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  • Kindle Edition
  • 285 pages
  • What We Do in the Night (Day to Night, #1)
  • Stylo Fantome
  • English
  • 12 February 2018

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    OMGthis guy was such a twatwaffle The type of asshole you want to nibble on his ear while stabbing him in the dick repeatedly lol So I liked this one It reminded me a lot of a certain 90s movie Which was fine beings as it is a favorite movie of mine The writing was fantastic It was fairly long, but paced well The plot was intriguing I want to work at Cach The sex was plentiful and hot There is some OW drama in the form of Ari s ex girlfriend Usually I am not a fan of crazy exes, but it didn t bother me overly much here I found her crazy and how Ari handles her amusing than annoying However, I hope she just remains a nuisance in the next book and not something .There was a well rounded cast of intriguing secondary characters I adore Del Ariwell Ari is a bit of an acquired taste The guy was just an entitled asshole most of the time However, there was also something likable about him under all that douche lol The banter and chemistry between him and Valentine was sizzling and humourous For me the real star of this book was Valentine herself I loved this heroine Strong Smart Loving Feisty Caring Not a virgin yay She gave Ari a run for his money I loved her Last, this ends on a cliffhanger that broke my heart AriAriArithere better be much groveling in his future That is all ...

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    EXCERPT Book Coming June 21st, and will be FREE in the Kindle Unlimited program, or only 0.99 for release week Pre Order I m not impressed with your tour thus far, Ari warned her, giving her a glare Valentine beamed back at him before turning away No returns, no refunds And if I want one he asked from behind her She shrugged You can ask It ll be highly entertaining The bouncer has been bored lately, he d love to have that discussion Ari s hands were suddenly on her hips, spinning her around to face him again Once she was, his hands smoothed down over her butt and he pulled her close Impress me, he whispered, staring down the length of his nose at her It s entirely possible that Cach isn t your kind of place, she offered Maybe you d feel at home in a winery, or in a golf club A local chapter of the Elks Lodge His smirk was back in place she d almost begun to miss it and then his lips were against her ear, his teeth scraping against her skin Maybe I d feel at home in you. She shivered, then leaned into the contact, pressing her cheek bone to his jawline You couldn t afford the rent Try me Valentine stepped back and pulled him backwards out of the room She could already tell he wouldn t be interested in any of the other party rooms in the club, so she took him to ...

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    Genre Erotic RomanceType Book 1 of 2 from Day to Night DuetPOV Third PersonRating 3.75 stars Valentine O Dell and Ari Sharapov lived a completely different life during the day When the sun came down, they became a different person who indulged in any fantasy their hearts desired But what supposed to be something that s separated from their real life became complicated when it came to the matters of their hearts She shrieked and shook, locking her legs around him as he tried to pound her through the table Then he was coming, too, his body going stiff as she felt him throbbing inside of her. Ari was one sexy asshole emphasize on the asshole part, because sometimes he was just plain asshole lol I liked Valentine and how she learned to survive Both of them had great chemistry which led to scorching sex scenes I especially loved the intense angry sex You and I are cut from the same cloth, babe Maybe from diffe...

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    4 STARS Stylo Fantome delivers a captivating and hot story.I really enjoyed it, it was refreshing.The set up was interesting and the characters captivate me I loved how Ari and Valentine were drawn together, they are from different worlds Ari i...

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    5 Delicious Stars I LOVED IT and in all capital letters This author knows how to write the best and most delicious type of angsty banter Especially between a sinner who wants control and a saint who wants to give her control away And when the sun goes down, the saint and sinner come out to play.Ari Sharapova is the sinner and boy is he scrumptious He s powerful, wealthy, very arrogant and always gets what he wants Valentine O Dell is the saint with a side of sinner She is sexy, speaks her mind, works in a secret sex club and is doing her best to keep her real life afloat So when two different worlds collide at Cach , a special arrangement is made between Ari and Valentine where all bets are off.But as Ari and Valentine spend time together, feeling develop where there shouldn t be Their passionate and fiery banter only fuel their connection in and out of the sheets Even though Ari is an arrogant ass, Valentine s sweet and sassy self gets to Ari and they really do make a perfect pair, until, Ari messes up in a royally epic way and gets what he deserves This book does end in a delicious cliffhanger that will only fuel the fire in the second boo...

