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    Boston University Bridge, connecting Boston to Cambridge, referred to as the BU Bridge, is mentioned many times throughout Writers Lovers Casey Kasem, rides her banana seat bike over the BU bridge to and from work Each time Casey crosses the bridge it feels like a monumental moment symbolic a life in transition.a new start.hope for connection and stability As she pedaled across the BU Bridge, often at dusk, I got the feeling it was where Casey measured her healing, her strength taking personal inventory of thyself I m not sure if this book is for everyone I already saw a couple of low reviews which I read carefully respected , but for me this book was heaven I enjoyed it every bit as much as I did Euphoria .Casey is a 31 year old woman.She is struggling to become a writer.She was once a golf prodigy at Duke College at age 14 ..She is struggling to gain financial independence She has debts.She has medical problems..She wants romantic and sexual fulfillment Years ago, I once lived in a tiny furnace room with no windows unfinished walls for 35 a month in a large house in the Oakland Hills, while attending school at UC Berkeley It was easy to imagine the Potting Shed that Casey Kasem lived in there was room for a twin mattress, a desk, chair, hot plate, and toaster oven in the bathroom Casey s landlord, Adam, attorney and friends with her brother, Caleb , took an extra 50 off her rent besides already giving her a deal , in exchange for walking his dog, Oafie , each morning Conversations between Casey and Adam were limited Adam was not the guy or guys Casey got romantically involved with Luke, Silas, and Oscar are the lucky ones .But I had a great laugh over a morning exchange between Adam dressed for work in his spiffy suit and Casey dressed in sloppy sweats about to walk his dog Adam asks Casey How many pages have you written Couple hundred, maybe, Casey says I find it extraordinary that you think you have something to say Ouch Casey had been accepted to attend a writers group for eight weeks, Red Barn But, then her mother died.wishing she could postpone the dates but it was take it now or forget the opportunity She took it.and brought her grief from Bend, Oregon, to Cambridge making it very difficult to focus on writing Luke was from New York in the workshop with Casey He told her he lost a child and that he and his wife were divorced Not divorced but for a short time they had a thing together Casey even thought her dead mother brought Luke to her to help with her grieving Later we meet Silas and Oscar and their back stories Torn between two lovers Casey will eventually choose There was a hilarious conversation about choosing Ha, not wanting to share any profanity words to describe the dialogue between friends and Casey as to which guy to pick I ll just add the many friends of Casey s in this novel were wonderful I loved the atmosphere Lily King painted One night, Casey was watching other writers in the workshop enjoy the night air They were rocking in chairs on a porch The Sky was violet, the trees dark blue The frogs had started up in the pond across the road, louder and louder the closer you listened I found myself listening to Casey s inner thoughts louder louder in the same way Casey listened to those frogs I was torn between wanting to plow forward quickly to slowing down my reading to savior Lily King s lovely sentences I chose to slow down I loved many tidbits in King s storytelling Wandering through the Museum of Fine ArtCasey is on a date with Silas She remembers her mother use to bring her when she was little Casey Silas drift over to Art of Americans , and stop at a painting Sargent s The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit Considered the most psychologically compelling painting of John Singer Sargent s career I also love that painting It s a painting of the four little girls wearing white pinafores The conversation interpretation about the painting between Casey and Silas was fascinating I just liked it I also loved what Casey said when she viewed the painting If I could write something as good as right there, right where that belt cinches her pinafore It s hard to pull my eyes from it I don t know why it s so moving to me, and I could never explain There s a madness to beauty when you stumble on it like that I LOVE THOSE TYPE of MOMENTS IN LIFE I live for them, too I m a reader never ever claimed to be a writer in fact I hate writing always sure I can t get any of the words right Thank heavens for a little freedom on Goodreads We don t have to all be writers some of us just want to share and connect with others who might be interested in the same books we are But this is true I thought This book Was BEAUTIFUL THOUGHT PROVOKING INTROSPECTIVE REFLECTIVE I LIKED IT A LOT I loved my private quiet time with the characters the college town the restaurant the people, descriptions of foods, wines, plants, customers , the lovely insightful writing I didn t even want to write this review because I liked this book soooo much I loved little things that I m not sure anyone else would care I really grew from this book and its embarrassing to share that Makes a girl feel pretty small At the museum Casey and Silas were standing in front of Van Hogg s oil painting Houses at Auvers.then Henri Matisse s Vase of Flowers I was in enjoying their museum stroll I looked up the paintings on google simply to enjoy them.Those paintings alone slowed down my reading I was totally enjoying savoring Lily s new book And I was feeling sad wanting to really visit the New York Museum of Art I haven t been I haven t been to Boston I haven t been to Cambridge I actually had tears feeling the loss of a place I ve never been but have wanted to go In the meantime, I m writing a crappy review I m sure I need an editor , ha.of a book I totally loved There was a scene a little too close to home I had five surgeries for skin cancer two years ago which many people know I lost 1 2 of a nose Reading about Casey s squamous carcinoma brought back too many memories I d rather forget Living with the scars is a daily reminder in itself Casey didn t tell her dermatologist that she used to lie in the sun with baby oil Ha, not sure I told my doctors, either but I figured they knew Casey also got a call from her gynecologist who explained she had severe dysplasia on her cervix and needed to come in for a scraping So this young woman was dealing with the loss of her mother remembering the phone calls memories and the loved they sincerely shared together She was faced with too many bills Felt rejection and less than She was invited to ridiculously expensive weddings only to make a woman feel worse She longed for love passion and a creative meaningful life so easy to understand She had medical issues to seriously deal with ha know that one too And.she was trying to finish her novel ok, not me I m just trying to finish this review YEP.I loved this novel On Writing Casey says I try to write something new It s bad and I stop after a few sentences Even though I didn t feel it at the time, I got into a rhythm with the old novel I knew those characters and how to write them I heard their voices and I saw their gestures and everything else feels fake and stiff I ache for them, people I also once felt we re stiff and fake, but who now seem like the only people I could ever write about Thank you Netgalley, Grove Atlantic always grateful and Lily King If you plan to come speak in the Bay Area about this book I ll attend

