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Manipulate (Deliver Book 6) Tula Gomez Is In The Most Ruthless Prison In Latin America.She Only Drove To Mexico To Help Her Sister She Did Nothing Wrong.But Her Quiet Life Changed In An Instant.To Survive The Violent, Cartel Controlled Prison Where Men Blend With Women, She Pledges Her Loyalty To The Notorious Leader In Exchange For The One Thing She Needs Most.Protection.When She Agrees To Seduce The Suspicious New Inmates, Martin Lockwood And Ricky Saldivar, She Doesn T Expect To Enjoy It Sure, They Re Gorgeous, Irresistibly Alpha, And Insanely Talented With Their Hands And Mouths But They Re The Enemy She Can T Fall For Them.Torn Between Her Cartel Loyalties And Two Men Who Want Her As Deeply As They Want Each Other, She Questions Who Is Manipulating Whom Her Search For Answers Leads To A Passionate M Nage, A Soul Crushing Secret, And An Impossible Choice.BOOK 6 In The DELIVER Series DELIVER Series HEAs With No Cliffhangers Must Be Read In Order Deliver 1 Vanquish 2 Disclaim 3 Devastate 4 Take 5 Manipulate 6 Unshackle 7 Dominate 8 Complicate 9

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    4 stars Three hearts without walls fused into a single soul without bars Lost and found Locked up and freed Together, they became an unbroken forever I almost never read dark romance books any, but when I do, they re Pam Godwin books I love this woman s writing and I m so invested in these characters and their stories I have been anticipating Ricky and Martin s book for so long, and it didn t disappoint It may have been the most intense, dark, and erotic of the bunch Tula Gomez is a Spanish teacher from Arizona She lives a quiet life, but her sister in Mexico not so much When she gets a call that her sister needs her, she goes The last thing she expects is to be locked up in a Mexican prison and sentenced to 5 years She doesn t know how she will survive this, but she s resourceful She finds a way When the cartel leader in lock up with her befriends her, she d be stupid to turn away at his protection Martin and Ricky show up to the prison a few years after Tula s been there No one in Area 3 of their cell block knows what to make of these Americans but it s Tula s job to find out She never expects to fall for one of them, let alone both These three find out each ot...

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    Ever since reading the previous book Take, I have been on pins and needles to read Ricky and Martin s story I have to be honest though, I was a tad bit disappointed when I found out that there was gonna be a lady between these two hot men Everyone knows how much I love my MM books No worries though. I still got mine P

    Thankfully, my disappointment didn t last too long, since Talu was a pretty amazing heroine I love how strong she was and believe me she needed to be This is a pretty dark series and this book is no exception Right from the start, Tula is subjected to the most horrible of crimesby those who are supposed to protect

    In a flash, she went from being a law abiding English teacher to being an inmate in one of Mexico s most dreaded prisonsand all in the name of sisterly love.

    In order to survive, she is forced to say goodbye to her former self and become cold and vacant.

    To survive, she needed to become like them

    She makes a move that saves her lifebut it also forces her to become part of the La Rocha Cartel the one her mother always warned her to stay away from Being a teeny tiny woman in a prison full of horny dangerous menshe doesn t have much of a choice though So she says goo...

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    5 STARS They owned her No matter what happened, she would always be theirs. Devastatingly gritty, emotionally gripping, and stunningly dark, Manipulate was everything I ve come to expect from the brilliant mind of Pam Godwin and SO MUCH MORE This was an edge of your seat and keep you up well into the night sort of read Three hearts without walls fused into a single soul without bars Lost and found Locked up and freed Together. I ve been waiting for Martin and Ricky s book for what feels like forever And man, was their book worth the wait It was even better than my expectations And that NEVER happens The book starts with the introduction of the heroine, a woman that we haven t met yet in the series Her story is full of twists and turns, and devastating experiences that mold her into the woman that she is today someone locked up in one of the most violent prisons and completely on her own.Martin and Ricky get put into the prison in order to gather information on a brutal cartel boss that runs one of the worst human trafficking and slave rings The stunning beauty is not someone they saw coming ...

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    Genre Dark Erotic RomanceType Standalone book 6 of 9 from Deliver seriesPOV Third PersonRating Tula Gomez thought her trip was going to be just another routine visit to her sister in Mexico But her luck ran out and she ended up all alone in a notorious prison full of violent criminals She did whatever it took to survive, until new inmates Ricky Saldivar and Martin Lockwood shook up her foundation and risked crumbling her future Right from the beginning, this book set the tone for the rest of the story dark, depraved, and violent I was able to immerse myself in the oppressive ambiance by the characters experiences The cost of having feelings for Martin had left him needy and destitute He had no romantic relationships, no interest in finding someone else His heart wanted Martin or no one at all. I loved how Tula was such a tough character for having to go through those nightmares Ricky was sexy and amusing but my heart went to Martin because I m drawn to characters with a certain past Tula and Martin were well developed but I wanted to know about Ricky s past The sex scenes were hot and intense especially the ones that were on the verge of brutality I enjoyed the overall storyline However, a certain character s turning point seemed too easy I would have preferred angst accom...

