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    Katee Robert was always one of my go to authors when I wanted a sharp, sexy read and whilst we ve had a bit of a break in recent years, Make Me Yours reminded me just why her writing worked so well for me when I picked up my first book by her back in 2012 Funny story Remember when the condom broke Wasting no time in getting up close and personal, Becka and Aaron bring a little bit of everything to the table as they navigate their way through coming to terms with the little surprise their one night of passion left them For Becka prickly, fiercely independent and carrying a bit of baggage it s fight or flight, but with his level head, patience and just the right smattering of alpha, for Aaron it s game on in showing her he s here for the long haul I ll be there every step of the way Never doubt that There s plenty of swooning to be had courtesy of Aaron and although B...

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    Let me tell you, the beginning where Aaron and Becka meet at her sisters wedding was so electrically charged, I got really excited to read their story I find it kind of rare for a book to really grab me right at the start like that I can also say that it stayed pretty strong throughout the book I love it when I can feel how a couple just want each other.In my eyes, Aaron was pretty perfect He s got an alpha personality but also a bit of nerdiness in him He s very analytical and a planner I just seem to love that combination in a man He was also all in from the start Becka was a much harder character for me She has a lot of personal baggage that made her confrontational with Aaron when he just wanted to take care of her It s a good and bad thing I wanted her to let him take care of her but I also got to see how much Aaron wanted it because of that resistance.For such a shorter book, this had a lot of great material and I really enjoyed their book I...

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    4 You re stuck with me Stars The third book in Katee Robert s Make Me series gives us the ONS Unplanned Pregnancy trope I really enjoyed Becka and Aaron s unplanned pregnancy and the results of their forced proximity because of it It s only one night WRONG and being knocked up by a guy that she knows next to nothing about apart from the fact his is all alpha, and pretty sensational in the sack, brings all of Becka s less likeable personality traits rushing to the fore Independent to the nth degree, and still battling with her childhood mommy and daddy issues, this is a woman that pushes back at any perceived offer of assistance or support, judging everything with suspicion and looking for the hidden motive You re not alone You re not facing this by yourself I ll be there every step of the way Never doubt that So Aaron has than his work cut out for him, trying to keep his actions and words in check while they navigate the uncharted waters of pregnancy, all the while very aware that like an unbroken horse, the merest hint of anything that challenges Becka s mind set of ignore it until I have to deal with it is likely to send her running Sometimes you have to be the one to take the lead and fight for what you want. As I am sure you can deduce, I didn t 100% warm to Becka, ...

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    Gah Katee Robert s books are like complete crack to me and I never get tired of the chemistry and connection between her characters Aaron and Becca were absolutely delicious and sexy and the crackling heat between them was fire There is nothing that I love in this world than unexpected baby stories I thought this story was sexy, honest and just delightful Aaron was absolutely perfect as he realized how important Becca and their baby were to him But watching hi...

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    I tried but the heroine came off as cynical and negative not very endearing at all Plus I didn t read books 1 and 2 and names kept popping up and I was not in the know about who they were.

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    Make Me Yours is a hot and steamy read I loved it I think it s my fave book of the series I thoroughly enjoyed this quick read and hope that there will be another book in the series, namely Cameron s I definitely recommend it.Copy provided by publisher through Net Galley

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    Make Me Yours is a quick read delving into the idea that fate provides even if you don t realise it is exactly what you need.Sparks fly between Becka and Aaron from the start neither looking for a relationship or so they have convinced themselves But when fate intervenes to reunite the pair with an additional surprise package, Aaron is determined to make the most of the opportunity he has been given.Becka is fiercely independent and quite negative in her attitude while some parts are understandable she can be her own worst enemy Aaron certainly has a battle on his hands as he attempts to convince Becka to give him and them a chance A campaign Aaron undertakes with charm, consideration, and patience all with a little bit of alpha thrown into the mix.Watching Becka s barriers lowe...

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    Make Me Yours by Katee Robert is book Three in the Make Me series This is the story of Aaron Livingston and Becka Baudin I haven t yet read the previous books, so for me this was a standalone book Becka doesn t believe in love and romance but does believe she wants Aaron for one hot night after they meet Aaron wants Becka from the start and she never left his mind after she left him the morning after their hot encounter When she contacts him a few month...

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    4 stars

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    We first meet Becka Baudin at the reception following her sister Leah s wedding It quickly becomes apparent that Becka has an extremely cynical view on romance, love, life, and particularly marriage It s during this reception that she runs into HIM the very sexy, pulse poundingly hot Aaron Livingston She is immediately attracted to Aaron, and instantly decides she wants a one night stand with him I actually found this reversal of the usual trope man meets woman, instant lust, wants to go home with her quite refreshing Becka is not one for small talk, and is comfortable enough with her sexuality to know she s going to go home with Aaron, screw his brains out, and never see him again Aaron is actually the reluctant one, who doesn t normally do things like this, and who makes their sexual encounter than the quickie she d been looking for.After that night, Becka never intended to see Aaron again, no matter how unexpected and fantastic their night together actually was At least, that was the plan Until the condom b...

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Make Me Yours (Make Me, #3) A One Night Stand Leads To Something Very Unexpected In This Sizzling Hot Dare Story By USA TODAY And New York Times Bestselling Author Katee Robert I Didn T Get To Be CEO Of A New York Tech Company By Chasing Whims Or Women But When Wildly Beautiful, Fiercely Independent Fitness Instructor Becka Baudin Caught My Eye Across A Crowded Wedding Reception, My Body Reacted With A Will Of Its Own.She Wanted A Sexy Distraction One Night Of Lust In A Glamorous Hotel And I Was Happy To Oblige Then, After The Most Amazing Night Of My Life, She Walked Away Leaving Me Wanting So Much I Haven T Been Myself Since That Night My Work Is Suffering My Social Life Is Nowhere All I Think About, All I Dream About, Is Her.Three Months Later, She Told Me A Baby My Baby I Insisted She Move Into My Manhattan Penthouse Now I See Her Every Day I Crave Her Every Second I Long For Her Touch, Her Kiss, Her Body Moving Under Mine I Know If I Try To Cage Her She Ll Fly Away How Can I Convince A Wild Thing To Stay In My Life, In My Heart, Forever

  • Kindle Edition
  • 158 pages
  • Make Me Yours (Make Me, #3)
  • Katee Robert
  • 27 December 2017

About the Author: Katee Robert

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Katee Robert learned to tell her stories at her grandpa s knee Her 2015 title, The Marriage Contract, was a RITA finalist, and RT Book Reviews named it a compulsively readable book with just the right amount of suspense and tension When not writing sexy contemporary and romantic suspense, she spends her time playing imaginary games with her child