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    Inside the mountain of books that are published on each year, there are a few gems Even a glitter of gold, such as what is before you right this moment Because Aston is a skilled artisan, carefully crafting a fantasy world that gently twists the traditional into something new.The story opens with Mallory An outcast and orphan, she is forced to hunt small game in order to survive Yet when circumstances take a turn for the worst, she finds herself a slave to Gulukh, a warrior among the shunned hobgoblin tribes Initially despising her conditions, she comes to realize that, just as with humans, cruelty trickles down from the top Meanwhile, events surrounding several other characters tell of the greater political games being played Aethed, a knight seeking an ancient Aelf blade in order to seal the pact between his people and theirs Balt, a bodyguard whose service to Aethed s house are challenged by threats both physical and political.Koravo, a foreign raider who begin...

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    I love grimdark fantasy books But I am a fussy reader and well crafted worlds with a rich background and interesting characters are really hard to find.I have never been so pleasantly surprised with a book since the first time I read Abercrombie Aston s universe is rich and detailed I was quickly trapped by Mallory s opening story, I got immersed in a world that was painted with masterful strokes right in front of my eyes stormy blues and earthy ochres, dark greens and wine reds started to slowly unveil a picture...

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    If you pick up this book expecting a standard fantasy tale of swords and sorcery, then you re not going to get that Instead, you ll find something better by far The author takes the standard fantasy tropes and turns them on their heads after a few chapters you have no idea where the story is going to take you but you know for damn sure that you want to find out.The story starts wi...

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The Hobgoblins Herald There Are Monsters In The Forests Of Katahia, And Not All Of Them Are Human When A Poacher S Daughter Saves One Of Their Chieftains, She Is Drawn Into The Twisted World Of The Dreaded Hobgoblins, Where Life Is Cheap And Pity Is Weakness Together, The Girl And The Malignant Beasts Must Cross A Realm On The Cusp Of Dynastic Civil War, In Search Of A Land Where They Might Thrive, Or Else Be Eradicated In The Coming Conflict As The Road Before Her Grows Ever Darker And Her Allies Ever Stranger, Mallory Must Choose Which Side She Owes Loyalty, And What She Is Willing To Do In Order To Survive.