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    do i spend 30 to preorder this vote now

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    Ronan Farrow has a new book, you say Excuse me while I search under the sofa for spare change because I must have it.

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    I d give this than 5 stars if I could What a masterpiece.This is so well researched, well sourced, everything I ve come to know as the standard of Ronan Farrow s reporting But beyond that, it s such a powerful account of corporate silence and failure, complicity, of brave sources coming forward, a frankly wild look into the world of international espionage, and so much It is also harrowing and incredible to read what Ronan personally went through to get these stories out Part II of the book was especially shocking and hard to read a lot of this is incredibly hard to read the content warning for detailed descriptions of sexual assault should probably go without saying re this book , but it s so wildly important that this story is out there, and that Ronan used his relative privilege in the world to tell it When I say I couldn t put this book down, I mean it I read it while walking around New York City, like a jerk I stayed up way past my bedtime multiple nights I read through lunch breaks and on the subway and while waiting on line for Ronan s book event at the Cooper Union So truly, it was impossible to put down But also For such a difficult and horrific topic, the book is surprisingly funny Ronan has an incredible sense of sometimes wry humor that weaves its way through the book, especially when things are at their most ridiculous, and there are a number of fantastic and hilarious asides, like for example Pentagon officials had announced she Rose McGowan was visiting and asked if I d join them for lunch, like they were looking for a language specialist and figured I spoke fluent actress, or I looked drawn and pale and thinner than I had at the beginning of the summer, like a consumptive child in an ad for some Victorian era tonic, and lines such as, Nothing is certain, it turns out, except death and taxes and investigation by the Southern District of New York, a line that made me laugh so hard I nearly cried And then, beyond all of that It s not a secret how much I love one Jon Lovett, who happens to be Ronan s partner I was honestly surprised at just how prominently Lovett featured in this, and his cameos and quotes in the book are impossibly delightful view spoiler His indignation and offense at how NBC is acting comes across so well throughout the book Ronan doesn t shy away from writing about the fights they had during the reporting and how they were going through a rough time as a result of it, but it s always clear how Lovett is not only supportive, he s instrumental in this story getting published at all His suggestion of taping the Weinstein recording from a speaker, and that suggestion being how Ronan ended up with the recording, was incredible Lovett continued to offer his house for Ronan to film interviews with sources, and their dog Pundit THAT MIA FARROW GAVE TO LOVETT as an emotional support dog to said sources And his commentary throughout the book is just PHENOMENAL I m interesting I went to an escape room Don t worry, baby, I ll take care of you I ll keep you in finery and smoothies It means I love you You re not a morning person anyway ALL SO VERY GOOD His voice comes across so well in every single quote, it was so easy to hear the exact cadence of it AND THEN RONAN PROPOSED TO LOVETT IN A BOOK DRAFT, AND I HAD MANY A FEELING ABOUT IT I love these two people I don t actually know personally a lot, and I hope they have a very happy life together hide spoiler

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    I m so sad and so proud and so angry.If you re at all interested in the culture of abuse in Hollywood, especially the Weinstein rape and sexual assault cases, and how the media often helps protect abusers and cover up the crimes, please read this.

