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    Brad Dimock has written an excellent book, but it will likely not be a fast reader There are 457 numbered pages, plenty of references and an abundance of pictures.Albert Loper, commonly referred to as Bert, lived a life that I could not imagine For those who may be curious, I am a much bigger fan of history and story than a river rat The history of activities in the Grand Canyon other than native Americans is surprisingly well documented Loper s life leading up to his river adventures was a hard scrabble existence It didn t change much, but his River enthusiasm never waned.Dimock s unique approach in presenting the material was executed well I would imagine the aha moment when the approach revealed itself was well remembered With the abundance of material, the opportunities must have been plenty to get lost in the writing the book.To Bert, may your...

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    I enjoyed this book but, 400 pages is a lot to read about some old river rat who didn t really accomplish that much in his life My enjoyment came from the fact that I was personally familiar with the rivers he ran and like learning about those who preceded todays river runners It was interesting to see the connections between Mr Loper and the young river guides that he trained who were the old timers and pioneers I learned about when I worked on the Colorado river in the 1970 s I was surprised that the names of the rapids in the Grand Canyon have remained constant over the years It was also int...

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    Exhaustively researched history of Bert Loper who was quite a guy Interesting two track structure odd chapters life, even chapters legend which in the beginning I thought would drive me crazy, but really we know how i...

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    My favorite book I ever wrote.

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    Pretty good book about the first known explorations of the Colorado by boat raft and the crazy ass people that first ran the river

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    As a former river guide, it was great to read about the pioneers of river running I found I can track my guide training back to Burt via Ken Sleight and the first generation of SPLORE guides

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The Very Hard Way: Bert Loper and the Colorado River Bert Loper, The Grand Old Man Of The Colorado, Was Born The Day Major Powell Discovered The Confluence Of The San Juan And Colorado In 1869 He Died Just Days After The First Motorboat Had Passed Through Grand Canyon He Knew Every River Runner In Between, And By The Time Of His Death At 80 Years Old, Had Run Of The Colorado Than Anyone But It Was Never Easy Orphaned An Abused, Loper Had To Make His Way Along The Bottom Of Society, Often As A Hard Rock Miner, Coal Miner Or Lonely Placer Miner On A Gravel Bar But In The Colorado River He Found Inspiration, And He Died At The Oars Of His Own Wooden Boat In A Major Grand Canyon Rapid Loper Is Truly Mythic, And His Is The Story Of The Colorado.