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    she needed money He wanted sex without attachment Win win Title What we do in the nightseries Day to nightAuthor Stylo FantomePublish Date 21 June 2019Genre Romance, Erotica, Suspense Kindle UnlimitedMy Instagram https www.instagram.com _miftahul_j The first book of the series by Stylo Fantome Valentine O Dell doesn t have an easy going life After her parent s died, she had to struggle a lot, also regarding her sister who betrayed her Moving from New York to Chicago, her life changed, she got two identities, Valentine O Dell in the day, and Saint Valentine by night Ari Sharapov is a rich, privileged lawyer who works at his dad s firm All his life he was controlled by his father, but now when he lays his eyes on a girl who is strong but wants someone to take care of her, he instantly knows that now he has someone to control and own I am Saint Valentine I can t ruin love I can only inspire it In her world, people don t fall in love, they only use..for sex Twenty two years old Valentine struggled a lot in her life She has to work her ass off just to t...

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    3.75Valentine Val O Dell is a girl full of heart and soul despite certain events that have altered her life Determined to persevere, she balances work, school and caretaking duties until one person comes along and makes it all go away for a while I was just surviving the best way I knew how, she explained Ari Sharapov was groomed to inherit his father s law firm but has worked hard at establishing his own reputation Not wanting any romantic entanglements, he prefers to keep his affairs transactional and detached Making presumptions about me isn t a good idea probably something you should remember for future reference With a chance meeting, Val and Ari are attracted to each other but both wear their own masks for different reasons While agreeing to a temporary and mutually beneficial arrangement, the stakes are raised as boundaries are crossed and raw chemistry ignites I want to chain you to my bed, he said very simply And I want to do anything I want to you Going into this book, I expected an explosive relationship between Val and Ari and it delivered on that point Their push pull dynamic was hot and led to some scorching scenes Individually, I liked how Val remained committed to her family and was willing to make sacrifices As for Ari, he defi...

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    It was insanity just barely leashed Possibly the gates to heaven, but likely the entrance to hell.Good Girl works in a fantasy club Guy sees her there and wants her She s not usually than just a fun date at the club, but for some reason she feels with him Long story short they are from two different worlds and h...

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    What We Do in the Night generously provided in exchange for an honest review 5 Completely ruined everything StarsStylo Fantome digs back into her erotica roots and writes an invigorating, captivating darker tale of two separate souls from vastly different walks of life whose worlds collide into each other and completely combust Both with plans now blown to smithereens we see these two compliment each other with Fantome s usual mix of banter, playfulness, passion and growth If you re into tricky, tortured, alpha heroes coupled with quirky, honest, determined heroines plus a host of interesting secondary characters this book, told from the dual point of views of both main characters, is a definite must read A good girl masquerading as a bad girl and bad boy masquerading as a good boy total combustion when they realize they re both just as bad as they are good A story that s both taboo in the night and yet seemingly normal in the day that catapults into something wholly unique and intriguing right...

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    4 Stars

    Genre Erotic Romance Type Book 1 of 2 from Day to Night Duet POV Third Person

    Things that happen during the night, need to stay in the night

    Valentine O Dell was trying to get through life working hard at night and going to school in the day while carrying for a sick grandma Life was hard considering all the responsibilities she had for being so young The time I spend being Saint Valentine, the I actually become her, and she only exists in the night Ari Sharapov had money and worked hard for what he had but he wasn t happy The things he needed and craved for was something he found only at night until one day he found himself wanting it day and night Just beneath the temptress beneath her Saint Valentine facade He thought maybe, just maybe, deep down Valentine was a good girl This story was very Cinderella style, it was predictable but yet I found myself falling so hard for the hero and enjoying the che...

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What We Do in the Night (Day to Night, #1) Just Five Months Ago, Valentine O Dell Started Working At A Very Special Kind Of Club One Where You Can Dance The Night Away, Or Live Out Your Greatest Fantasy She S Learned To Lose Herself To Her Nights, Forgetting All Her Day Time Woes As She Charms Every Man She Meets It S Easy Enough To Do When She Doesn T Let Her Feelings Get Involved Then Ari Sharapov Walked In And Changed Everything Working For His Father S Law Firm Has Left Ari With Very Little Control Over His Life, So When He Meets Valentine For The First Time, He Sees A Girl Who Is Desperate For Someone To Take Care Of Her To Takeover Her So What He Can T Get For Himself In The Day Time, He Ll Simply Take For Himself At Night But When Power Struggles Lead To Real Feelings, Who S Actually Controlling Whom Some Relationships Are Better Left In The Dark.

About the Author: Stylo Fantome

Crazy woman from a remote location in Alaska where the need for a creative mind is a necessity , I have been writing since forever Yeah, that sounds about right I have been told that I remind people of Lucille Ball I also see shades of Jennifer Saunders, and Denis Leary So basically, I laugh a lot, I m clumsy a lot, and I say the F word A LOT.I like dogs than I like most people, an