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What Was the Titanic? For Than 100 Years, People Have Been Captivated By The Disastrous Sinking Of The Titanic That Claimed Over 1,500 Lives Now Young Readers Can Find Out Why The Great Ship Went Down And How It Was Discovered Seventy Five Years Later.At 2 20 A.m On April 15, 1912, The Royal Mail Steamer Titanic,the Largest Passenger Steamship Of This Time, Met Its Catastrophic End After Crashing Into An Iceberg Of The 2,240 Passengers And Crew Onboard, Only 705 Survived More Than 100 Years Later, Today S Readers Will Be Intrigued By The Mystery That Surrounds This Ship That Was Originally Labeled Unsinkable.

About the Author: Stephanie Sabol

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the What Was the Titanic? book, this is one of the most wanted Stephanie Sabol author readers around the world.

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    Ifif only the lookouts broke in to the locker to get their binoculars If only the son of the dead founder wasn t on the ship pushing the captain to go full steam ahead in order to chase some vain publicity stunt, putting all those lives at risk If only the telegraph operators had listened to the messages from nearby ship Californian rather than sending non sense egotistical messages from rich passengers to their family in New York etc If only the bulkheads were taller or all the way to the ceiling to lock in the water and prevent flooding All disasters have many causes, it just takes bad luck for them to all comes together at one point Makes me want to study human factors and disasters I have some books on disasters and r...

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    I thought of this book a great book because it had interesting facts in this book It told me this boat was unsinkable A lot of people died from the crash against the iceberg in the ice fields.

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    What Was the Titanic By Stephanie Sabol is a very breath taking book This book obviously is about the Titanic it tells me how they build it, how they fit the ship meaning putting in everything a ship needs, life aboard the ship, how the warnings happened, and ICEBERG This book also told me some things I didn t know such as the crew were not prepared for an emergency because they were very confident that nothing would happen but, unfortunately, th...

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    Summary The grandest unsinkable luxury ship ever made, the Titanic, well that s what everyone assumed anyways The ship left England intending to make it to New York, but the ship would never make it there because tragedy struck before they could ever make it to land Evaluation The author clearly presents the information is well organized in the order of the events and how they occurred in a timeline type of writing The author makes it easy for readers to find information according to what they are looking for based on the Contents page provided in the beginning of the book The author also provided real life pictures from the titanic to allow readers to get a clear description and visual of what the text was saying Teaching Idea I would use this book in grades 4th and 5th as part of the social studies or ELA content area This book would be a great way to grab student s attention with details from th...

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    Sabol, Stephanie What Was the Titanic , 107 pages NON FICTION Penguin Workshop Penguin , 2018 16 Language G This book tells how the Titanic was built from the hull to the elegant first, second and third class rooms It explains what life is like in the different parts of the ship for workers or different classes of people Then the night the Titanic hits the iceberg and the rescue efforts as well how many different people died There is also a chapter about the sea explorer who discovered the sunken Titanic two miles below sea The sinking of the Titanic is considered one of the greatest disasters at sea of all time and whether because it has been Hollywoodized or just because it is a shocking tragedy, it s a story that is still worth reading about The pictures throughout the book are sketches and sixteen photographs, they could have been better, but they help the reader visualize the story I love this serie...

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    The Titanic The unsinkable boat So they thoughtI recently finished the book What was the Titanic and I would rate this book 4 stars I would rate this book 4 stars, because I really like that the book included pictures of information from the Titanic Some pictures were of the Titanic itself, lifeboats, newspaper articles, and people from the Titanic Another reason why I would rate this book 4 stars is because it really gave good detail when describing what happened o...

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    I ll always go to bat for this series that does a fantastic job conceptualizing a person or topic in a manageable and digestible way This one, focused on the ship Titanic discusses each element from it s conceptualization and construction to the people on board from the lavish first class passengers to the third class ones that didn...

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    What Was the Titanic by Stephanie Sabol is a relatively short read intended primarily for a younger audience But, having said that, the author packs a lot of facts and historical information about the building of the Titanic and its tragic maiden voyage as well as the aftermath Having read several other books on the Titanic targeted towards an adult audience, this book does a very credible job of explaining various aspects of why and how the Titanic met its end and is i...

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    when i read this book i thought it was realyy interresting because at first it is all about making the titanic then it gores to the time just before it sank and that the captain did not care at all what the people on the look out said th...

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    The cover picture is atrocious and the illustrations are heavily influenced by the 1997 film but the info is solid and the photos included at the end were well worth the reading experience Recommended.

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