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Daddy Me From International Bestselling Authors, Ker Dukey And K Webster, Comes A Steamy Standalone Novella From Their KKinky Reads Collection In Early July 2019 Dreams Are Supposed To Be Encouraged.Not Mine.My Brother Likes To Keep Me On A Tight Leash, Tethered To An Unexceptional Life.But When Ronan Hayes Walks Into Our Family Owned Bar, He Opens My Cage And Offers Me Freedom.Ronan Wants To Give Me The World.A Chance To Take Flight And Soar.He Sees Something Special In Me, And I Want Nothing Than To Be That For Him.Special.He S My Dream Maker.My Shot My Hope My Everything.Ronan Craves To Take Care Of Me.A Protector A Confidant A Provider A Lover.He Wants To Daddy Me.And I Want To Let Him.This Is A Steamy, Kinky Romance Sure To Make You Blush A Perfect Combination Of Sweet And Sexy You Can Devour In One Sitting You Ll Get A Happy Ending That Ll Make You Swoon This Is Not A Dark Romance.

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    FOUR STARS ARC Generously Provided by Authors I m already in too deep to turn away from her now It s fast but explosive between us I ve never wanted anything than an arrangement before And that was always fine Until things changed.K Webster is the Queen of kinky erotica She and Ker Dukey have collaborated on many works and their latest series, KKinky Reads is compiled of steamy and sometimes downright dirty novellas that are sure to get readers temperatures rising I m not particularly a fan of Daddy kink, but I found DADDY ME to be rather tame compared to K Webster and Ker Dukey s other collaborative works This was an erotic twist ...

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    Daddy Me is LIVE A KKinky Reads Novella Standaloneby Ker Dukey K WebsterHe wants to daddy me.And I want to let him.PURCHASE LINKS only 99c US in Kindle UnlimitedFrom international bestselling authors, Ker Dukey and K Webster, comes a steamy standalone novella from their KKinky Reads collection Dreams are supposed to be encouraged.Not mine.My brother likes to keep me on a tight leash, tethered to an unexceptional life.But when Ronan Hayes walks into our family owned bar, he opens my cage and offers me freedom.Ronan wants to give me the world.A chance to take flight and soar.He sees something special in me, and I want nothing than to be that for him.Special.He s my dream maker.My shot My hope My everything.Ronan craves to take care of me.A protector A confidant A provider A lover.He wants to daddy me.And I want to let him.This is a steamy, kinky romance sure to make you blush A perfect co...

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    2 Daddy Smut Stars It pains me dearly to say it but this book was rank With two very talented authors writing this I was shocked with how smutty and boring this story was I have a love for Daddy Kink books but this had minimal plot, no character building and just insta everythingSofina works in the family bar with her brother Although passionate about singing, her brother has clipped her wings with his lack of encouragement and she feels indebted to him Record Producer Ronan Hayes is smitten when he lays eyes on Sofina He is quickly drawn to her talent and untapped potential and his attraction to her is instantaneous So devoted, that he gives her a record contract overnight with every perk imaginable and claims her as his before she could sneeze.And, you will be ...

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    Genre Erotic RomanceType Standalone novella from KKinky Reads collectionPOV First person DualRating 3.75 StarsSofina Russo was a caged bird longing to sing her way to freedom But an overprotective brother crushed her dreams to the ground That was until Ronan Hayes saw her and offered her than her future If you re looking for a story with a damsel in distress being saved by her prince, this one fit the bill With a kinky twist of course You want me to make an anal sex tape I laugh We can watch it together later You re filthy, she accuses, her blue eyes flickering with lust Says the girl with two fingers in her ass The story was straightforward but there were plenty of amusing scenes that kept me entertained The sex was pretty hot, though I was actually hoping for Something about her calls to my inner desire to own, mold, and hold that girl. Daddy Me is a...

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    Daddy kink with a fair amount of smut and a happy ending.My only issue is that maybe it is too sugary I was expecting a bit interesting plot by these two authors This specific story and style remind me too much of Alexa Riley s stories.Not necessarily a bad thing but I was expecting .

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    this was cute, I guess

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    Daddy Me is LIVE PURCHASE LINKS only 99c US in Kindle UnlimitedGiveaway AVAILABLE IN THE KKINKY READS COLLECTION 1 Share MeUS in Kindle Unlimited 2 Choke Me only 99c US in Kindle Unlimited

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    Oh yes Ronan can definitely daddy me This was a smoking sexy tale with a possessive and very enthusiastic daddy, and it got me all hot and bothered 3 3 3

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    3.75 StarsSofina Russo is an aspiring singer, but works as a bartender at her brother s bar to make ends meet Pursuing her dream seems impossible until she unexpectedly meets Ronan Hayes, CEO of Harose Records Immediately, Ronan is attracted to her and his possessive side takes hold You re different and I knew it even before you opened your mouth and sang like an angel Told in dual POV, the story line moves at a quick pace with instalove at the forefront With Sofina, she knows she has to forge her own path despite the risks As for Ronan, he enjoys being a Daddy and Sofina is his ultimate good girl Daddy, she cries out like the perfect little woman she is My cum spurts from me like creamy ribbon streams You re a good girl, Sofina With this one, I was hoping for Daddy kink, but the dynamic between Sofina and Ronan is sexy and playful I also liked the relations...

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    If you don t use your voice to be heard, what s the point in having one Quick Hot Daddy kink, which isn t really something I search for, but it wasn t like in depth here Lite daddy kink maybe Ronan needs to care for someone and Sofina wanted to be cared for Pre...

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