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King Arthur, the Dream of a Golden Age Explore A Truly Astonishing Range Of Interests, Philosophies, Religions, And Cultures From Alchemy To Angels, Buddhism To Hinduism, Myth To Magic The Distinguished Authors Bring A Wealth Of Knowledge, Visionary Thinking, And Accessible Writing To Each Intriguing Subject In These Lavishly Illustrated, Large Format Paperback Books.

10 thoughts on “King Arthur, the Dream of a Golden Age

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    Absolutely the best summarization of how the legends evaolved over the centuries which sources are most responsible for those changes A must read for anyone serious about the history of the legend of Arthur from the beginning to recent times Only wish there would b...

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    Pretty thorough but brief summation of the Arthurian legend and how it has evolved over the centuries.

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    This books has great images and is a good encyclopedic reference for King Arthur and the Matter of Britain.

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