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    This is the kind of book you slip into like a blissful warm bath in a room full of scented candles The writing seems effortless, a sure sign the author worked her socks off , the dialogue is spot on, the love story, with its skilfully interwoven flashbacks to the heartbreak of the past, unreels with the right amount of build up and tension to keep the reader guessing Although a novella, the two main protagonists, Carly and Josh, are deftly and sympathetically drawn, with the right blend of humour and poignancy, instantly recognisable, instantly likeable, another difficult feat to accomplish in a short novel.Their story comes to its dramatic climax over the space of a long weekend when Carly returns to the scene of her childhood, Montana, to celebrate the 95th birthday of Oma, grandmother of Josh and his sister Ruthie, one of Carly s closest friends Here, old and new mingle with irresistible charm I was transported thousands of miles to the wide open spaces of the American Midwest where thoroughly modern girly outings dressing up to go to cocktail bars and foot spas are set against ...

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    A heart can recognize true love well before the brain realizes its truth Sometimes love hurts, and sometimes it hurts to love too much Carly Edwards and Josh Kendal have a relationship based first in friendship and forged by tragedy When life and circumstances get in the way, it seems everybody but the two of them know they were meant for each other It...

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    4.5 starsIf you re looking for a traditional romance, this isn t it The plot does revolve around a romantic relationship between the two main characters, but it s so much than that Well written and slow burning, the author gives us a story that goes beyond being the telling of love affair Josh Kendall is a handsome, hard working, kind hearted rancher, and Carly is a smart, successful, career woman I couldn t help but like them both because they felt like real people Just like real people, they have problems One central, life altering issue happens when Josh and Carly are teenagers, and its effect is so profound that it reverberates throughout the entire story The way in which they deal with this issue impacts their development as characters as well as shapes their friendship and romantic relationship Surrounding Josh and Carly is a cast of supporting characters, each individuals in their own right, providing comic relief and fleshing out the story fantastically As another reader has pointed out, there were moments where the reader was forced to stay in Carly or Josh s head too long, being subjected to inner conflict than necessary Times like these, I struggled to stay focused on the story, as I wished they d stop mulling over everything and get on with it Griping about these few instances is being nitpicky, as the novella was largely enjoyable, and the inn...

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    Blaque Beauty and the Rancher is one of those books where the characters are so well developed and so likable, that you don t want the story to end because you feel like they ve become old friends Great dialog and a wonderful setting make this s...

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    Two childhood friends realize their bonds are stronger than time They really are meant for each other Josh Kendall is a hot hot hot rancher Carly is the smart professional woman It looks like opposites attract, and not only do they stay together, but they re also soulmates Everything about this book is fantastic The story line, the characters, the drama, the ro...

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    Blaque Beauty and the Rancher is the second novella in the Blaque Beauty Collection however, it is a standalone read Having now read Blaque Beauty and the Rancher I am super interested to go and read Blaque Beauty and the Billionaire Erin Lee Daniels really pulled me in with this one, and with billionaires being a particular weakness of mine, I m positive that I will love the first book in this collection.I ll be honest by saying I was somewhat tentative at first The story interested me from the get go, but for the first couple of chapters I wasn t as pulled into the story as I would have liked to have been I think this is because it took me a while to wrap my head around the characters and events, then how everything was connected As soon as things clicked into place however, as soon as I knew what was what, I fell deep into the story.It s very much one of those stories you need to complete in a single sitting It has all the necessary drama and intense moments to keep you engaged, it will leave you experiencing a whole range of emotions from heartbreak to joy, and throughout you will be thoroughly addicted You re pulled into a wonderfully sweet story, with a constant fear of whether or not the characters will get the happily ever after you wish for them Everything about the story the lives of th...

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    After completing this story, I found I needed a day to really think about it To remember all the feels that made this book so incredible I absolutely loved the first book, but this book completely stole my heart Carly and Josh s story was just beautiful, raw and real The characters were well fleshed out and even the side characters felt true and important and whole Erin Lee Daniels told this story in such a way that you feel all the fells That you experience all the ups and downs with each of these characters The heartbrea...

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    3.5 StarsJosh and Charlotte frustrated me with their constant inner dialogue it went on way too long about each other and their respective feelings on going from friends to lovers Super, super slow burn their first kiss doesn t take place until view spoiler 79 percent hide spoiler

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    This is one of those storylines that has been played out a lot and not always well Daniels not only does it well, she does it with an emotional intensity and believable characters that create a compelling story that it is impossible to put down A very sweet and charming ...

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    Best friends become soul mates Blaque Beauty and the Rancher is a really sweet romance It takes place on a ranch in Montana when Carly comes back for for a birthday celebration for an elderly friend She s had a thing for rancher Josh since she was a kid and seeing him again resurrects old feelings The same goes for Josh, but he s not as forthright with his feelings for Carly as she is for him Josh has a lot of unresolved feelings over the loss of his mother and Carly leaving Montana shortly after her death some years before Despite Josh s reservations where Carly is concerned, he s terribly drawn to her Carly is realizing those old feelings she has for Josh might be love A lot of angst occurs between them before they figure things out, but as in any good romance love conquers all I loved the push and pull of this story between Josh and Carly and I really loved the ending I read Erin s f...

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Blaque Beauty and the Rancher What Do You Do When You Have To Break Someone S Heart In Order To Guard Your Own Josh S Heart Is Doing Whiskey Shots And Saying, Yeah Buddy, Good Luck With ThatOne Look That S All It Takes For Successful Chicago Editor Carly Edwards To Realize That Josh Kendall Can Still Lasso Her Heart And Wrap It Around His Little Finger Now She S Back On His Montana Ranch For A Weekend Celebration And It S Clear That Her Sexy Cowboy Still Sees Her As The Vulnerable, Shy Bookworm He Used To Ride Horses With As Kids And Carly Is Completely Okay With That Sort Of Okay, Not At All But What S A Girl To Do Josh Thought He Was Ready To See Carly Again After So Many Years But Nothing Prepared Him For The Grown Up Beauty Standing On His Front Porch No Worries He S Got This After All, He Knows The Best Way To Avoid Loss Is To Refuse To Have Anything Worth Losing, Especially Carly So Josh Decides To Play It Safe And Shut Her Out When It Comes To Carly, However, His Mind And His Heart Just Can T Agree They Never Could.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 187 pages
  • Blaque Beauty and the Rancher
  • Erin Lee Daniels
  • 09 September 2019

About the Author: Erin Lee Daniels

Erin Lee Daniels is an editor and romance author After receiving a degree in Political Science and International Relations Erin Lee worked in the private sector before pursuing her lifelong dream of authorship She lives in NYC and enjoys travel, cooking, collecting fine china, keeping a handle on her American Girl addiction and spending time with family and good friends.