade sections of multiple libraries hoping that for some reason it would just stick out to me and I would be able to find it again and reread it But alas My searching lead me nowhere and I felt as if I was doomed to never find the book again Yet, one day I had wandered over to my friend s house and lo and behold her younger sister had left the book on the bookshelf I was amazed My search was finally over, and I had the opportunity to reread the book I had a slight memory of The book I felt did live up to my memory of the book It was a cute whimsical tale about plants It tells a tale of coming of age but not of the coming of age you see 15 18 year old teenagers expe...

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