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    He wasn t prepared Manipulate is the sixth book in the Deliver Series and once again Pam Godwin has delivered a deliciously dark and sultry contemporary erotic romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire read Martin and Ricky have gone deep undercover into Jaulaso the most violent prison in Mexico Their mission is to uncover information about the infamous Cartel Boss Hector La Rocha They were not prepared to meet a woman who would change everything and make them whole Tula Gomez is an innocent woman who is simply fighting to survive When she is tasked with getting to know Martin and Ricky, an unbreakable bond is formed and the three will never be the same again The moment we kissed you, you became ours Our girl Told in third person POV, Manipulate is smoking hot with complex characters and a complex plot The relationship between the three was intense as they were forced to survive deplorable conditions Tula was quite spirit...

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    4.5 Stars ARC provided by author Tula Gomez is enjoying her normal, quiet life in Arizona when she gets a call from her sister needing help Worried she s in trouble, she drives to check on her in Mexico That s when her entire life is forever changed She s now trying to survive in the most ruthless, dangerous prison in Latin America Terrified and stuck in a world of violence, fear, and uncertainty, she s forced to give her loyalty to the most brutal drug cartel in Mexico in exchange for her protection Manipulated into a life of crime, she was in too deep She d hardened and learned to keep to herself with no attachments Then two new inmates show up named Martin Lockwood and Ricky Saldivar They are suspicious, and she agrees to seduce them to gain information These new arrivals are the sexiest men she s ever seen, and soon she can t help fantasizing about them.As Tula spends time with Martin and Ricky she becomes desperate for them The desire between the three of them runs deep as they make her feel again Their hunger is like a waking volcano, and eventually they begin a delicious menage where they become addicted to their time together Their insatiable as they worship one another and indulge in sinful pleasure Their connection is effortless, and she can t explain it, but she trusts them Soon she s confused and torn as she becomes and attached to these two beautiful, m...

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    4.25 StarsPetula Tula Gomez is a schoolteacher who led a quiet life until she is thrust into Jaulaso, the toughest prison in Mexico Fighting for her freedom and life, each day is about survival and making the right alliances With years left on her sentence, Tula finds a distraction but it complicates her choices To survive, she needed to become like them Wrapping herself in coldness, she erected shields, closed mental doors, and formed layers of impenetrable resilience As Freedom Fighters, Ricky Saldivar and Martin Lockwood share a commonality and have a close friendship Though Ricky hasn t hidden his feelings, Martin is a closed book when it comes to his past and moving forward Focused on bringing down the La Rocha cartel, Martin and Ricky begin their current mission I promise you don t want my brand of hurt From the outset, the subject matter and tone is dark, gritty and gripping As the storyline develops, Tula faces a constant battle of knowing who she can trust and how to protect herself For Martin and Ricky, they are continually faced with danger but hope Tula will be the weak link they need As lines are crossed, loyalties are questioned cau...

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    I will not cry.I will not show weakness.I will bear this, bury it, and survive After being framed for drug smuggling, Tula Gomez was forced to accept her predicament Being incarcerated in one of the worst prisons in Mexico has made her fierce and vigilant at all times In two years time, she became one of the most trusted members of the La Rocha Cartel Freedom Fighters Ricky and Martin was assigned to infiltrate the La Rocha Cartel who are allegedly into sex human trafficking Their arranged imprisonment raised suspicion among the members of the cartel That s why Hector, head of the cartel, asked Tula to charm the Americans to get intel on what s the real reason behind their imprisonment Will Tula succeed in knowing it Manipulate is completely engrossing and intense that will evoke a spine tingling emotion when you meet these characters Everyone has an agenda to outdo one another, the question is who will manipulate who So brace yourself for this is going to be one dark, twisted, and hot AF but enjoyable read Tula, Ricky, and Martin are flawed by different circumstances but they find each other and the love they all deserved.If you wish to give this series a try, read the first book first That has a background you ll need to enjoy the series and also reading them in order for...

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    5 We have nothing but time starsIf you know me, you already know that the perspective of a MMF book has me so excited I could scream in the middle of the street AND if you add the fact it is written by one of my favourite writer, then you have one very happy woman right here Manipulate is the 6th book in the Deliver series and it shouldn t be read as a standalone They are too many connections with previous books to enjoy it completely The main story continues with every book and to be fully immerse in this dangerous and dark world you should start from the beginning.In here, you have Martin Ricky or Ricky Martin as you probably would end up calling them who became the closest of friends after what happened to them seven years ago Both of them are still trying to process what they ve been through while being on a mission to annihilate the enemies they have Both men have feelings for each other but while Martin is reluctant, Ricky is ready for .Then there s also Petula whose life changed completely when she tried to help her sister Instead, she found herself beaten and let in a cell with a 5 years sentence for something she never did.Manipulate is like Pam s other books a dark read She plunged us in a world where only the strong ones survived I was at the edge of my seat trying to catch my next breath with each page I turned Pam doesn t spare any of us with the cruelty in some actions.The only light you ll have is between our three MC As I said at the beg...

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    The first book is FREE DELIVER 1 FREE 2 3 4 5 6 image image image image

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