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  • Kindle Edition
  • 263 pages
  • Hes a Brute (Tough Love, #1)
  • Chloe Liese
  • English
  • 10 November 2017

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    One overbearing hero and one feisty heroine makes for one incredibly hot story With her debut book, Chloe Liese has quickly put herself on my must read list Zed was an insanely hot Italian American playboy soccer player who possessed hidden depths Chapter by chapter, the many layers that made up his personality became clear He was intense, loyal, considerate, intelligent, compassionate, moral, and incredibly sexy He carried the weight of the world on his shoulders and pain was just another moment to live in He lived by a set of rules and his relationships had to follow them So why is he so wildly attracted to a woman who was so different She didn t bow, submit or surrender Her fiery temper matched her red hair and he couldn t get enough She pushed, he pulled, and together they made magic I LOVED Zed Nairne was a passionate Scottish lass with extraordinary acuity Honestly, her brain was fascinating Despite her disability, she was larger than life and I admired the heck out of her A dark past gave her the reason to reinforce her walls Never again would she be at the mercy of a man And most definitely not the cocky, arrogant, ridiculously attractive man who was Zed No matter how irresistible he is or how enticing his offer may be Nope Not doing it But she could only hold out for so long Pretty soon, she too sees the stunning and fascinating man we ve come to know And then it s beautiful chaos Mafia trouble was men...

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    I enjoyed this one, but I didn t love it First, it is basically 50 Shades of Grey including the older woman mentor who taught him all about sexyay and with mafia, sports, and a intelligent and disabled heroine Which was fine, there are a lot of books fashioned after that series Some of them are even better than 50 Shades not a hard feat, I know And this wasn t a bad book by any means I quite liked both Zed and Nairne and it had some great secondary characters I wa...

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    So, this book was HOT Not only was it HOT it also was a debut novel which blows my mind.Upfront, this book reminded me a bit of all the books that came after 50 Shades Hot, almost too hot to read in public I experienced it firsthand and can vouch for it Kinky with a power exchange dynamic of dominant submissive relationship like in 50 Shades Also the alpha hero had a filthy mouth just putting it out there, I loved it but some might not.But what I adored the most about this book was the writing even if it took me a chapter to get comfortable with the author s style, the writing was right up my alley Smart, with fast and witty dialogues Equally great banter between the couple and friends And especially the heroine s sass and spitfire personality was like catnip for me.I devoured every page.The biggest surprise was this huge twist that blew my mind It came out of nowhere and changed the entire dynamic of the book and subsequently my expectations That was just one feature that made this story an exceptional debut Even though this storyline has definitely been done before, I loved that it was done differently.The heroine was incredibly analytical, precise, dry hud, book smart, and a spitfire She was strong and confident and had no trouble with pushing the hero s buttons.He was your typical alpha male, overbearing at times, a bit of an e...

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    Originally posted at Booklovers For Life3.5 STARSI ve been making it a goal to read debut authors in 2019, and I m so happy that I can include Chloe Liese to my list I wanted to read this book because 1 I LOVED the cover and 2 the blurb sounded so intriguing Mafia, sports, AND science I was definitely game I ended up really enjoying Nairne and Zed s story if you re looking for something a little different in your contemporary romances, you should give this a try Former professional soccer player and current bioengineer Nairne MacGregor is set on saving the world with science She s in the US for school and work, but in a few months, she ll be back home to Europe Which means she has no time to meet anyone, much less fall in love But all that changes when she meets the boss at her new job Zed Salvatore is confident, assertive, and has too much swagger for his own good He s an alpha through and through, and he s never met anyone who can hold their own against him until Nairne I don t want to break her I want to possess her. There s a serious chemical attraction between Zed and Nairne from the moment they meet at a board meeting Zed wants to explore what they have while Nairne is reluctant But once they do start exploring, boy do th...

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    eARC generously provided by the author in exchange for honest review 2.5 I saw this book posted by other bookstagrammer and it peeked my interest when I saw the word STEAMY, so when author contacted me for reviewing this book I was all up to it But I must admit I haven t read the synopsis because that s what I always do to avoid spoilers So the reason why I didn t like this book so much is 1 dominant submissive sexual relationship That s just something that I don t like and actually avoid 2 mafia suspense aspect Another turn off for me 3 I haven t felt the connection or chemistry between main characters And maybe I blame that on dom sub relationship but there wasn t any sparks even though its graphic I liked Zed and Nairne as individuals Even though I m not a fan of Alfa males I must admit that Zed was very attentive, good person, loyal And Nairne is a feisty and smart one There weren t...

