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Pretty Daring Ophelia Is Tired Of Being Treated Like A Spoiled, Little Rich Girl She Wants To Be Seen As A Woman But She Never Expects To Collide With Her Housekeeper S Son On The Day He S Released From Prison After Seven Years Behind Bars, Ezra Can T Control Himself Around Such A Sweet, Young Thing Like Ophelia She S Claiming To Be His Mother S Neighbor And He Senses She S Lying But He Ll Have To Worry About The Details Later After She S Been Claimed.

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    This was the last of the Rags to Riches series I enjoyed it but not as much as some of the others All five of the books are quick, sexy and low angst reads I highly recommend these stories if you are looking for a light read that has extra sizzle to it

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    This was my favourite of the series, Jessa Kane totally stole the show with the addition to the series Ophelia is the daughter of a rich man but it sick of the way the world views her, but all that changes when she rushes to help her housekeeper who has left her medication at home She meets her son Ezra, he rough and dark but she wants him in a way that scares her and she has never felt before But how can they be together she knows her father will never accept him but can she really turn her back on such a man Ezra cannot believe his eyes when Ophelia walks into his mother s apartment, instantly he knows that she is his to claim but she vanishes as quickly as she appeared not that will stop Ezra from finding her and when he does he wastes no time on showing her and everyone else how much she belongs to him As of now she has been claimed, all he has to do is show her father how much she means to him Will Ezra finally get the girl of his dreams and the life that sh...

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    This one was steamy and hawt. Ophelia has been feeling some pressure she s already been blackmailed by her fathers business partner to make her do stuff for him. and she feels tiny bit lost So when she meets Growly Rough Ezra who just got out of jail she had some butterflies floating around already feel a pull towards the alpha male And they don t waste time but once the deed is done she runs Knowing no ex con would want a spoiled rich girl even if she doesn t act like one she didn t think Ezra would see her again. and boy being fucked and your father walks in. QND HE DOESN T STOP OMG HE HAS SOME BALLS He didnt do this one time on no he did this twice. even took his girl infront of the creepy business partner who tried to blackmail her. like dang it was hawt. No ow drama slight om drama creepy pig , dramaish, slight secondary charas, sexy times, virgin gal and celebite guy he was locked up Recommend yes maybeCover Instalove l...

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    So dirty So hot Exhibitionism is so not my thing, but it was hot as heck to read how nothing could stand in the way of Ezra and Ophelia getting at each other not even her father Lordy, it was so hot, so wrong, and the over the top sce...

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    Of all the Rags to Riches releases, I think Jessa Kane s knocked the other stories out of the park for me This book has everything you could possible need Virgin Heroine Dirty Talking Alpha Male A little drama on the side to drive our hero over the e...

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    If you want sweet, OTT instalove with a total positive alpha male then Jessa Kane is the author for you Ophelia is 18 years old, she drives a Bugatti, and will be attending Princeton in the fall Her mother is living in Prague indefinitely, and her father practically lives at his office Her maid, Leeza has left her heart medicine at home so Ophelia goes to her apartment in Queens to get it for her She s not expecting to see the gorgeous, huge man who looks like the god of thunder sitting in Leeza s living room Ezra has just been released from prison after serving seven years for arson He s surprised by the barely legal chick who walks into his mom s apartment wearing a tiny pink bikini with a sheer cover up Ophelia has a secret that she...

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    Holy Hotness Jesse Kane doesn t mess around From the first page I was drawn into Ophelia and Ezra s story When they came together it was fireworks The love and obsession they have for each other was off the charts This series is a definite must read

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    Favorite Jess s Kane book Ophelia and Ezra are by far my most favorite Jess s Kane couple ever I love the hot scene in the very beginning and how possessive he immediately is without even knowing her name It s like soul meets soul Short and oh so very hot

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    Short, hot, dirty, sweet read, absolutely loved it

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    Very sweetI absolutely loved reading this one.A terrific cheesy romance with some hot hot hot scenes.I will definitely be reading by this author.

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