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    Elp da Hope.

    Because without hope, we are all lost.

    Because without hope, we have nothing.

    The final installment of this trilogy leaves me shattered and sad, and full of anger towards the men who perpetrate this kind of abuse on children But most of all, it leaves me with hope, exhilarated and happy, which, in this context, is nothing short of magic on the author s part.

    To take this extremely important and difficult subject matter, and lovingly show it without condescension or sensationalism, and give so many young people hope Magic, indeed.

    There is such powerful truth in this series There is such compassionate giving of hope It is horrid and beautiful at the same time, and it has a way of sending a spiraling sense of meaning out to young people who are hurting, telling them there is a future, there is a life, there is a way Telling them that there are good people out there, who will love them.

    Hope Truly the most powerful of all human feelings

    We started with beauty in book one And ...

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    I read Elp da, by C Kennedy, in one sitting It was riveting so much so I could not stop and just had to get to the end Fans of this series will remember Christy and Michael from Omorphi and Tharros They will also recall the discovery of Thimi, a boy Christy watched out for and cared for during their nightmare of abuse at the hands of the animals who held them captive Thimi had survived for months, living in ductwork, all the while thinking Christy was dead Now, Thimi would come to Wellington the place of healing that had helped Christy over the past year, and would be cared for there with Christy leading the team But Thimi is so very damaged even worse than Christy was with every movement, touch, noise and decision sending him into a spiral of absolute terror Unfortunately, Christy himself is also trying desperately to recover from the trial of his main captor and abuser that has set him back in terms of healing progress Michael stands by his side, also somewhat lost, as old enemies rear their heads and threaten him and his family All in all, it is a nightmare that everyone wants desperately to wake from, and it is only with great determination and hope that all of them will survive.This is a story that picks up directly from its predecessor, Tharros, and continues on with break neck speed, unending action, and some truly heartbreaking moments Perhaps the real thrust of this nov...

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    Omorphi brought us lessons of strength Tharros showed us the qualities of courage and perseverance And Elpida brings us the message of hope Always hope.Of the three books in this series, Elpida is my favorite I loved morphi and Th rros, but Elp da was a remarkable gelling of all the story elements the characters, their backgrounds and experiences and how they came to be the people they are, who did what to whom, and why It also brings home the lasting effects of the evil that abusers perpetrate on their victims and the daily struggle victims go through to hold on to their new life and their ever fragile hope Cody Kennedy gives us a never before seen glimpse inside the complex psyche of the abused child and the four lives they must construct in order to survive the secret you, the normal you, the real you, and the you created and shown to your abusers.With the arrival of Timotheos at Wellington, we get an in depth look into what Christy s life was like before he was rescued Having Thimi with him is, in many ways, a double edged sword for Christy He is so very thankful a...

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    Elpida by Cody KennedyBook three in the Elpida SeriesPublished by Harmony Ink PressTo establish the series, I am going to start with the titles Omorphi Greek for beautifulTharros Greek for courageElpida Greek for hopeHope is the theme written into each story in this series with care Elpida is the full spectrum of what it means to have hope and what it can mean when you lose that hope as Cody continues the adventures of Christy and Michael with their friends and families For those who have read the first two, this is a hugely anticipated reunion and if not, the story carries well on its own I can only say that I have been looking forward to reading Elpida since the first reading of Tharros Be prepared to jump right in the action from the very beginning Christy and Michael recovering from a brutal court trial are ready to get on with their lives This is tested, however, when twelve year old Thimi is brought to Wellington, the group home where Christy lives and with his arrival, everyone s life is turned upside down All their...

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    Being a Michael and Christy addict, I have waited impatiently for this book, particularly knowing that we were going to get Thimi in this story too and it was definitely worth the wait As the third and final book in the series, along with the heart wrenching Thimi storyline, and one or two surprises, this installment was about the tying up of loose ends, justice being served, ghosts being laid to rest The writing is superb, flowing beautifully to keep you engaged, wonderfully descriptive, with great dialogue, particularly between the young people some lovely, lighthearted conversations that lifted the mood a little, whilst still fitting with the story.a reminder that these characters are to all intents and purposes, teenagers, dealing with things that no kid should ever have to go through.As with the first two books, parts of this story are not easy to read Although this is a work of fiction, knowing that the situations faced by these young people are based on real events is heartbreaking But, these are hopeful stories too, showing that with determination, care, support, good friends and the right people to love, those who have suffered at the hands of abusers can heal, can t...

