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On New Terrain EPUB On New Terrain Author Kim Moody Bassgrotto.co.uk Kim Moody Analyzes How Changes In Global Capitalism Have Altered Both The Composition Of The Working Class And The Economic And Political Ground On Which It Struggles From The Logistics Revolution To The Unprecedented Concentration Of Business And Wealth In The Hands A Shrinking Few, Moody Examines The Impact Of This New Economic Terrain On Potential Working Class Resistance Movements.

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    The first half on workplace union struggles is good I didn t really care for the second half on electoral politics , which unleashed a deluge of facts figures in order to make the argument that engaging with the Democratic Party is a waste of time for left activists which feels a bit dated...

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    First half of the book on the changed terrain of class struggle is excellent should be read by every leftist labor activist in the US Second half on the Democrats and socialist electoral strategy is good, but doesn t seem to really fully reckon with the lessons of Bernie s campaign, in my opinion.

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    It has been said that Karl Marx wrote Das Kapital to put a weapon in the hands of the working class This indeed must be equally true for this work by Kim Moody The most important text of our moment I d venture to say it is an essential read THE most essential read for anyone interested in socialism, activism, social change, the changing nature of work, and development of capital.If I had the money, I d put this book into the hands of every man, woman, non binary person, child, and animal on the planet The research and use of data is phenomenal, casting a clear light into previously murky, gray territory It illuminates a path forward We fight now on new terrain The trends that created barriers, pitfalls, divisions, and minefields for working class organization and power, while not disappearing, have been altered through capitalism s own inherent dynamics of competition and expansion, which has lead to the consolidation, integration, and relocation of capital in ways that are potentially MORE ADVANTAGEOUS FOR WORKING CLASS RESISTANCE, ORGANIZATI...

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    This was a little different than I expected much heavier on the statistics and empirical data, especially in the main arguments about the changed terrain However, that being said, it s still very much wo...

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    I must admit that even before I started reading this book I knew I would loath it It must be admitted, though, that as a hatereader of books that I do not hold my habits against the author 1 Far from it, in fact It must be readily admitted, though, at the outset, that this book was written from a worldview that simply will not command my assent, and though I found it interesting I just simply cannot get on board with the democratic socialism expressed in this book I must admit that I found as much interesting ignored in the book as I found stated, and though I knew I would dislike the material and especially the approach of the volume, it would have been nice for the author to show a bit intellectual honesty about that coercion and authoritarianism that comes through socialism and the fact that bottom up ambitions of the author are just as statist in their implications as the neoliberals that the author continually tries to denigrate here If the author had been honest, I probably would not have liked the book but at least I would have been able to respect it .The just over 200 pages of this mercifully brief book are divided into three parts, ten chapters, and numerous supplementary material at the end The author spends three chapters discussi...

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    I don t know if Moody says too much that feels new here On New Terrain provides a lot in terms of clarity about the changing nature and composition of the working class, the increasing compression of labor, and where labor and capital has become centralized The clarity is welcome, though, because I think he takes traditional discourse about labor and capital and gives it a...

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    Bit of a dense read, but well worth it Good protective on how to approach a progressive movement in the US considering current conditions The wealth of references in the back is well chosen.

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    Excellent book Really puts a spotlight on many of the ways capital is impacting society

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