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    For an extra soppy story of broken people, bad behavior, terrible decisions, and beautiful destructiveness, this volume appears to deliver a traditional happy ending free of almost all of that, with a quick dimestore psychological explanation for our main antagonist s behavior justified by some quickly thrown together backstory, and a brush off of the side characters who are left to either wander off to be dirtballs elsewhere, or silently sigh on the inside while offering up typical beta male platitudes passed off as understanding and depth It seems a bit of a letdown, until you realize that the relationship crafted at the end is really an unhealthy one of co dependence bordering on a CG L dynamic and proof that, far from our broken character getting healed, she managed to instead drag her friend...

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    The art is cute, and we see the reason behind Hotaru s sad eyes It is a little over the top dramatic, but its an ok series The fan service is back in this one too I can t say I could really recomend it, but if you like yuri with lots of drama and fan service, and a overly simple plot, maybe

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    awe so cute after all that she just a scared girl in love with her best friend the classic shy girl gets hot and finally the basketball star notices her.

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