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Daughter of the Blood Librarian S Note Alternate Cover For This ISBN Can Be Found HereThe Dark Kingdom Is Preparing Itself For The Fulfillment Of An Ancient Prophecy The Arrival Of A New Queen, A Witch Who Will Wield Power Than Even The High Lord Of Hell Himself But This New Ruler Is Young, And Very Susceptible To Influence And Corruption Whoever Controls Her Controls The Darkness And Now, Three Sworn Enemies Begin A Ruthless Game Of Politics And Intrigue, Magic And Betrayal, And The Destiny Of An Entire World Is At Stake

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    My wife bought the first book in this series and for some reason read it The whole time she read it she complained how bad it was Then for some reason I read it and we finished the series The only explanation I can come up with is that magic is real, anne bishop is a witch and we fell under her spell Even now I fall into the black obsidian stone.

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    I think this book gave me brain herpes A good read, but horrible The characters are caricatures The world is nigh incomprehensible who includes a list of jewel ranks and titles broken down by gender , but not a freaking map especially when this place apparently uses interdimensional travel I wish I could feel sympathetic to the characters but they all remind me of a too perfect job interview my only flaw is that I love my work too much The plot is well paced, and makes good use of cliffhangers but there s just too much else wrong with it to make me want to read the next one.and who names their characters Saetan very obviously meant as an analogue to Satan, the devil, what have you and Daemon but doesn t bring along any of the associated mythology or world pieces Yes, supposedly Saetan rules in Hell, but Hell here is context free as there s no religion system here , and Saetan is rather depicted as a bumbling daddy figure who likes to give his daughter of the soul whatever she wants Sure, that s kind of Satanic, in a sense, but not quite the sense the author wants, I think.

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    For her virgin effort at novel crafting, Anne Bishop has laid down a strong piece of dark fantasy that is richly drawn, psychologically savage and dripping with THROB I am suffering severe mind boggle that this is really her first published work as this story has a high quality quotient and prose that displays real polish This first installment of the Black Jewel s Trilogy introduces us to dark, sexified fantasy world called The Three Realms which are known individually as Terreille, Hell and Kaeleer The Realms are not a place full of warm and fuzzies All power in The Realms is concentrated in those of the Blood that you can basically think of as witches and warlocks Each person born to the Blood is born to a particular color of jewel which determines their relative strength as well as their societal status The darker the jewel, the greater the strength The power structure is matriarchal, with Blood males serving servicing Blood femalesand this leads me right into the sex Sex is an essential aspect of how the Blood to gain and maintain political power and so is a critical part of the plot If you are squeamish about sexual content, you may want to fantasy elsewhere Though very little of the doing the nasty is explicit this is NOT erotica , sex and sexual politics pervades every aspect of the Three Realms, and it is not the pleasure pumping kind of sex It is dark, gritty and should only be practiced with a safety word It s absolutely essential to the plot and I thought the strong sense of the sensual without the need for explicit sex scenes was very well done Over time, the Blood has become corrupted and a scheming harpy of a witch bitch named Dorothea now holds the position of Queen Dorothea has systematically killed or destroyed all those who could challenge her power and has fostered an atmosphere of plotting and mistrust among the rest of the court which keeping all of the stronger Blood males in line by.well, you ll have to read for yourself But Dorothea and her brood are running scared because young Jaenelle has been born and has the power to become the most powerful member of the Blood Of course, she needs to survive long enough to come into her power.This is dark fantasy done well The writing is vividly descriptive and very evocative It oozes lush The characters that populate this tale are original and great a strong sense of connection with the plot I especially liked two of the stronger Blood males 1 Saetan Daemon SaDiablo, the High Lord of Hell, High Priest of the Hourglass and Warlord Prince of Dhemlan and 2 Daemon Sadi aka the Sadist SaDiablo Both of these characters just engulf the page when they are present and loom over every scene they are in The title character, Jaenelle, is also terrifically drawn, but the reader is not allowed inside her head as a POV character so the connection is not as immediate In addition to the characters, I thought the magic system was very interesting and quite unique I do hope that the rules, scopes and limits of the magic are explored in detail in future novels as I am interested to learn What we get in the first one is quick flashes and teases that make you crave Finally, I thought the multi leveled plot was very well done It was both complex, yet understandable and so you never felt like you were getting lost in the various changes of direction Without going into detail, I do want to point out that there are significant portions of the story that can make you cringe e.g., scenes of systematic rape and torture for both male and female characters It is quite dark However, in the hands of a writer as gifted as Anne Bishop, it is amazing to read 4.0 stars HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Nominee Locus Award for Best First Novel.

