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Tales for Jung Folk In The Past, Jungians Often Utilized Parts Of Fairy Tales To Illuminate The Meaning Of Jung S Archetypes Now In Exquisitely Crafted Stories, Derived From Dreams And Active Imagination When The Author Was Presenting Seminars On Jungian Psychology With Joseph Campbell, Richard Roberts Presents An Original Fairy Tale For Each One Of Jung S Concepts Or Archetypes Illustrated, Partly In Color The Cover Conveys Immediately A Kind Of Cosmic Perspective In The Hourglass Figure Engendering The Universe From The Swing Of His Scythe Within The Text, The Reader S Expectations Are Fulfilled By The Poetic Magic Of The Author S Depiction Of The Beginning Of Creation Reckoned From The Moment When Father Time Set The Cosmic Clock To Spinning, Impelling The Stars On Their Solitary Journey Across Forever This Book Has Been Required Reading In Many College Courses Since Its First Publication In 1983 Following Each Tale Is A Tale Describing The Archetype And Relating It To The Reader S Experience Through The Use Of Dreams, Personal Reminiscences, And Appropriate Quotations From Jung S Collective Works These Tales Transform The Archetypes From Vague Concepts Into Living Realities So That One Can Apply Them To His Or Her Own Psychological Well Being.

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