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On Wings of Devotion (The Codebreakers, #2) All Of England Thinks Phillip Camden A Monster A Man Who Deliberately Caused The Deaths Of His Squadron But As Nurse Arabelle Denler Watches The So Dubbed Black Heart Every Day, She Sees Something Far Different A Hurting Man Desperate For Mercy And When Their Paths Twist Together And He Declares Himself Her New Protector, She Realizes She Has Her Own Role To Play In His HealingPhillip Camden Would Have Preferred To Die That Day With His Squadron Rather Than Be Recruited To The Admiralty S Codebreaking Division The Threats He Receives Daily Are No Great Surprise And, In His Opinion, Well Deserved What Comes As A Shock Is The Reborn Desire To Truly Live That Arabelle Inspires In HimBut When An Old Acquaintance Shows Up And Seems Set On Using Him In A Plot That Has The Codebreakers Of Room In A Frenzy, New Affections Are Put To The Test

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    This book was a ma zing I adore Roseanna M White s books and if you asked me to pick a fave, I d go into an intense bookwormish sort of analysis paralysis lol But truly, this one would be right up there at the top I love Phillip Wounded heroes are always my favorite, but there s something extra enticing and intriguing about this fallen pilot called Black Heart And Arabelle is a fantastic, strong, and sympathetic heroine The plot moves at a great pace fast enough to keep me turning pages, but not so quickly that we don t have time to breathe and enjoy the poignant and romantic moments I loved the build to the final act, the excitement, the history, the codebreaking aspectall of it And the spiritual angle is beautifully donedefinitely one of the most impacting books I ve read lately I read it in a day and now I feel a little bereft because what s a girl to do as she waits for the next in the series Probably go back and reread some of Roseanna s earlier books, that s what haha Book provided by the publisher via NetGalley All opinions are my own.

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    I just need a second to gush Y ALL THIS BOOK WAS AMAZEBALLS So stinkin good, and such a great way to start off the reading year Roseanna is a crazy talented author I don t think she has written a book I haven t liked She writes such unique and REAL characters, they re just so easy to fall in love with Not many authors can take the risks she does and pull them off.This book was no different I loved every one of the characters They each played their part perfectly The villains, the leads, the side characters They blended and meshed so well.I just loved everything about this book It was deep It was light It was emotional It was humorous It was the perfect blend of history and fiction Phillip Camden was the best New favorite hero right there Arabelle was his perfect match, the perfect leading lady.They complemented each other so well Each learning that what THEY defined themselves as was not who they were They built each other up, and was a shoulder to cry on when they needed one There was so much emotion and they both grew so much throughout the story PLUS They re chemistry and banter was EVERYTHING One thing that I ve noticed in this series, and something I love with my WHOLE heart, is that the women pray for the men Even before they know who he is, or that they ll end up together I just ADORE that thread so much it could be also in her other series too and I just didn t realize it I will be gushing about this book always There are so many things I didn t even touch on in my review It was just so amazing, and you all need to go order it I want to give this book all the stars, but alas I can only give it 5 So you should know what my rating is 5 5 stars I received this book from the publisher All opinions are my own

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    On Wings of Devotion is the second story in The Codebreakers series, and oh my word is it amazing Confession here, I m not much of a re reader of novels, but after I reached the satisfying The End , I had the overwhelming urge to flip back to page one and devour the book all over again.The interactions between the brooding, mad at the world pilot, Phillip Camden, and the tenderhearted, Jesus loving nurse, Arabelle Denler, were brilliant Their witty banter made me chuckle while their heart to heart chats made me root for the success of their love story And I m going to go on record and say this story has one of the BEST kissing scenes I ve ever read And folks, I m a romance junkie It was just all the sighs.Add in the drama and suspense of WWI in England and you have a stellar story not to be forgotten I received a copy from the author All opinions are my own.

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    This book was excellent I absolutely loved everything about it The intriguing plot draws the reader into the story and the characters are so very real, and flawed and perfect Cam is going on my favorite hero s list His brash nature and natural humor have this magical balance that completely works I loved Ara s strength and up front approach to situations She had a unique way of being practical, but also caring Her faith really manifested itself in her actions, but also her words Cam and Aria s first kiss will go down in history as one of the most memorable and basically melted my heart into a puddle.The underlying danger in this story really added intrigue and suspense to this plot I was basically hooked on every word in this book This book was the perfect addition to this series I loved it just as much as the first one, and I really didn t think that was possible I received a complimentary copy The Number of Love from the publishers I was not required to provide a positive review All opinions expressed are mine alone.