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    This book is incredibly awful It s embarrassingly bad The characters with their ridiculous names and the world are poorly developed The author gives us variations of the same scenes again and again Daemon is a sexy threat, dear old dad Saetan is old and tenderhearted, Jaenelle is very powerful and young, everyone else is amazed and afraid and or 110% evil, full stop, no nuance The plot Languishes.I never had a sense of where different realms existed in relation to one another, for all of the babbling about webs and gates honestly, as far as I can tell, each realm is like a city, and they all sort of float around in space and some of them are in Hell, where everyone s undead and they only drink blood, not liquor, except sometimes when they get totally wasted, also a horse vampire Some people can use magic, and some people are better at it or born with power, but it s not really explained what the difference is, except that everyone we re concerned with is a able to use magic, b quite powerful or at least sort of special, and c totally sexy I mean, forget about any kind of description beyond gold eyes and long black nails, sounds SUPER sexy already right all you re going to get is how handsome and attractive and slinky and attractive and scary Daemon is, and Saetan has a bad leg, and Lucivar has wings Maybe bat wings Not sure Plus Jaenelle has blonde hair, which she fluffs all the day, and blue eyes, but sometimes she has a stupid expression, and sometimes she s totally intense and wise beyond her years Everyone who s bad is fat or doesn t have an impressive bosom or whatever, and they re always hanging out in shadows cackling about their wicked schemes and drinking blood I m not even kidding This book is a joke Daemon s always angry in a cold way, so he s always leaving frost where he goes However, when he really gets his dander up, he s able to grotesquely torture and mutilate the people who are supposed to have control over him, so like why does he allow them to boss him around and make him so miserable in the first place Everyone s super passive aggressive, like, I know you re awful and you re going to make me even wretched, but I think I ll wait until you do and then I guess I ll retaliate But until then I m just going to be very sad and dark and call myself a whore and slink around being bitter and cold and sometimes putting on one earring and makeup, which apparently can make a man androgynous AND frighteningly masculine at the same time and it s part of the extra sexy frilly shirt and feathered hat getup, saved for special seductions, because when I think about seductive men immediately I want nothing other than a David Bowie Jack Sparrow one two knockout punch, in heeled ankle boots Which, actually, it sounds less ridiculous when I say it that way than it did in the book.And all of that would be fine, if the author seemed at all in on the joke, but the narrative takes itself so seriously Every page is absolutely dripping with melodrama YOU VE COLLECTED ALL OF THE GEMS IN EVERY REALM HOLY THUNDER CATS, BATMAN, NO ONE THOUGHT IT WAS POSSIBLE hands trembling uncontrollably The most egregious element of this book, I think, is the author s use of sexual violence, abuse, slavery, and torture, just to write some kinky stuff and give her characters something to whine about Everything fades to black or gets kind of hazy and abstract whenever something serious is going down, and honestly, instead of leaving it to the reader s imagination, I think it would have done the author some good to actually write the minutiae of the torment she piles onto her characters By skipping the details, not only does Bishop not have to really confront the depravity she s imagined for us, she also doesn t have to deal with how unrealistic and bizarre so many things are Further, as several people have pointed out, Daemon is totally sexually attracted to Jaenelle, who s twelve And I think this is supposed to be not only acceptable but ROMANTIC, because he really loves her, like her SOUL, not just her BODY you guys But let s be real, pedophiles in the actual world where this kind of thing really happens Are prone to thinking exactly that kind of thing Kartane, who spends a lot of time thinking about how he s going to brutally rape young girls so that their lives are ruined, is a cartoon This book isn t real, so he can think whatever Bishop wants But Daemon justifies his attraction and repeatedly puts himself in a position to take advantage of Jaenelle in ways that he can justify which is not romantic, it s terrifying Pretty much the last scene in the book is Jaenelle accusing Daemon of being like everyone else who just wants her body, so, to save her, he uses his magical seduction tendrils to trick her into doing what he wants by destroying her willpower If the book was like, yo that s pretty devastating, maybe this guy is not actually cool and a hero, maybe sometimes the bad guy really believes that he cares about you as he s destroying you so we re going to deal with that by holding him accountable for his actions, that would be a neat twist that gave the story some kind of actual consequential meaning But no, he just did that because he loved her so much omg Isn t he handsome and charming and tragic Also, if you thought that the matriarchal society was going to have anything to do with competent, awesome ladies, forget that noise It s full of stereotypically catty and vain caricatures, the author uses their sexual aggressiveness to paint them as villains, and one of the most common cusses is son of a whoring bitch This book is awful There are so many problems that I could just keep going and going, but all I m going to do is keep complaining about this disgusting, stupid book I think a really serious editor could have been like hey lady this is a nice private fantasy but let s buckle down and write a challenging, compelling, and creative piece of literature, and this might have turned into something pretty interesting and powerful, but obviously that did not happen.