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    Title ElpidaAuthor Cody KennedyPublisher Harmony InkISBN 978 1 63533 374 9Buy Link Teresa Fallen AngelBlurb Elpida 3Michael and Christy attended prom, graduated high school, and Michael leads the USATF tryouts With Oxford University on the horizon, his future looks bright, and he believes life has returned to normal after Christy s rescue He couldn t be wrong Christy has been free from a life of slavery for than a year and has made remarkable progress due in no small part to the love he found with Michael But the recent prosecution of a past abuser has shattered the life he so painstakingly built out of nothing but a mountain of horror He now faces the daunting task of building a new life yet again Twelve year old Thimi has been missing since Christy left Greece and, unbeknownst to everyone, has hidden out in a vacant mansion in Glyfada Learning of Christy s survival is the only thing that brings him out of hiding People, open spaces, even the most common of sounds frighten him beyond reason A mere ghost of a boy, Thimi arrives in the US with no knowledge of the outside world the only constant in his life a...

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    Elpida is the third book in an incredible series that began with Omorphi and then Tharros, all excellent reads in a pioneering, truly new kind of writing, that being the telling of the stories of boys, children, who suffer horrific abuse and of the people in their lives who either continue the hell or help them to a peaceful and fully alive, heavenly place on earth The depth of Kennedy s writing will prove the absolute validity and utterly clear details of the world created in these books The emotional, psychological and frank, necessarily graphic details of the lives of the abused, especially one of the most amazing literary heroes, Christy, makes this book and the preceding two a fabulously compelling read Not only is there a feast of international cultural and musical information in the books, the characters are all superbly drawn and not from any stock figures Each one is distinct the heroes Christy and Michael are fully formed and totally believable while the bad guys have explainable if not somewhat redeeming flaws that flesh them out as real as they can be One can cheer and boo as if they are right in front of you.Of all the characters, Christy he whose portrait graces the first two books may be singular in literature He is at once as fragile as crystal, strong as titanium, sharp as a blue diamond, and is written with a depth that allows the reader to really experience what his life is like Having met Michael in the first book the r...

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    I love the series as a whole I m slightly disappointed with how the series ended I wanted closure bc I ve been on this ride with Michael and Christy This book is about Thimi and it felt like a jumping point for a series starring him We didn t get a whole lot of Michael and Christy but we did get answers t...

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    This story nearly brought me to tears a few times It hurt my heart Michael and Christy s story was incredible I wanted to give Michael a well deserved tap to get his attention because he can be clueless I cheered for Christy, who was so much stronger and braver than he gave himself credit for Thimi and Zero What can I say about the horrible life these two young boys have dealt with I am hoping that at some point there will be of Thimi and Z...

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    Totally awesome Suspenseful throughout with a mind blowing surprise ending.

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Elpida Michael And Christy Attended Prom, Graduated High School, And Michael Leads The USATF Tryouts With Oxford University On The Horizon, His Future Looks Bright, And He Believes Life Has Returned To Normal After Christy S Rescue He Couldn T Be Wrong.Christy Has Been Free From A Life Of Slavery For Than A Year And Has Made Remarkable Progress Due In No Small Part To The Love He Found With Michael But The Recent Prosecution Of A Past Abuser Has Shattered The Life He So Painstakingly Built Out Of Nothing But A Mountain Of Horror He Now Faces The Daunting Task Of Building A New Life Yet Again.Twelve Year Old Thimi Has Been Missing Since Christy Left Greece And, Unbeknownst To Everyone, Has Hidden Out In A Vacant Mansion In Glyfada Learning Of Christy S Survival Is The Only Thing That Brings Him Out Of Hiding People, Open Spaces, Even The Most Common Of Sounds Frighten Him Beyond Reason A Mere Ghost Of A Boy, Thimi Arrives In The US With No Knowledge Of The Outside World The Only Constant In His Life A Purple Marble.Lost, Shattered, And Afraid, Only Hope Gives Them The Strength And Courage They Need To Begin Anew.