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    I enjoyed this debut so much Zed and Nairne both pack the punch with this lust at first sight story What do you get when you mix one bad boy soccer stud with a sassy, sexy bioengineer with a fiery temper One hot test of wills, and the se...

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    2 5 star Disability was isolating And some days you just couldn t shake yourself out of that feeling that shit was hard, and you were on your own with it This was a fifty shades of grey esk romance, filled with similar themes and plot devices Zed meets Narine through work, the two butt heads, attraction ensues Zed wants a specific type of relationship with Narine, battle of the wills ensued Basically, it was a lot of little battles ensuing between the characters, so make sure you enjoy characters arguing before you pick this one up In this book, the hero, Zed, seemed to be a mashup of all the popular troupes in romance like the author couldn t decide on just one He was a soccer playing and athlete level, not just a fan of sports mafia boss, who also worked as a corporation business charity head and organiser With a control kink on the side I mean seriously Too much, there was just too much going on He was unrealistic to the max, and not in an enjoyable way He came off as an impossible combination of soft and gentle, and a man with some anger issues He frequently lost his cool w...

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    I enjoyed this story, it was definitely than I expected to read and I definitely appreciated some aspects and twists I didn t see coming However, there were some things that didn t make sense to me and I had some issues I don t know if it s because it s been a while since I read an alpha hero or a BDSM kind of book Although, I don t think this was my main problem I really liked the characters as individuals, but together I didn t feel much of a chemistry or a connection, so maybe that s that I did like how smart...

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    3 3,5

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    Someone grab some water quick because my Kindle is on fire Holy hot sauce that book was so spicy I loved it and couldn t get enough No for real I was up till 6 am reading Right away, the chemistry between these two characters was sizzling off the page This gave me major Fifty Shades vibes and I m all for it Pretty sure, I enjoyed these characters than Christian and Anastasia Nairne was such a firecracker and I loved her I liked that she stood up for herself She was inspiring And then Zed was sexy as hell Hot dang I m all here for his macho mafia, soccer player hotness I never wanted this book to end And it s one I probably shouldn t have been reading in public because it is steamy but soooooo delightful I can t wait for book 2 Especially after the twist at the end If you re not afraid of a littl...

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Hes a Brute (Tough Love, #1) He S A Brute Is LIVE Listen As You Go With This SpotifyPlaylist One Dark And Handsome Control Freak Sports Star Meets One Smarty Pants Bioengineer With Hair To Match Her Fiery Temper It S An Experiment Straight Out Of Sexual Thermodynamics Every Good Scientist Knows The Second Law Of Thermodynamics The Universe S Disorder, Entropy, Is Always Increasing Professionally And Personally Speaking, Nairne S Familiar With The Principle After A Streak Of Costly Fame, Now She S Set On Saving The World, Microscope In Hand, And There S No Time For Romance Problem Is, When A Rude, Despicably Sexy Adonis Shows Up To Run Their Board Meeting, Chemistry And Its Ensuing Chaos Become Than A Formula Now They Re A Burning Hot Reality.Mafia Prince Professional Footballer Bad Boy Demeanor And A Reputation For Being As Talented Between The Sheets As He Is On The Pitch Rumors Are The Man S An Absolute Brute And He Turns Out To Be Just As Demanding, Controlling And Vicious In Person As He Is On Paper The Law Of Attraction S Proven True, As Nairne Finds Herself Accepting Zed S Proposal Rough, Wild Stress Release, Orgasms Than She Can Count, And Most Importantly No Falling In Love.Agreement In Place End Date Secured.No Attachments No Forever.What Could Possibly Go Wrong Book One In The Tough Love Series An Enemies To Lovers, Suspenseful Romance, Full Of Sexy Italians, Bedroom Negotiations, Feisty Heroines, And An Ending That Ll Both Satisfy You And Leave You Ready For CONTAINS SEXUAL CONTENT EXPLICIT LANGUAGE 18