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    My Review of On Wings of Devotion by Roseanna M WhiteEverytime I hear that another Roseanna M White book is coming out I dream about reading You see, her books are so marvelous, they tug you into the story and leave impression every time, no matter if it is a lesson in the plot, a character, or anything else, White has a way of showing you a world somewhat lost in history On Wings of Devotion is no exception, as a matter of fact it is her best yet, though I say that every book of hers I read.Phillip, or rather to most Black Heart, is something of a broken glutton for punishment waiting for death to come until he meets Arabelle and then the story steps into another dimension of a wonderful plot Every aspect of this second book in the Codebreakers series is thoroughly researched, emotionally reaching, and romantically shown.Recommendation 16 19 up.Verse Colossians 1 14 In whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins King James Version Rating 5 stars, would give if possible.Disclaimer I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

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    Ok, wow This book was seriously amazing I loved the main characters from the start the refreshing way they were so unapologetically honest with each other, their wit, their hearts and the way they both passionately stood for what they believed in But what had me totally captivated was the journey they took The depth of the themes explored through their stories Wow There were a few moments in particular where I had to stop and give my heart a chance to catch up I m not usually a fan of books set in war times usually going out of my way to avoid them altogether but Roseanna White has a way of pulling me so far into the story and the characters lives that I forget I hate war stories Something that totally happened in this book It was also really fun to catch up with characters from previous books series Absolutely brilliant.

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    This story grabbed and held me from page one to the end, I loved getting lost in England during the first World War This is the second book in this series of Code Breakers, and this one can be read alone, but what a job to do, I think I would love solving these necessary puzzles This book does take on than code breaking, and my heart was in my throat wondering what was going to happen, especially after the arrest The author gives us colorful people as spies, but we don t want them to win, and their evil preserved We are also given some characters that love the Lord and they live their lives as Christians, and see them rewarded for their beliefs.You don t want to miss this one, I wanted it to go on and on I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Bethany House, and was not required to give a positive review.

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    On wings of Devotion by Roseanna M White is the second book in the Codebreakers series, but it can be read very well as a standalone, that is how I read it Though I admit I did get curious when I found out that one of the side characters I loved the most, Margot de Wilde, is the main character in book 1, so naturally I m off to buy that one And there were some hints for book 3, too, and it just sounds amazing This is a series to watch out for I have previously read and enjoyed Roseanna M White s work, especially the Culper Ring series, but this book if my favorite so far She has grown much in her writing, in earlier books I sometimes had some trouble with pacing and unable to distinguish the many side characters, but this book has none of those issues I couldn t stop reading I felt so much for all the characters that I can t help but make this review in fangirl expletives Because I have major FEELS So many feels I LOVE THESE CHARACTERS Ok ok I ll stop now and try calmly to explain why I love it Phillip Camden is named Black Heart and infamous for both being a rogueish lady s man and losing his entire squadron in a dubious incident He basically is waiting for a death sentence, and he is rigged with guilt, but plays the part the media gave him a black heart He pushes people away, but of course, there s so much hurt underneath I couldn t help but fawn over him too, as the nurses from the hospital did everyday as he walked by, even though he kinda is a bad boy At least in the beginning He brings the other main character, Arabelle, into a plot of his own device, and while the intention is well, it just isn t well executed lol Arabelle isn t impressed, and she calls him out on it, which I absolutely loved Arabelle had to learn to stand up and take care for herself from a young age, and it turned her into this resilient, vibrant woman full of faith Her empathy moved me a lot, how she always tries to help and give people second chances She was truly an example of faith, of forgiving everyone and helping where she can, but also not afraid to call out what isn t right As Camden s plot leaves her a bit vulnerable, he takes up the part of her guardian dog, but he might end up getting ensnared himself but there is at play, and his work at the codeworkers office brings his own dangers Arabella s way of life and her faith really struck a chord with me, and I aspire to be like her Of course she isn t perfect, but she admits when she s wrong and corrects her mistakes, and she really is a strong example I love how she and Camden are very honest with each other, that honestly is a fresh breath or air No misunderstandings between them, but they actually talked and resolved things And I loved hoe Camden softened and opened up, and that it is mentioned that Arabella might be the inciting incident, it s not the love of a woman that changes him for the better I think that s a very healthy message to spread, that true healing comes from God and not man, and that is a choice you must make for yourself The plot itself was amazing too, I was on the edge of my seat The villain s were very real, and you could clearly understand their motivations and even empathize a bit, which make the best villains in my opinion if you can even truly call them that The side characters were also a very nice addition, from Arabelle s eccentric adventurer dad to Phillip s amazing family, as well as the characters in Room 40 the admiral is amazing And I love this extremely intelligent awesome female code worker Margot , everyone felt very real and I kinda wanted to be there There was lots of banter and humor to compensate the seriousness, and I just couldn t help but fall in love with this book I LOVED LOVED LOVED every second and I kinda wish it was 800 pages I ve been given a free e arc in exchange for my honest opinion Thank you so much, Netgalley and Bethany House Publishers, for giving me the chance to read this pearl

