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A Spell for Susannah A Not Ready For Disney Fairy Tale Princess Susannahs Discovery That She Can Work Fairy Magic Unlocks The Door To A Delicious Secret Beneath The Castle Where She And Her Eleven Sisters Live, Theres An Enchanted Palace That Has An Edge Over The Middle Kingdoms Its Chock Full Of Princes Who Just Love To Dance In A World Where The Nobility Have Been Fairy Cursed To Bear No Male Children, Its A Secret They Enjoy To The Fullest But Without Male Heirs, The Human Lands Are On The Verge Of Anarchy The King And Queen Hire Jon Tom, A Detective, To Find Out Where Their Daughters Are Disappearing To Every Night Susannah Finds Herself Wanting To Tell Jon Tom All Her Secretsand Give Him Her Heart But If Susannahs Secrets Go Public, Her Parents Wont Be Happy Worse, The Fairies Wont Be Happy And The Enchanted Princes Will Be In Danger Warning, This Title Contains The Following Hot Sex, Hot Springs Sex, Hot To Trot Women And Patriarchal Hardheadedness.

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    Jody weaves a great bookwith spells and intrigue I picked this book up at a MCRW book signingand Jody is definitely one of my favorite authors from the group She builds the perfect world and peoples it with rich, radiant characters Read this book, it s awesome.

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    As a cough cough mature reader, I really appreciate the fact that the heroine is no shy, shrinking 12 year old ingenue Instead, she older, wiser, and knows what she wants and how to get it This delightfu...

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    This clever spin on the fairy tale of the twelve dancing princesses was done with creative world building and a strong enough plot to keep you interested It appears Princess Susannah, the oldest, has discovered a way to do magic that previously was only the domain of the fairies These fairies have cursed her land with only female offspring, and Susannah is intent on finding a solution Her magic opens a doorway to an enchanted land inhabited by spellbound princes Dedicated to freeing these hapless men, who have limitations in their virility, isn t easy when her father the king hires a detective to uncover his daughters secrets This man, Jon Tom, seems very clever as he sets out to learn th...

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    An entertaining retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses fairytale with the bad fairy from Sleeping Beauty mixed in Susannah, the oldest princess, is no air headed miss, but a 35 year old woman trying to save herself, her sisters and her kingdom from a curse Sus...

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    I wrote this so I m clearly not going to review it But I ve read it about ten billion times during edits.

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