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    Adventure abounds in this middle grade ghost story Oscar has always been comfortable with the dead, his mother being an undertaker and all But, when a ghost appears intent on murdering him, Oscar accidentally discovers that he can turn himself into a ghost and enter the alternate ghost world of London He befriends friendly ghost detective Sally while trying to evade a murderous ghost out to kill him and figure out why What Oscar uncovers is a secret past he could never have dreamed of With a fast paced story the ARC is around 200 pages , enough haunts to please the h...

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The Unlikely Adventures of Oscar Grimstone Delacorte Has Acquired Andrew Prentice S Middle Grade Fantasy Debut, The Unlikely Adventures Of Oscar Grimstone, About A Boy Gifted With Otherworldly Powers Who Embarks On A Journey Into The World Of Ghosts To Figure Out Who He Really Is Publication Is Scheduled For Summer 2019.