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Happy, Healthy, Vegan Kids A Children S Book Which Aims To Teach Children About Eating Healthy And Living Healthy Happy, Healthy, Vegan Kids Also Contains Vegan And Gluten Free Recipes That Are Easy For Kids To Make Devour And Have Fun Creating These Delightful Foods Fruity Tuti Smoothie That Uses Soy Milk Or Rice Milk Instead Of A Cow S Tofurkey BLT Soy Bacon And Soy Cheese Wrap Instead Of Using Real Bacon, Chocolate Cake That Uses Egg Replacers Such As Vinegar And Baking Soda Instead Of Using Eggs Taco Salad And Pancakes With Real Maple Syrup.It Is Also Great To Learn About Healthy Alternatives To Foods And Ingredients Such As Eggs, Which Can Be Replaced With Bananas, Pureed Carrots, Applesauce Or Tofu, And Cow S Milk, Which Can Be Substituted With Soy, Rice, Hemp, Almond, Oatmeal And Even Coconut Milk.Help Protect The Animals And All Other Living Things By Learning To Eat Vegan Let Your Kids Realize That Animals Are Beautiful Creatures And They Are Our Friends.

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