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  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Éclair
  • ASCII Media Works
  • English
  • 13 November 2018
  • 9781975326166

10 thoughts on “Éclair

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    wish i could ve rated it higher as i had high expectations but like three of these stories had girls with large age gaps in love and thats just not okay what the fuck i liked the other stories though and all of the artwork was beautiful so idk three stars i guess

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    Incredibly incredibly sweet My favorite story has to be Belle the Rabbit and the Wolf by Hachi Itou It was so goddamn cute that I wanted I needed Very sweet, definitely recommend

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    This is a good sized anthology at almost 300 pages Most of the stories are decent but I was hoping for variety, as most of them are the usual clich of school students experiencing their first love I ll summarize each plot below so you know what you re in for FYI, most of these stories are pretty tame While most have kissing, not all of them do, and there is only one actual love scene, which is interrupted before it gets very far.The anthology opens with three full color illustrations by Non, Yutaka Hiiragi, and Sunao Minakata, independent of the stories that follow Happiness in the Shape of a Scar, by Nio Nakatani 16 pages This story is about a high school student who is crushing on the lone wolf of the school Her crush only cares about one thing, becoming an expert pianist She jealously wishes for some tragic accident to befall the girl so she can no longer play piano and will have time for her But she changes her tune when her wish actually comes true.Tears in the Clean Room, by Shiori Nishio 22 pages A high school love triangle The main character s crush starts dating another girl, and she has to learn to accept that she can never be with her.Human Emotin, by Shuninta Amano 20 pages I thought this one was pretty ...

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    This is a great collection not just because of the sheer amount of stories, but also because each of those stories is different From sweet to sexy to bittersweet, there s a little bit of something for everyone in here.

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    BL 4 KOBO

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    Eclair reviewWith yuri manga, as a genre being especially vulnerable to endless cycles of will they won t they often without even directly acknowledging the characters have romantic feelings for each other in the first place , the one shot format is a great way to cut the BS and get straight to the meat, as immediately illustrated by Nio Nakatani s Happiness In The Shape Of A Scar, which gets first billing and provides the cover art It s an angsty, internal little piece which delivers all the set up pay off resolution of a crush from afar storyline in a few dozen pages that I found infinitely compelling than what I read of Bloom Into You.The vast majority of the stories are high school dramas, which is basically what you expect going into anything yuri, but there are a few that break the mold, and, if you ll forgive the inelegant formatting, I ll rattle off a list of the stand outs below Shuninta Amano s Human Emotion is the tale of a low affect, underemployed service worker and the klutzy clod of a co worker she learns to love to bully As a sort of full disclosure, Amano is my favorite artist in the genre, and I believe this is her first English released story, and also a new one for me, AND it s about bullying a cutie, my favorite trope So it s li...

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    I finally read me some goo yuri basically yuri is lesbian love for those they don t read manga _ I wrote down my thoughts of each story in a notebook but I will share them here I m not sure if this is a spoiler or notbut I don t think it is Story 1 Honestly I thought the girl was going to do something awful Since she was so greedy the other girl s affection But after Kei hand broke things changed She didn t want those ugly thoughts any, she just wanted to be with her Be by her side.Story 2 In this story I m glad the neat freak girl eased dropped.Finally some action The kissing scenes were intense but sweet at the same time Even though she loves one of the girls but she already loves another I just hope the main girl notices her feelings doesn t reject them as a phase.Story 3 Not sure how to describe this Basically a woman who does well at everything finds nothing by it when people say she isn t human Finally feels human after seeing a girl who s clumsy as hell who can t do anything right An I literally mean this, nothin...

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    Originally published in 2016, girls love comic anthology clair featuring 19 artists has three colour illustrations and 16 installments running the gamut of students, adults, idols, age gaps and settings taking place in the modern day, a period gone by or land of fantasy I love anthologies and they are a good way to be introduced to a new to you creator The vast majority of the contributors here have not had their work translated in English before Non, Shiori Nishio, Shuninta Amano, Mekimeki, Kagekichi Yadano, Izumi Kawanami, Kazuno Yuikawa, Taki Kitao, Hachi Itou, Fumiko Takada, Auri Takada Others, like Yutaka Hiiragi, Sunao Minataka, Nio Nakatani who also did the cover , Chihiro Harumi, Canno, Uta Isuki, Sakuya Amano and Kabocha may instead be familiar to readers Contrary to the marketing blrub on t...

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    Anthologies and any kind of collections that feature works from different authors are difficult to grade There were some sweet stories, some alright ones and some which I didn t much care about, as is usually the case I think I was a tad disappointed because I expected to like this collection as a whole But it was still a nice, quick read that featured many kind of infatuation and love between girls Too many were dancing on the edge of is that love or just admiration because they think the other o...

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    This is a diverse compendium of stories tragic stories, silly stories, magical stories, thoughtful stories, and sweet stories They are not clones of one another and each offers something different But they do have one thing in common they re all too short I already find myself thinking that characters and their growth are rushed when reading yuri works that span a half dozen volumes these that cover just eight pages each are frustratingly devoid of the languid journey I hope to take with the people I m being introduced to However, it s a testament to the quality of the writ...

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Éclair Beating Hearts And Fluttering Feelings An Anthology Of Girls Love Stories To Leave You Breathless With Contributors Like Canno Kiss And White Lily For My Dearest Girl , Sakuya Amano GoSick , And Nio Nakatani Bloom Into You , This Collection Is Sure To Satisfy The Desire For A Sweet Love Story Or Sixteen.

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