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    Nicos Poulantzas s final book represents an odd melange of coming to a position that is less Althusser and Marx, and yet drawing conclusions that seem to take him further from Marx s communist commitments What he does at the beginning of SPS is to bring the necessity of considering the state and politics as being the product of the social relations of production, rather than seeing them being independent except in the last instance of economic forces as Althusser did The result is that the early sections of the book read like the Young Marx on his critique of politics, just with the Hegelian language taken out.However, the key move that comes in which restores the essence of the Althusserian system is that in fact, once constituted on the basis of capitalist social relations, the state effectively becomes constitutive of how those relations operate, to the point of inscribing classes on real individuals and so on Thus, far from being a rejection of the essence of Hegel s metaphysical thinking on the ...

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    For one wishing to experience one of the most sophisticated theories of the State from a Marxist perspective, start with this book which is admittedly one of his easier to understand texts and work backwards Sometimes its a slog especially when he talks about the nation but Poulant...

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    I wish some time was spent with certain ideas and less with others, but the appraisals here are excellent, especially its expansive but precise rendering of the state and the breadth of its strategic field, the insistence on ultimately relating power to the social division of labor, its keen eye for the intellectual division of labor reproduced within the state apparatus, and the closing sections on the political effects of alterations in the breakdown of functions between government, party and administration The brilliant puncturing of bourgeois appreciation of the law also leave one beggin...

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    The antidote to anarchist and liberal foolish regarding the state, Poulantzas final work remains a vital contribution to the general understanding of how political power takes shape and functions.

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    Yes the state is heterogeneous Yes, yes, yes I share Stuart Hall s disappointment that Poulantzas died before giving us the ultimate critique of Foucault.

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L état, le pouvoir, le socialisme L Tat, Le Pouvoir, Le Socialisme PDF Epub Author Nicos Poulantzas Nature Explore.eu Developing Themes Of His Earlier Works, Poulantzas Here Advances A Vigorous Critique Of Contemporary Marxist Theories Of The State, Arguing Against A General Theory Of The State, And Identifying Forms Of Class Power Crucial To Socialist Strategy That Goes Beyond The Apparatus Of The State.This New Edition Includes An Introduction By Stuart Hall, Which Critically Appraises Poulantzas S Achievement.