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Digital Ecosystem Leadership Why Hasn T Educational Technology Transformed Learning In The Majority Of Schools Who Have Spent Millions On IT Educational Technology Programs Often Struggle Because Integration Challenges Today Largely Stem From People Organization Problems, Not Technology Problems The Way Technology Leadership Is Often Done In Schools Is Akin To Expecting Crops To Grow Without Farmers, Only Sharecroppers And Migrants In Digital Ecosystem Leadership Educator Technologist Matt Brady Shares A Blueprint For Initiating And Sustaining Technological Change From Positions Of Influence Only, Outside Of A School S Core Leadership Team He Identifies The Common Causes And Effects Of Ineffective Integration Programs And Lays Out The Leadership Principles And Obstacle Avoidance Strategies Needed To Empower Others To Use Technology Effectively For Teaching And Learning Read Digital Ecosystem Leadership To Learn Why Leading From Influence, Not Authority Is Necessary And How To Do It Learn Key Success Strategies You Can Use To Bring People Together To Transform Your School Learn The Basic Outlines Of An Integration Model That Can Help You Advance Your Career Matt Brady Is The Director Of Digital Learning At Nishimachi International School In Tokyo, Japan For The Past 15 Years He Has Designed And Lead Digital Ecosystem Transformations Both In The US And Abroad He Writes On Education Activities In Connection With The Use Of Technology And Computers In Systems Design And Technology Based Information Delivery Systems For On Leading Techno Social Change, See