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    It s probably clich to describe this book as seeming like a real life spy thriller but it truly does read at times like a real life spy thriller Catch and Kill extensively covers the behind the scenes of Ronan Farrow s reporting on Harvey Weinstein, how he was trailed by intelligence agencies, and the tactics that were used to try and stop him from getting the story published Reading this book really gives the big picture about how Harvey was able to prey on women for such a long period of time His tactics for shutting down journalists over the years are spelled out, and we see first hand through Ronan s eyes how Harvey was able to get NBC to kill the story In interviews after Ronan s initial stories broke he was always guarded about why NBC wouldn t air the story and why he no longer worked for the company He would always say things like, I don t want to be the story, the women and sources should be the focus of the story And while the women being the center is important, Ronan s story as a journalist is also imperative because it shows how an investigation with credible information was being shut down and keeping Harvey s abuse in the dark If you re thinking, oh I ve read The New Yorker articles, there won t be too much new information in this book think again It s extremely illuminating to see the process of trying to report the story at NBC and being shut down at every turn compared with the experience Ronan had being completely supported by The New Yorker Ronan is also forthcoming about his personal relationships in this book Detailing how in the past he wasn t always supportive of his sister Dylan being public with her abuse allegations Then showing how he came around to supporting her and asking her for insight on how to interview survivors Some of the funny or sweet moments in the book come through commentary from Ronan s partner Jon Lovett or as Ronan calls him, Jonathan And there s a very nice culmination to their romantic arc at the end of the book While a lot of this book can be heavy to read, sexual assault, powerful men abusing their power, companies covering for abusers instead of protecting people, and so on, there is also a sense of hope It shows a changing of the times, how these stories can be taken seriously now than compared with the past It shines a light on all the brave survivors and sources who risked their careers and their safety to come forward to help others I think this is a triumph of non fiction writing It s fast paced, compelling from start to finish, exhaustively fact checked, serious when it needs to be, but also has amusing and hopeful moments sprinkled throughout Definitely check this one out.

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    Trump no better than Weinstein.

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    This is the second book I ve read She Said Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a Movement in the last 30 days about serial sexual assault abuse and sexual criminal behavior in Hollywood and Washington, and I think if you are going to read one book, you need to read them both While She Said concentrates on the victim s stories, Catch and Kill takes it a step further and delves into the lies, intimidation and cover up by the people, including NBC, that protect predators like Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, etc I think these two quotes sum up the book perfectly people contorting their bodies into the shapes of gears for Harvey Weinstein s machine In the end, the courage of women can t be stamped out And stories the big ones, the true ones can be caught but never killed Excellent writing by Ronan Farrow As I said in my review for She Said, the same goes for Catch and Kill This is an important book for our times and I highly recommend it.

