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Writing A Page-Turner Want To Write A Book That Readers Won T Be Able To Put Down Editor Elizabeth Bailey And Bestselling Author Mark Dawson Bring You The Qualities Necessary To Turn Your Book Into An Addictive Reading Experience That Your Fans Will Love From Keeping Your Story Simple To Staying In The Character S Head, Elizabeth And Mark Will Take You Through The Essential Steps To Creating Propulsive And Entertaining Fiction Also Includes An Additional Book Musings From The Writer S Desk

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    Very helpful information on writing a good book I think anyone e could learn from this It can be read in one to two sittings, but I took longer just because The only downside was the few swear words, but nothing bad Free on kindle, so worth the read.

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    An extremely helpful guide which lives up to its own advice clear, succinct, well structured and a very enjoyable read Highly recommended for any author.

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    Apparently, there s a series of free booklets like this one designed to help you with different aspects of indie writing At 40 pages, this is valuable information with no filler I especially liked the advice to drip feed information into the story Great analogy and makes perfect sense to keep a story moving Mark Dawson is a successful indie author with a blog called the Self Publishing Formula where you can access lots of information, courses, and podcasts So, I was a little confused at th...

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    Essential tipsFull of essential tips to make a story come alive and keep the reader immersed in the story Well worth it.

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    A sensible and free book on writing.It s not huge, it explains with examples and it seems like a pretty good book to pick up if you re new or need a reminder.Don t info dump.Yeah I m reading another book set in New York It doesn t describe anything much, it certainly doesn t tell me it s NY, it mentions Bleecker street and that alone is enough to tell me exactly where she lives in NY And I m not even American.Compare that to another book I marked did not finish this month the descriptions clashed and it threw me out of the story and once that happened I started editing and noting issues because I wasn t interested in the story itself The kitchen was spacious but cosy did they use the wrong word Cosy implies small Did they mean comfortable, or welcoming I don t know and while I am thinking about that, I m skimming the book Or stopping altogether.You really don t want readers to stop reading.CraftI heard a podcast where...

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    This book is aimed at writers I found it free on Kindle and at 36 pages an easy read Mark Dawson is a prolific writer who releases his books through Whilst his name is splashed across the cover inside the only author mentioned is Elizabeth Bailey I don t know how their collaboration worked but their advice is sound This book will not necessarily teach you how to write a bestseller but it will help If you ve managed to turn your idea into a draft manuscript and are thinking what next then read this book It provides a different perspective for looking at your work and it clarifies...

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    Short and sweetA useful reminder of some of the key things to keep in mind when writing a novel This won t make you a master of the craft by any means but taken for what it is a guide to turn turgid prose in...

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    Not bad for being free Short, to the point Good as a reminder of things to watch for in your manuscript, though it doesn t necessarily go in depth with anything new for an experienced writer Probably helpful for newer writers or for writers t...

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    Very straightforwardEli did a great job calling out the common mistakes of writing She gave great examples of what was the wrong way to write a page turner and the right way to do it.

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    Short, sweet and to the point Jam packed with useful tips and advice None of it is rocket science but it s very well written and a great read.

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