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Beauty and the Beast Girl A Sweet Yuri Manga About A Lonely Monster And The Girl She Loves A Lonely Monster, Living In Seclusion In The Forest, Wishes She Could Live Amidst Humans Despite Her Frightening Appearance Everything Changes When She Starts Getting A Visitor A Blind Human Girl Who S Fascinated With Her Mysterious Forest Friend As The Monster And The Girl Grow Attached In Their Secluded World, Their Love Proves That Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder.

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    Mini RTC 3

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    That was very cute and exciting I m completely in love with this story A lonely monster girl meets a human in the woods She fears being attacked, but discovers that the human girl is blind.In her solitude she lowers her guard and befriends her A friendship based on lies, for she does not tell what she really is and say stories of books she had read to the girl who thinks she is a traveler.The human girl, Lily, gives the monster girl a name, Heath In time Heath comes to fall in love with Lily and after learning that Lily s blindness may have been because of something she had done in the past she decides to tell the truth about her identity and her feelings.The story is pretty cute and seeing these two girls so unique and solitary opening to each other is charming.Also, the quality in the kisses between these two

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    lonely monster girl meets lonely blind girl and they fall in love 3The art is so lovely, the story focuses on daily life and the relationship between two girls, it s very calm and peaceful and cute They start on a bit of a lie but things resolve quicky and it s pure goodness later.I highly recommend I think it s still ongoing so I m going to mark here that I ve read chs 1 20 so far.

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    4 5 Was it the best manga ever No Was it a cool and cute concept Yeah Blind girl and mythological creature falls in love Awesome It was really cute and short I think the concept would ve been great if it was then one volume.

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    This is absolutely adorable and heartwarming, and if it s not on your yuri radar yet, it should be.Full Review Eventually Appearing on ANN.

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    Beautiful The thought of a blind girl falling in love is just sweet, then for the person to be a monster I do love how Heath is remorseful, not just a cold blooded monster It s a beautiful story, I highly suggest

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    This manga you could say is a bit like a beauty and the beast retelling without the curse Its beautiful and heartfelt also made me cry This has to be my favorite yuri lesbian manga I have read so far I m really glad that it isn t the type of yuri comic that keeps sexualizing every single interaction between the women, like the other ones I have read previously Quite a soft and cute romance.

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    Aww, this love story between a monster girl and a blind girl was super cute But even though there s plenty of cuteness and fluffy scenes, there are some serious bits too which were really good too Heath, the monster girl, is lonely and was bullied years earlier which caused her do something terrible Lily is a sweet blind human girl They befriend and then fall in love.I liked how both characters found joy in life after meeting each other and how they talked about their situation and learned something about themselves and the other one But the most I liked how the characters learned that even after mistakes or hardships in life, you deserve happiness too.There was also a really poignant scene where Lily talked about being disabled and pity.And it was so nice that people in Lily s household saw that Lily was happy and respected her choices even though they knew what had happened in the past It s full of fluff though and Heath and Lily are so darn cute throughout The art style is cute too, the characters look soft, even Heath I highly recommend reading this

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    I m conflicted on this one I want to like it because there s not much good yuri making its way to the US, but this just wasn t good on any level The romance was instalove and fairly shallow The characters didn t have much personality There s a huge obstacle to their relationship that s sort of handwaved away and forgiven without anyone really discussing the ramifications of it Also the human girl is blind and her name is Lily Blind Wtf is that She isn t magically healed in the end, and she does discuss the realities of being blind such as if she struggles with something, people treat her like a fragile child, but if she is capable of doing it on her own, they start saying she s not really disabled or it might not be that bad So that s something.Idk This story had a lot of potential and it just didn t live up to it.

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    This was recommended to me by a colleague The art is gorgeous and definitely the highlight of the book The plot is just so so Kind of a standard beauty and the beast story, but with two women instead of one man and one woman Heath is a monster that lives in seclusion in the woods She is lonely, but also fearful of humans since her last interaction with them left a village on fire Lily is human girl that runs into Heath in the woods She was blinded by a childhood accident and is seeking medical help for her eyes They are drawn together by Lily s acceptance and Heath s faith until Lily s family comes looking for her.

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