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If It Makes You Happy High School Finally Behind Her, Winnie Is All Set To Attend College In The Fall But First She S Spending Her Summer Days Working At Her Granny S Diner And Begins Spending Her Midnights With Dallas The Boy She Loves To Hate And Hates That She Likes Winnie Lives In Misty Haven, A Small Town Where Secrets Are Impossible To Keep Like When Winnie Allegedly Snaps On Dr Skinner, Which Results In Everyone Feeling Compelled To Give Her Weight Loss Advice For Her Own Good Because They Care That S She S Too Fat Winnie Dreams Of Someday Inheriting The Diner But It Ll Go Away If They Can T Make Money, And Fast Winnie Has A Solution Win A Televised Cooking Competition And Make Bank But Granny Doesn T Want Her To Enter So Winnie Has To Find A Way Around Her Formidable Grandmother Can She Come Out On Top

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    3.5 stars Having adored LET S TALK ABOUT LOVE from the same author, I absolutely needed to read this book But now that I have, it s hard to believe that the two were written by the same person.For starters, this story is told from the first person POV, whereas Alice s story was in the third person That was a very good surprise, because Winnie s voice is so strong It was wonderful to be able to hear everything she was thinking directly I cannot imagine someone claiming Winnie is a one dimensional character, unless they have never met a real girl in their lives Because Winnie is REAL and BEAUTIFUL.At the same time, this was a much messier book than LET S TALK ABOUT LOVE I m not even technically talking about the story although that too isn t 100% clear I m talking about Winnie s thoughts They are all over the place Don t get me wrong, she s super interesting, relatable and a breath of fresh air, but boy does she love talking and thinking and living life day by day It feels as though the author did not create a plan before starting to write this Each chapter is like a series of thoughts than a series of scenes But I did enjoy reading about the relationships in this book a lot, e...

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    VICTORY SQUEAL I won a giveaway

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    A rom com with a fat queer black girl as the MC, GET IN MY HANDS N O W PLEASE

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    Buzzword A ThonThank you Swoon Reads Claire Kann for sending me this ARC This book just wasn t for me, which is a shame because I was super excited to read this From pretty much the first chapter I wasn t feeling it I didn t like Winnie the main character, she s just insufferable and I couldn t wait to be out of her life Kara her ungirlfriend which WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT was awful I didn t understand what Winnie Kara s relationship was suppose to be, they seemed like best friends but at one point they are described as having a QueerPlatonic relationship but isn t just friendship I literally have no clue and trying to figure it out pulled me out of the story The only people in the book I did like were Dallas the male love interest, who was precious but I didn t want him with Winnie I also really liked Winnie s...

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    It can t be that bad If it makes you happy Then why the hell are you so sad I had to It s been stuck in my head all day since I added it to my TBR

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    It s about a queer Black fat girl in a committed queerplatonic relationship and falling in romantic love with someone else for the first time.

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    Wow this was super cathartic to read with all of the ways that Winnie displays the frustration of how the world treats you when you re fat holy guacamole

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    I was super psyched about this book because I absolutely LOVED Let s Talk About Love I was super psyched over the cover which is all kinds of BlackGirlMagic feels A fat Black girl with a huge smile, braids and a look that has zero fucks to give in regards to how other people want to define her Honey, I m here for it To be honest, this book felt disjointed to me Winnie, the heroine, was all over the place Despite the title, it seemed that she spent a great deal of the book making other people happy at her own expense The few moments she stepped out of that role, it seemed someone always pushed her back into it She seemed to explain herself way too much for things I didn t think she needed to While she accepted her fatness and, in an epic takedown of a concern trolling doctor, she also allowed herself to end up jogging with her cousin because of guilt in not having a thing the two of them do together It felt like two Winnies at odds with each other, which could have worked but didn t I will say that Kann is brilliant at showcasing Black families in a relatable and positive way Winnie s family is like a lot of Black families the media never chooses to cover smart, loving, close knit I loved how her parents playfully blamed Winnie s penchant for speaking her mind on th...

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    eeeep the author of a favorite book of mine where all kinds of representation is done superbly is writing another book

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    ARC kindly provided by Pan Macmillan Australia in exchange for an honest review. y all this is the first physical arc i ve ever been sent ahhhhhhh let s go