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    Let me get straight to the point here I absolutely abhorred this book I had to force myself to finish it I was actually really excited to start it though It s widely acclaimed by critics professionals and goodreads members alike and the plot sounded promising Plus, the idea of a dark fantasy intrigued me And don t get me wrong, I wasn t really disappointed by either of those elements The storyline was okay, and the world of the Blood did prove quite dark.No, what disappointed me was Bishop s characterization As I think a few reviewers before me have mentioned, the novel s requisite badasses Daemon and Saetan share the same flaw they re both way too dramatic How many times does a reader have to be subjected to a magical temper tantrum, or an icy rage or whatever it s called, for god s sake Not only that, but they re both oddly fluffy when it comes to the daughter of the blood herself, Jaenelle Saetan in particular suffers from extensive badass decay By the novel s end, I remember thinking that if I had to read something like Saetan s jaw dropped Saetan grabbed a chair for support Saetan s hands started trembling in response to some unwittingly outrageous thing that Jaenelle had said just one time, I would throw the book at a wall And that brings me to my biggest complaint Jaenelle, girl of the hour, herself Her blatant Mary Sue ness made me want to throttle someone I realise that it was somewhat necessary to the plot, her being the legendary prophesied queen to surpass all queens or whatever, but come on In sum Bishop really didn t succeed in making me feel for her characters They were just a little too one dimensional for my taste P.S I don t want to spoil anything for anyone, but I found the novel s romantic undertonessquicky, for lack of a better word Highly squicky.

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    Welcome to my DNF graveyard a fun and cheerful place to be The social system of the world of the book is matriarchy It seems women in power decided the best use for the men is to keep them as sex slaves I have yet to see a single free man in the part of the book managed to read there are some outside of the world though The injustice is everywhere, but there is a prophecy concerning a coming of The Queen who Will Make Everything Right Every man free and enslaved fall in love not Platonic kind with her The only problem at least in my book bad pun intended she is only 12 This was the first problem for me It takes a real master of the level of Vladimir Nabokov to write about pedophilia in such a way that the reading does not make you feel very dirty I am sorry I really am but Anne Bishop does not come anywhere close to this mastery.The characters were serviceable I guess, but written in such a way that I could not care less about anyone, including the super sexy teen Queen Speaking of character the only amusing bit I can mention is that the book features the most pathetic Lord of Hell in the history of literature since The Old Testament was written I cannot help mentioning the Savior theme J.R.R Tolkien practically created the trope if not, then he most definitely made it very popular Everybody and their brother wrote fantasy about a simple person usually coming from a remote village destined to save the world from a total annihilation Some time later Robert Jordan came with his While of Time Like it or not, but he developed this theme to such extend that everything coming after him seems like a pale imitation Like all that followed Daughter of the Blood has not managed to be completely overshadowed by its predecessor either I still had hope I would manage to finish this one At this point I made two tactical errors First I peeked at the blurb for the next book I quote And Jaenelle will face her destiny when she remembers Daemon, Saetan s son, who made the ultimate sacrifice for her love.If this is not a dead giveaway that we are talking about a romance disguised as fantasy, I do not know what is Please do not get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against romances, but only about romances that are honest about their genre from the beginning My second mistake was in skimping through the reviews better people then me wrote The moment I stumbled upon complaint that the characters often behave like complete retards just to move the plot I realized it is time to DNF If there is something I cannot stand is heroes both good and bad acting in a way that would make an ordinary wooden log look like an Einstein There are better books out there.P.S I would like to say my thanks to all my friends who discouraged encouraged me during the read Their input made my hard decision to DNF easier.