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    A great continuation to the series with a great Christian element and a few hilarious parts I can t wait, from one book to the next, to see what Roseanna M White will be sharing next I knew, almost as soon as I d finished Margot s story, that Camden would be up next He was quite the surly character in the last book, and knowing the magic White can work to characters, I couldn t wait to see what she d do here As I expected, she did a marvelous job I don t want to spoil the story, but I loved the theme of forgiveness and learning to release to Jesus that wove through this book It s such a needed reminder so often, we can get stuck in our grief and guilt and forget that there is a Friend who wants to come alongside us and help us in our journey.Besides the faith element in this book which, admittedly, was my favorite there were some very, very funny elements I loved the scene where one of the main characters a very manly man walks into his sister s room which is quite a pink girly room , sits on her bed to talk to her, but Gingerly, lest some of the pink get stuck to him somehow My poor brothers They ve heard me quote that line at least three times this past week I also loved Arabelle s dad, who perches rather than sits I have a brother or two who love to do that, and can just imagine the trouble he got himself into as a result the scene with the map all over the floor was simply hilarious The history side didn t show up quite as much in this story as it did in others Still, the setting was there and on point, like all the other books in these two series Shadows Over England and The Codebreakers , so I still enjoyed that The romance, too, was just perfect I could have done without one part of a scene, perhaps, but I didn t have to gag over kissing scenes too much, so I was thankful for that In all, this was a delightful continuation of the series In some ways, with the Christian aspect and the humorous elements in a tale that could be rather difficult, it was one of my most favorites so far I m looking forward to the conclusion to the series and can t wait to see how that will be played out, as the two main characters in there were side characters here If you enjoy historical fiction with a side of romance, or adventure novels, you d probably like this series.I requested a free review copy of this book, and this is my honest opinion of it.

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    I have literally waited for this book since before I was finished with The Number of Love Camden had me totally from what glimpses I had of him there.Once again, Roseanna has crafted a fascinating and well woven tale during the WWI era Loved it One thing I especially liked was all of the connections with characters from Ladies of the Manor and Shadows Over England series Every time one of those characters popped up, I just grinned I loved following the transformation of Camden and equally loved Ara s struggles and journey I found their character development to be deep and just unpredictable enough to make me give a little nod as I realized what was going on in their lives It was very well done.My romance thoughts of this kind of ties into my spiritual comments I have said it often, but I do not care for books where a believer pursues a relationship with a nonbeliever Though in the books it always works out beautifully, technically the believer is disobeying God s command to not be unequally yoked Though I realize this is probably historically accurate, Ara had no spiritual qualms because she was die hard determined that Camden was on the verge of change And that just doesn t always happen in real life, so it s a dangerous example for Christian women That being said, the other spiritual threads in this book were so well done The gospel was clearly presented and Christian living was demonstrated not just a verse or two here or there, but it was the backbone of some of the characters That was beautiful.And back to the romance There was a little description than I prefer on kisses and such There was also a pretty steady thread of the life of a gentleman with several insinuating comments One of the side character s POV was a cabaret dancer, so that inevitably led to hints at the type of lifestyle she lived Given this angle, I d not really recommend it for conservative teen readers.Favorite quote Whatever He asks of us, whether it be a fortune or a pittance or our time or our devotion, we can be sure it will be painful Cutting out what stands between us and God always is But we can also trust that in the giving, we ll gain something far precious I received this book from the publishers and happily provided my honest review