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    Sixty years ago, sociologist C Wright Mills stated, acts of elite deviance that cause social harm, regardless of their criminality in a legal sense, are part of the higher immorality of the power elite Published on the heels of McCarthyism, his book, The Power Elite, had its critics an uneven blend of journalism, sociology, and moral indignation, but if this morning you woke up to the news of current events anywhere on this globe, you understand too well that Mills warning rings true now than ever Beware the excesses and higher immorality of the power elite Scott A Bonn Ph.D Beware of the Power Elite in Society A warning from the grave Psychology Today Bonn goes on to write that, Donald Trump, who parlayed his business success into becoming the U.S president, is the current poster boy of the power elite I m wondering how Trump will attempt to distort this into fake news because I m sure his thumbs are twitching wildly and they should There would not be such a book without Ronan Farrow A compilation of related and sensationalized cases of sexual abuse involving high profile individuals would no doubt have been published, but half the truth isn t the whole story I ve heard it compared to a John le Carr novel I would add Umberto Eco The cases examined are excruciating to imagine the women that talked are standards of bravery nothing short of heroes In a book that is felt as much as it is read, the author s story in pursuing these cases is the terrifying angle of this book, as he is the steward of many painful confessions and thereby carries the burden and responsibility of exposing a network of the most imperious criminals Farrow is extraordinarily qualified to write this book Rolling Stone calls him one of the last true cultural polymaths A Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist, Yale Law School graduate, Oxford Rhodes scholar, studied toward a Doctor of Philosophy after graduating with a BA in Philosophy from Bard College the youngest graduate from that college at the age of 15 , appointed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as her Special Adviser for Global Youth Issues Additionally, his work has been widely published in magazines and periodicals, and he has contributed to several news programs, including anchoring programs on NBC and MSNBC His work in journalism and humanitarian efforts have been honored, earning Farrow the Cronkite Award for Excellence in Exploration and Journalism in 2014 Beyond this spectacular inventory of qualifications, it is Farrow s elite status by birthright that may have been the key that opened the guarded portal to the world of the wealthy and the powerful that manipulate the political, economic and social institutions in society Farrow has the dubious distinction of being the child of Mia Farrow andpossiblyWoody Allen, though Allen has stated he wouldn t bet his life on Ronan s paternity, and mother Mia Farrow confessed in a 2013 interview, that there is a possibility that Sinatra fathered Ronan. Without this membership card of sorts, Farrow most likely would have been collateral damage in the hedonistic pursuits of some of the Goliaths he challenged But then, after reading about his determination to seek justice, he just might have succeeded And then there is the sexual assault allegation levied against Woody Allen by Farrow s sister, Dylan Farrow who was 7 years old at the time of the alleged assault note Ronan has defended his sister and her claims That event in his family life could likely be what compelled Farrow towards the focus of many of his investigative journalism subjects with such determination for transparency and justice rape allegations leveled against Bill Cosby the mishandling of sexual assaults on campus multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against film producer Harvey Weinstein New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman s abuse of at least four women accusations from 6 women that claimed harassment and intimidation by CBS CEO Leslie Moonves allegation of sexual assault by the United States Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh investigation of concealment by the M.I.T Media Lab of its involvement with Jeffrey Epstein Farrow gives a better accounting in the book Catch and Kill the title is a term that refers to a surreptitious technique employed by tabloid newspapers to prevent an individual from publicly revealing information damaging to a third party represents years of investigations that magnify an even darker truth about a rich and powerful network committed to promoting their agenda and desired outcomes, regardless of restrictions Beyond the Good ol boy clubs where you scratch my back I ll scratch yours, these immoral elitists play at justice, morality, and charity, only to belie their indulgences Finishing, I tried to organize my thoughts and kept thinking of the term grief counselors Mills also wrote, a passive society simply trusts that the elites will act on behalf of the so called public interest Could Cosby, Weinstein, Epstein, Matt Lauer NBC have continued their sinister exploits if we had turned our efforts to critiquing the process or lack of instead of accepting the disseminated rhetoric of those who have the power to manipulate the press and news sound bites Farrow exposed than just a few cases of cover up, or stories to bolster the Me Too movement He has revealed a diseased artery that is infecting our moral society at the highest levels I have both the audio version and the hard copy I wanted to hear Farrow read his book He does a good job overall, but while he does some fair impersonations and dialects, his approach felt too light hearted for the content Just a minor criticism 40r 5 The perseverance through death threats and just having to face the human embodiment of Jabba the Hutt, I have to go 5.

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    There were two moments I was delighted to see remembered here during the release of investigative reporting on Harvey Weinstein by Ronan Farrow that caught my eye amidst the sheer weight of sleaze the reporting revealed The first was an extended interview with Rachel Maddow where she interestingly, in an unplanned second segment on her show, pressed him on why he, an NBC employee, had released this through the New Yorker the follow up segment second was a moment on CNN with Jake Tapper where he asked the question to his viewers and then on Twitter s at it again and boy is this an extreme read taking you from the sheer thrill of a mystery spy novel to the depressing amounts of sheer media suppression and catch and kill present in Ronan s particular target for this work, NBC News and NBC Universal The work begins with a behind the scenes, and as mentioned above, thriller style narration of the background for his investigative work for NBC surrounding Harvey Weinstein s decades long pattern of alleged abuses, harassments, and rape At first this seems to progress towards an inevitable conclusion with a likely expos story for his then employer, NBC News However, the pattern of excessive cautiousness, and, needing further vetting, or getting eyes on the story, received from upper administration becomes the truly farcical attempt of NBC attempting to kill the story, not only due to Weinstein s powerful reach but also, as you learn later, due to the numerous skeletons in their own closet, or accurately, on their highest rated shows Along the way, there is a dip into the seedy dealings of AMI and the National Enquirer through the likes of Dylan Howard and David Pecker, who, Farrow shows are the nation s foremast catch and kill experts, working for non other than our own current president at various points The equally thrilling part of the work is the expos of the powerful private investigative firm a euphemism to be sure, given the scope of their work Black Cube This firm, with numerous subsidiaries and contractors around the globe was revealed to have been working for several of the powerful targets of Farrow s reporting to threaten, intimidate, and surveil potential witnesses and Farrow himself, albeit ridiculously unsuccessfully for a group its size The closing section is the one you have likely heard about recently, where Farrow blows open a story on Matt Lauer and an alleged sexual assault against Brooke Nevils while working the Sochi Olympics As of right now, he is denying this, surprise surprise, and claiming that this was a consensual affair You can read her statements here and decide for yourself This is needed and provocative writing by a singular journalist who, admirably, seems to favor the ability to investigate at a smaller salary for the New Yorker as opposed to producing anodyne opinion on a primetime show for a news network Keep at it Ronan, you re showing them how it s done.

