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Fall Rotten Fall Rotten Download Author Eric Serrell Petrasrobert.eu A Vault Full Of French Fascist Gold Just Waits To Be Taken It S The Early Days Of 1940 And Paris Has Settled Into The New Normal A War Where No One S Bothered To Show Up As Uncertainty Permeates The Darkened City Of Light, A Secretive Organization Works To Concentrate The Wealth And Power Of France With A Select Few For Them, Hitler Is An Ally.For Les Boots, Things Could Not Be In Their Favor After A Decade Of Breaking Hearts And Getting By, The Sexy And Sophisticated Trio Of Con Artists Decide It S Time For Something Completely Different How Hard, After All, Could Heisting A Vault Be With The Help Of An English Boy S Gift For Forgery, A German Jesuit With A Knack For Truck Engines And Hopscotch, And A Danish Soloist Who Keeps Her Fingers Loose By Busting Strongboxes, Le Boot Hill Gang Mount Up And Take On Le Beau Monde Of Paris.They Re Sure They Can Deal With The Dogged Investigator, The Murderous Terrorist, And The Nasty Rival Gang They Think They Can Even Manage When The Neighbors To The East Finally Get Around To Invading.But None Of Them Counted On The Relentless Pursuit Of A Spoiled Society Girl, Out To Get Whatever Or Whomever She Wants.

About the Author: Eric Serrell

Fall Rotten, is an homage to his favorites the fast talking, sharp witted screwball comedies of the 1930s A native born Foreign Service brat, former immunobiologist and software engineer, Eric now spends his days putting visions into words, traveling with his autistic son on The World Disney Tour as opposed to the Disney World tour, which is much limited , obsessively jumping rope, and trying to perfect the Brazilian p ozinho, the little French breads of his childhood.

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    Entertaining heist novel with a healthy dash of comedy and black humor mixed in to spice things up Recommended

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    I m torn over how many stars to rate this book It s better than 4, but it s not really a 5 But being the first to review, I m giving it a 5 for now as a recommendation to others to read this book It s not life altering literature, but it is purely entertaining A fun, lighthearted airport read that was well worth my time.Read faster than I expected and caused me to laugh out loud on a number of occasions Sorry, guy in sweater with the beard sitting next to me on that one flight This was a pre release paperback given to me by a friend who somehow manages to get all of these advance copies She suggested I read it and I m glad I did.The dialogue is fast, furious, funny and the ending makes me hopeful that the author may continue with these characters, because I loved them all.One ...

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    A definitely want to read book Has all the markings of The Italian Job, just in the 1940s I strive for books like this one Adventure, peril, uncertainty, and people trying to right injustice.Crossing my fingers and toes for this book

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    Editorial Reviews 1 2 an often hilarious, fun, witty, screwball comedy heist adventure IndieReader A thoroughly fun, subversively modern twist on the screwball comedies of the time CPH Review

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