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestWow I am kind of shocked by how much I loved this WRITERS LOVERS is the first book I ve read that truly captures what it s like to be a woman in your late twenties early thirties and not have your life figured out When all your friends are in serious relationships or married, with real desk jobs and houses of their own, and you re still working a dead end job and chasing the dream, while serial dating like you re still in college, it s hard to be taken seriously.But this book, it gets that.Casey is living in New England working a waitressing job she hates while trying to finish up her novel Her mother has just died, she has health problems but no health insurance, her student loans have defaulted and seem virtually insurmountable, and she s stuck dating two guys one a mature adult with two young children and a job with the respect and esteem she craves, and the other is in the same boat as her struggling to make it, still figuring his life out She flip flops between the two, afraid of committing to a course of action that could change her life forever for better or for worse.As an author myself, I ve read a lot of books about other writers and most of them don t get it They either romanticize writing as being this holy grail of careers ha in this carefree bohemian life ha where you meet interesting people all the time and drink champers over Proust ha ha ha , or else demonize it as being a career that attracts crazy people who use it as an exercise to exorcise their demons ha actually, wait this one is accurate Casey falls in the middle of both camps She hates the pretentiousness of some writers, while also desperately craving that acclaim for herself She stereotypes people based on what they read I do this too LOL , she feels jealousy about others success, and she is afraid to read the works of the people she knows, not just because they might hate her if she doesn t like their work but also because it might be too weirdly, creepily intimate YES.Besides all the wicked observations about writers and readers and pretentious intellectuals, there s also just some really good observations about what it means to be an older young adult who is still trying to grow up while feeling as if they already should have Casey is immature but she s trying not to be The struggles she faces even though this book is set in 1997 are still relevant today, and it touches upon a lot of things that plague women, like fertility, sexism, being taken seriously as a professional, passion, domesticity, anxiety, partner intimacy, and so much .This is the first book I ve read in a long time that I feel really gets me I loved it Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 4.5 to 5 stars

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    Well this is going to be a DNF Unfortunately I could not get into this writing at all Too dry and slow moving I made it to 30% but I can do no Just not my kind of book.

