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The Black Farm After The Loss Of A Child Along With A Slew Of Agonizing Misfortunes, Nick And Jess Decide To End Their Lives Unable To Cope With The Misery That Fills Their Days, They Commit One Last Act Together And Die In Loving Relief But When Nick Wakes Up, He Soon Realizes That Death Isn T The Gentle Darkness He Expected Panicked And Horrified, He Struggles To Understand The Twisted Abominations And Hellish World He S Now Trapped In Driven By Desperation And A Sudden Will To Survive, He Sets Out To Find Jess And Is Unable To Cope With The Thought Of Her Having To Suffer Through The Terrors This New Reality Holds But Nothing Could Prepare Him For The Nightmares He Foundnothing Could Prepare Him For The Black Farm.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 324 pages
  • The Black Farm
  • Elias Witherow
  • 19 October 2019

About the Author: Elias Witherow

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Black Farm book, this is one of the most wanted Elias Witherow author readers around the world.

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    First of all damn, what a shocking ride from start to finish The Black Farm is pitched as this absolutely terrifying, disgusting, miserable story, and even its most base level plot is heartbreaking a couple, mourning the loss of their child, decides to kill themselves together, only to wake up in a place worse than Hell The Black Farm They go on to suffer endless punishments for their actions, with this terrible farm going so far as to, when the victims die on the farm, regurgitate them back into it so they can be tortured all over again.Oh, and trust me when I say that I don t mean torture lightly at all. I ve never read such gratuitous depictions of misery and turmoil as what s in this story It s absolutely not for the faint of heart or stomach , as there are some scenes that are simply disgusting, while others nearly made me cry for how miserable they were especially the graphic rape scenes On top of it all, Nick s terror and rage are practically tangible, and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, hoping he d find a way to escape with his love before they were both completely broken by the agony and terror ...

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    The Black Farm by Elias Witherow is intense Though there are many words to describe the horror novel, intense is a good basis The story is told from the first person perspective of a man named Nick, who decided to commit suicide with his wife He wakes up in a place that he would learn as The Black Farm, an afterlife where those who commit suicide are sent to live out their days or feed a monstrous beast known as The Pig.I won t spend too much time on the synopsis, it is available to be viewed on or the author s website I do believe The focus of this review is the story and environment overall.The Black Farm, if it were to have trigger warnings, would have just about every one imaginable Rape, very descriptive torture scenes, gore, and twisted ideals are present throughout the book We read everything from cannibalism to sawing off arms, people The book begins with suicide and we only go downhill from there The description at the beginning states that it isn t for the faint of heart, and that s not a lie However, other than a few stomach turning momen...

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    I heard Witherow s story Feed the Pig on the No Sleep Podcast, and decided to give The Black Farm a shot While it s an extremely dark and graphic take on what happens to those who commit suicide, Witherow s writing is fantastic His descriptions are vivid and chilli...

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    I cannot rave enough about this book I ve sat on writing this review for a few months now, simply because after reading this, the only thing I could think to say was what the f ck As many other readers, I was first introduced to Elias work through the NoSleep Podcast s masterful reading of his short story Feed the Pig S07E09 if you re interested in reading this book, I highly recommend you go listen to that first Unsettling, shocking, disturbing, are all words too light to describe this story Let s be clear I ve been a horror gore fan for as long as I can remember I ve seen read a lot of weird sh t, and not a lot phases me any The Feed the Pig reading left me sitting in shock at my kitchen table, unsure now of what to do with the cloth nappy I d been folding, staring blankly at my hands, wondering what the f ck did I just listen to When it was announced on that same podcast that Elias had released a full length novel, and extension of his now in famous story, I couldn t order it fast enough Someone else pointed out this book comes with all the trigger warnings ALL of them There are moments where I would sit there and physically cringe through the passage I was reading, or otherwise would have to put the book down and go for a walk This book, at times, actually...

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    I wanted to love this book but it didn t quite live up to my expectations First, the world of the Black Farm is grossly amazing The horrors there are truly creative The mythos is fresh and raw and keeps you guessing what terror awaits you as you turn the page The problem is I can t get behind the lead character, Nick He is the epitome of misogynistic hipster douche and since h...

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    This book was vile, disgusting, depraved and down right horrifying.and I loved every minute of it This is a no holds barred look at suicide and what happens after you take your life The Black Farm is a creation straight out of the worst of nightmares What lies between heaven and hell Where you go when you decide your life isn t worth living any A place where The Pig reigns supreme and your only options are to run, hide or feed the pi...

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    I ve heard several of Elias Witherow s short stories read aloud on The NoSleep Podcast This includes Feed the Pig, the short story which spawned The Black Farm If you haven t heard the NoSleep Podcast s production of Feed the Pig, I highly recommend it It s absolutely brilliant, and I d love to hear the NoSleep crew adapt The Black Farm for audio as well.After Nick and Jess go through with their suicide pact, they wake up on the Black Farm, a nightmarish realm of Hell devoted to those who have committed suicide The Black Farm is filled with monstrous creatures that find sadistic pleasure in torturing the lost souls unfortunate enough to wind up there As Nick struggles to find Jess, he decides that he has to find a way to destroy the Black Farm once and for all While he meets allies along the way, Nick slowly sheds his humanity, becoming r...

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    Good read A different take on an age old question, what happens after we die I enjoyed this take on that question.

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    Overall, I really liked the book It creates a creepy atmosphere that is essential to horror, and it contains scenes of gore that would make Lucio Fulci proud I do however have some issues I d like to bring up First, I didn t really believe how much of a bad ass the main character was It seemed a bit too much He didn t really seem to have any misgivings about his actions, whether his threats would really work or not, etc Second, the character of Jess fell into the stereotyped helpless damsel role, that is so common in horror novels Stephen King is bad about this as well She seemed only to exist as a cattle prod to get the main character moving She didn t have any real agency until the end of the book and even then it wasn t much than prodding Nick along Third, I don t believe the ending fit the rest of the book I won t say anything else to avoid spoilers Also, I feel there was a large missed opportunity to explore suicide in depth Sure, we got Trent and...

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    Horribly perfectI have to start with Horror is not my usual genre, I usually favor fantasy or romance This book isn t for the faint of heart If you don t like gore, if you don t like torture, if you don t like hopeless situations then absolutely do not read this book It is perfect in it s descriptions of what the main character goes through and makes you wonder what kind of choices you d make if you were in his situation I loved that it tied into the short story from the author s previous book, I actually paused and went to reread that one I ordered the digital version as soon as it came out and now I can t wait to have a physical copy grace my bookshelf If you can handle the gore and horror and love twists Read this I came across E...

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