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Void I Was Born Of Nothing I M A Void, A Rare Supernatural Capable Of Absorbing Powers At The Brush Of My Skin Feared Hated Untouchable Thibault Academy Is Full Of Supernaturals That Want Me Dead, And The Most Powerful Of Them, The Paragons, Will Stop At Nothing To Ensure I Go Back To The Hell I Came From They Re Cruel, Heartless, And Have Created An Unlikely Alliance To Take Me Down If I Want To Learn How To Control The Nothingness, I Ll Have To Survive Them I Was Born Of The Void, But I Ll Die From The Power This Is A Reverse Harem Bully Romance.

About the Author: Coralee June

Author Coralee June has always been passionate about storytelling and impressed by the influence it has on people and the decisions they make in life She loves engaging with the projects she works on, diving headfirst into developing real, raw, and relatable characters that are equally flawed and beautiful Coralee lives in Dallas, Tx with her husband and two daughters She s been known to freque

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    4.5 From now on if I see Coralee June and Raven Kennedy s names on a book, I m just going to automatically purchase it This is the third book I ve read from this author duo, and I ve loved every single one Their writing is seamless, the stories are hot and intriguing, and I never want to put them down They make an amazing team Void is a paranormal reverse harem bully romance with an incredibly interesting heroine, Devicka, and four delectable heroes of various paranormal persuasions, Render, Hyde, Grit, and Quade Devi has a supernatural ability that I have never read about in a book before Her power was my favorite thing about this novel It was so unique and cool that it made me wish this wasn t a standalone, and it deserves an extra star for that alone All of the love interests had special relationships with Devi and a special set of skills in the bedroom too which made the sex scenes extra hot Again, I wish I could have had even time with these characters In my opinion, this would have made an amazing series or even trilogy The world could have easily been expanded, her gaining control of her power could have taken somewhat longer, and we could have gotten a lot time with these characters I would have enjoyed getting to see the relationships grow and develop even further I m not taking any points off for that Don t worry Lol It just makes me sad that...

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    You are than just your Void Perhaps it s time for you to start living that way This book was hot AF, but not only that the story was so GOOD Bully lite Reverse harem Paranormal But not just paranormal, because there was new lore that I ve personally never read before The whole concept of a Void and what we learn about it is just so amazing and cool Love how it ties in and works with the whole reverse harem of Devicka and her guys I also loved that there were underlying messages in this one About not letting one thing define you, and to own who you are I don t always need that in stories, but when authors include an empowering message it always makes the story feel elevated So not only do Coralee and Raven give us an entertaining and hot paranormal bully RH, but they also give us heart and ...

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    RH Erotica StarsI m not a mega fan of reverse harem bully romances Why do I read them Well, glad you ask, when it has certain elements and it s written well, they are kind of enjoyable to read.There were a lot of things that were going for me in this book.1 I liked that it s a standalone this is no draggy book It s a pretty meaty book itself, so you get a lot of character development.2 It was actually hot No, stupid slow burn RH I can t stand slow burn RH books What s the point right This was an erotic book, but with depth.3 the storyline was interesting and unique Sure, you have a shifter, a vampire, someone who masters death and other elements, but the whole void concept to me was new and refreshing I was truly engaged.I had low expectations for this book because a lot of times I find books on KU it just doesn t fit the way I like things to be read This was not the case I liked that it was dialogue based book I liked t...

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    Wow All I can say is wow This book sucked me into its void and still hasn t let go long after I read the last page From the very start, the authors sunk their claws into me with their beautiful writing and intriguing story line The heroine is one you root for from the get go and often wish she d pull the villain card she was given Why was I always the villain, when all I ever tried to be was the hero But, alas, she had a good heart and good intentions despite what others thought about her All her life she d been bullied, hated on, and feared And despite that, she kept moving forward an...

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    I really liked the concept of this book A Void is a paranormal being that can take away powers of other supernaturals The main character is shunned from her society because of the fear that she can take away what makes a supernatural who they are This had bully elements at the beginning, the 4 supernaturals trying to get rid of her from the school they are attending BUTTTTTTTT Unfortunately I found that the insta love did not work for me Maybe insta love is not the right word but the guys fell too quickly in my opinion for it to be believable I thought this book had some great potential because this story line could have been really fun to explore but I just did not enjoy it as mu...

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    This will be my first harem book Wish me good luck hehehe

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    OMG OMG OMG I NEED MOOOOOOREOne of the best books I ve read this year, so far

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    Amazing Wow this was absolutely freaking amazing I m so sad it s over I want of these guys They each had something to bring to the table and were on so HOT Talk about a dream harem right there I ve always been a fan of these authors but this took...

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    SOME SPOILERS BELOW This book was AMAZING I love when paranormal romance is mixed with the new adult genre This was definitely a bully romance that had a sweet ending I loved how Devicka found herself and learned to love her power even with all the odds against her I love how the author was able to represent all of the different paranormals into the story and ...

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    Couldn t put it down This was fantastic I couldn t put it down. like literally only got a few hours of sleep last night because I had to finish this Great storyline and loved the characters I know it says bully but it was of overc...

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