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    Please don t do this Don t write a novel about trying to write a novel It s cliche and insular and lazy Just don t do it.Unless it s this novel this wonderful, witty, heartfelt novel by Lily King called Writers Lovers Writers Lovers is a funny novel about grief, and, worse, it s dangerously romantic bold enough and fearless enough to imagine the possibility of unbounded happiness According to the penal code of literary fiction, that s a violation of Section 364, Prohibiting Unlawful Departure from Ambiguity and Despair.The narrator is Casey, a 31 year old woman clinging to her dream of a creative life after all her MFA friends have settled down, married up and sold out One by one, they ve succumbed to law or engineering school A promising writer she used to room with has become a real estate agent, but she tries to convince Casey that she still uses her imagination when she walked through the houses and invented a new life for her clients Rest in peace, dear friend.When the novel opens in the 1990s, Casey is living alone in To read the rest of this review, go to The Washington Post https www.washingtonpost.com entert

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    3.5 stars I found this to be an uneven novel Lily King won a bunch of awards for her book Euphoria, which I downloaded a long time ago but never read Now I m not sure that I want to read it Other people have rated the writing of this novel as wonderful, but I m not impressed except with how she described one of the men wooing her he s a successful writer widower father of two who, like so many people, can only see what he doesn t have and what he hasn t achieved as he compares himself to other writers The first 40 to 45 percent of Writers and Lovers is a snoozefest Casey has been working on a novel for six years and is in massive student loan debt because she spent her twenties traveling and not working She spent her eight weeks of a retreat mooning over a guy and not writing Now she s waiting tables to pay the minimum on her bills each month Her mother died a while back, and she s still processing that Her father is a nightmare While Casey gets along with her brother, he lives across the country Even with these hardships, I didn t love the character, although I did empathize with her anxiety and sleeplessness Thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book, which RELEASES MARCH 3, 2020.For reviews, please visit

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    A tight, riveting and intimate drama of a woman struggling with the debt, love and the death of her mother SUMMARYCasey Peabody gets up early every morning to work on her novel, while trying not to think about her huge college loan debt, love, or her mother s death while vacationing in Chile last winter Casey lives in Boston in an old potting shed that smells of mold and decaying leaves She get a discount on her rent by walking her landlord s dog She s thirty one and rides an old banana bike she found at the dump, across the Charles River every day to work as a waitress at a restaurant near Harvard Square One evening, while attending a literary event she meets the handsome Silas, who she finds kind and interesting Weeks later, Oscar, who is an established author and had recently lost his wife, walks into her restaurant with his two young sons in tow Cassie instantly falls in love with the boys and promises to play miniature golf with them soon Cassie soon finds herself torn between these two different men and two different futures REVIEWWRITERS LOVERS is a dramatic, moving, and clever chronicle of a woman moving into full adulthood Thirty one year old Casey is depressed and devastated by her mother s sudden death, and the end of a romantic relationship Author Lily King has brilliantly captured the wretched and desolate thoughts and feelings a daughter experiences following the death of a mother Not only does King tell us about how Casey and her mom would spend hours talking on the phone, and how Casey wants to call mom to tell her about these men, only to remember she is no longer here.I adored how King continues with the mother theme as Casey begins reading stories in the biography section of the public library about famous writers and their dead mothers Among other she shares, that George Eliot s mother died of breast cancer, to Edith Wharton mother who refused to let Edith read novels until after her marriage.Despite her grief, Casey refuses to give up on her dream of becoming a author King effortlessly blends Casey s financial strain, her love life, her waitressing gig and her six year attempt at writing a novel and takes her to the brink of disaster You ll want keep your head in the book to see what happens next Casey s character development was delightful You can t help but feel her vulnerability, her pain and her desolation, as well as her courage and strength to never give up on her dream Despite the novel s dramatic tone, it is chocked full of clever and witty quips One of my favorite s was Casey s discussion of authors book cover photos She shows Silas how male author photo s alway look so menacing in a I might have to murder you if you don t read this way Conversely, she shows him how women author photos are pleasing, pleading and even apologetic From the squawking Canadian geese at the river to the writers workshop with the blue giraffe, King has written a tight and delightful emotional roller coaster of a read that is not soon forgotten King grew up in Massachusetts and received her B.A in English literature from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her M A in creative writing from Syracuse University I read her novel Euphoria 2014 and loved it Thanks to Netgalley and Grove Atlantic for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Publisher Grove AtlanticPublished March 3, 2020Review www.bluestockingreviews.com