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    So, at this point it seems like MeToo books are a distressing cottage industry, and I think I ve read at least six of them in the last two months But while they are depressing in some pretty recognizable ways the sheer, odious pervasiveness of male entitlement to women, and the vengeful aggression when their entitlement is refused thank you, Kate Manne, for the theory on misogyny , Ronan Farrow s book has some alarming new wrinkles To be specific, it s as much a story of corporate silencing of sexual harassment as it is the story itself Farrow details just has persistently NBC tried to delay, stall, and ultimately refuse Farrow s dogged reporting of the Harvey Weinstein story all the while insisting that they were supporting his investigative work Naturally, it becomes clear that the higher ups who were instrumental in killing the story were either themselves sexual harassers, or deeply connected and loyal to Weinstein himself At least The New Yorker comes off well in this story they immediately and aggressively support, pursue, and print the story But Farrow s account has an extra layer of noir alarm, because Weinstein s determination to protect himself extends to hiring espionage agents to track and surveil Farrow The espionage provides some unexpected moments of humor, most notably when Farrow s boyfriend gets followed, but the effort is abandoned because the boyfriend Jon Lovett is deemed too boring to tail Farrow s a good and efficient writer, and does a very good job making sure that the stories of the women never fade into the backdrop in this book While it would be nice to think that fewer of these books will need to be written in the months and years to come, I will admit to not holding my breath.

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Catch and Kill In A Dramatic Account Of Violence And Espionage, Pulitzer Prize Winning Investigative Reporter Ronan Farrow Exposes Serial Abusers And A Cabal Of Powerful Interests Hellbent On Covering Up The Truth, At Any CostIn , A Routine Network Television Investigation Led Ronan Farrow To A Story Only Whispered About One Of Hollywood S Most Powerful Producers Was A Predator, Protected By Fear, Wealth, And A Conspiracy Of Silence As Farrow Drew Closer To The Truth, Shadowy Operatives, From High Priced Lawyers To Elite War Hardened Spies, Mounted A Secret Campaign Of Intimidation, Threatening His Career, Following His Every Move, And Weaponizing An Account Of Abuse In His Own Family All The While, Farrow And His Producer Faced A Degree Of Resistance That Could Not Be Explained Until Now And A Trail Of Clues Revealed Corruption And Cover Ups From Hollywood, To Washington, And Beyond This Is The Untold Story Of The Exotic Tactics Of Surveillance And Intimidation Deployed By Wealthy And Connected Men To Threaten Journalists, Evade Accountability, And Silence Victims Of Abuse And It S The Story Of The Women Who Risked Everything To Expose The Truth And Spark A Global MovementBoth A Spy Thriller And A Meticulous Work Of Investigative Journalism, Catch And Kill Breaks Devastating New Stories About The Rampant Abuse Of Power And Sheds Far Reaching Light On Investigations That Shook The Culture