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    Those evil Nazi s deserved it This book was hard to read but I loved how the author allowed the parents to be victorious.

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    This was my third Jon Athan story and I decided to buy this one without reading the blurb yes, this guy impressed me As a home invasion story, the author managed to twist this basic idea to than just a family fighting back against the bad guys after their home gets invaded I dare you to tackle this one without the blurb and it will be a pleasant surprise.He also brings up some very valid and difficult questions with this one, which will probably be debated until the end of days Can revenge retaliation be justified How far is too far and how much is too much Every reader can have their very own opinion on the matter, without being right or wrong, or maybe even both at the same time, but as a father I had to ask myself where exactly I stood in this huge gray area.Honestly, I know for a fact that a psychopath can never be cured, and when all hope is gone, I can t force myself to believe that it may not benefit society to remove an obvious threat to the innocents.Having said that, I hope and pray that I will never find myself in a situation where I will need to find out.This story is graphic and gory, so it goes without saying that sensitive readers will not enjoy it.I couldn t bring myself to give this st...

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    I have come to worship Jon Athan as an author Not one of his books has disappointed me yet This particular book spoke to me the most 2 yrs ago, I lost one of my 2 month old identicaltwin girls to SIDS That kind of loss changed who I am completely I ll never be the same person again Every day, I carry unbearable guilt, anger, and utter despair around with me I ve come to hate my Husband while still loving him too And her death was deemed faultless So, I can only imagine if I was forced to watch someone murder my baby in cold blood than completely walk away from any consequences I find each one of his books stays with me for days after, making me ask What would I do if it were me It makes me question certain beliefs, opinions, and judgements I held prior to reading his book This book will invoke many emotions while supplying the trademark horror and violence you expect from a Jon Athan novel I wait every month with baited breath for his next book If you haven t e...

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    The Law of Retaliation was my first Jon Athan read via ebook I actually had a small Fbook interaction with him two weeks ago in which he was announcing the plot of a new book he was working on, I told him I really liked him because I loved what I was hearing and he actually responded sighokay back to this bookI LOVED it If you can stand to read graphic violence, thrilling, twisted, gut wrenching, sick, revenge infested horrorgore yes, horrorgore THIS is for you I can now say I have read a Jon Athan book and I am a fan This was a fast, e read scrolling book that is about a family of three on their way to having a magical family time and ran across some young basTURDSs that changed the parents lives FOREVER When the law fails you you make yo...

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    Distraught parents serve up their own brand of bloody justice to a gang of murderous racists, when the system fails them Athan pens the horrid and callous white supremacists so realistically, that you want to come through the pages and rip them apart yourself

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    I m not even sure what I want to say about this book It was a good read, the characters were compelling, but these racist dudes were something else I didn t feel one bit sorry for what the parents felt like they needed to do to get justice.

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    WOW What an intense read You come up with scenarios that make a person think, what would I do in a situation like that.Your mind and writing knows no bounds, does it Keep writing and I ll keep reading them Excellent book, storyline and characters

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    Page turner Finished in one day, even as a busy mom I couldn t stop reading Took it with me while I did anything Can t wait to read another I personally loved how detailed the brutality was.

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    Nice little revenge story.This was my first book by this author He did not disappoint If you like sick and twisted this one is for you.

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    GreatI can t decide which book by this author is the best Good book and I read it within a few days Great storyline and really enjoyed this book

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