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    3.9 Casey is mourning her mother s recent death and is stuck She is having trouble with her writing, her restaurant job and the two men in her life There is not a lot that happens in the first half of the novel and when things start changing, it is fairly predictable No matter I really enjoyed this novel I like King s writing and the way she encapsulates a young woman on the cusp of change My ARC was discovered at the Strand Book Store in NYC.

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    My first 5 stars in 2020 and only five days in Thank you HarperCollins and NetGalley for the advance copy.I absolutely loved this book It is nothing like Euphoria, which I also loved, except maybe the connection to authors and writing If Lily King wants to make up stories about writers and writing, what happens in their every day lives, their families, their grief over loss, I will be first in line for my copy I loved the story of 31 year old Casey Peabody, 70,000 in debt from college, with waitressing being the only job she can hold down while spending the last 6 years writing her first novel Her friends who wanted to become authors gave up on it years ago and are doing adult things now, while Casey is stuck The men she meets are writers, her best friend is a writer, yet none seem as poor or unhappy as Casey Lots of humor in this book despite the sadness, a couple of adorable little boys, and great conversations about books, about words, about the writing process, and emotions I just ate it up.

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    Why I love itby Brianna GoodmanA 30 something writer with very little money struggles to complete a novel, dates numerous men, and lives life as a single woman in the 1990s If this sounds like what Virginia Woolf hoped for when she penned A Room of One s Own, well, we re sorry to report that the future isn t as rosy as she might ve hoped then again, her expectations were probably pretty bleak.And yet, Lily King s latest outing is a refreshingly rare thing an actually realistic story of a young woman just trying to figure it all out Still reeling from the death of her mother and a love affair gone wrong, Casey takes life one day at a time, day lighting as a waitress and trying to keep her creative dreams alive When two very different men begin to court her, she is faced with larger questions about what she wants, who she loves, and what kind of life she hopes to lead.If you re not interested in slipping into the life of a woman who is flawed and is no stranger to failure, this might not be the book for you There are no whirlwind parties or glamorous affairs here But what you ll find instead is a quiet exploration of what happens when life doesn t quite pan out the way you d always imagined The dream of having it all might be out of reach, as this subtle novel implies, but as some small consolation, there s still profundity in the mundane.Read at

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    AMAZING My review is in the

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Writers & Lovers Following The Breakout Success Of Her Critically Acclaimed And Award Winning Novel Euphoria, Lily King Returns With An Unforgettable Portrait Of An Artist As A Young WomanBlindsided By Her Mother S Sudden Death, And Wrecked By A Recent Love Affair, Casey Peabody Has Arrived In Massachusetts In The Summer Of Without A Plan Her Mail Consists Of Wedding Invitations And Final Notices From Debt Collectors A Former Child Golf Prodigy, She Now Waits Tables In Harvard Square And Rents A Tiny, Moldy Room At The Side Of A Garage Where She Works On The Novel She S Been Writing For Six Years At Thirty One, Casey Is Still Clutching Onto Something Nearly All Her Old Friends Have Let Go Of The Determination To Live A Creative Life When She Falls For Two Very Different Men At The Same Time, Her World Fractures Even Casey S Fight To Fulfill Her Creative Ambitions And Balance The Conflicting Demands Of Art And Life Is Challenged In Ways That Push Her To The Brink Writers Lovers Follows Casey A Smart And Achingly Vulnerable Protagonist In The Last Days Of A Long Youth, A Time When Every Element Of Her Life Comes To A Crisis Written With King S Trademark Humor, Heart, And Intelligence, Writers Lovers Is A Transfixing Novel That Explores The Terrifying And Exhilarating Leap Between The End Of One Phase Of Life And The Beginning Of Another