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    2.5 trashy, campy, cheesy, sordid little stars In grade six, my second best friend and I discovered her mother s V.C Andrews Flowers in the Attic series and we snuck them out the bookshelf and read them in the park while eating chips and drinking lemonade We found those books so enticingly wicked and could not believe all the things we read about No Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew for us all we wanted to do is read adult books and unbeknownst to us that these were the trashiest books out there Ok ok there was Harold Robbins but we didn t discover him until grade seven.Well this book reads very much like VC Andrews mating with Anne Rice who then mates with E.L James The writing was barely adequate at best and highly repetitive The men were constantly steepling their fingers and the women were fluffing their hair The women constantly hissed and the men snarled You get the picture.The sex was quite dysfunctional and twisted and there was a fair bit of it The women were just as predatory as the men and nobody liked anybody very much except for the new Witch who was twelve years old Yikes.I wish the writer had made her eighteen if you read the book you ll know why I wish this There was some interesting magical elements in the book but often the rules of the world were applied rather too conveniently to get the plot moving along.I ve seen this book labeled as dark feminist fantasy but I don t think this is an apt description If you are looking for some excellent dark feminist fantasy I highly recommend Jacqueline Carey who writes exquisitely and has a fertile imagination with fascinating characters and plotlines.If you are in the mood for some trash then this book is adequate I m going to hang my head in shame though and admit that at some point I will read Book 2 because sometimes you want to read something that is trashy, campy, cheesy and sordid Admit it you do too.

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    Things I did not like about this book Proper names the winter solstice holiday is Winsol Satan is Saetan Demon is Daemon Lack of character development Redundant descriptive language Elaborate and pointlessly nonsensical magic schema Crappy plot arc Completely implausible antihero TOO MUCH SHIT ABOUT HAVING SEX WITH KIDS TOO MUCH SHIT ABOUT HATING WOMENThings I did like about this book There was a horse character The child molesters got exploded

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    Excerpts from a stream of consciousness transcript as I read this series So that s his brother Ah, right, his brother with wings Saetan Sa Diablo For serious Magical cockring of Obedience Aww, that s actually pretty cute Family togetherness, d aww Ew Ew Ew He just circumcised someone with his teeth Oh, look, the unicorns just showed up Someone else is in a killing rage, yawn Magical cockring of honor So he has wings, and also apparently pon farr Oh, ahahaha, the unicorns aren t going to perform the wedding ceremony are they Of course they are The breakdown 90% cheerfully sexist fluffy fluff about family and love 9% ridiculously over the top violence, sexual and otherwise 1% plot and world building.You guys I just I don t even hand gestures

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    VERY perverse, twisted, brilliant, engaging and provoking bit of fantasy reading It was definitely worth reading Not for the faint of heart, not for the squeamish either Lovers of angst will appreciate it People with kid sex triggers won t, at all.The book receives 5 stars for the original world built from scratch A beautiful and terrible world submerged in darkness, where almost everyone is twisted to some extent, many beyond all possible and impossible boundaries I will go on with this series Q We know how it ends practically before it starts That s why stories appeal to us They give us the clarity and simplicity our real lives lack c Q There are some questions that shouldn t be asked until a person is mature enough to appreciate the answers c Q A woman with an education may be able to spend time sitting in a chair instead of lying on her back A sound advantage, I should think c