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Hall of Mirrors Chris Creighton Is Surprised To Learn That In Appearance, He Resembles A Pair Of Identical Twins, Alex And Max, Separated Since Birth Alex, Abandoned By His Mother, Has Followed A Dark Path Violence, Drug Trafficking, Murder Max, Adopted By A Prominent Family, Is A Hero On The High School Basketball Court The Hall Of Mirrors At The Amusement Park Becomes The Focus Of Where Chris And Max Confront Alex With Identical Images Of The Three Swirling On All Sides, Alex Threatens Them Both Chris Has To Find A Way To Save Himself And Max From The Catastrophe Alex Has Planned For Them

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    I thought this was a very good YA read.It had everything from a twin looking for his other twin,an old house calledthe castle that had secret passages,a group of friends that hang you together, and even murder and arson I really enjoyed this one.

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