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The Latin Church in the Crusader States: The Secular Church This Is The First Major Work On The History Of The Secular Church In The Frankish States Of Syria And The Holy Land A Subject Which Has Not Hitherto Attracted The Interest Of Ecclesiastical Historians The Present Book Has Been Written To Fill This Important Gap In Crusader Studies It Deals With The Period Stretching From The Establishment Of A Latin Hierarchy After The First Crusade To The Final Conquest By The Mamluks In 1291 Dr Hamilton Examines The Development Of The Church In The Patriarchates Of Jerusalem And Antioch And Its Organisation From The Parish Level Upwards Two Chapters Are Devoted To A Study Of Its Sources Of Income And The Financial Problems That Arose After The Battle Of Hattin Through The Thirteenth Century Particular Attention Is Paid To The Relations Between The Latin And The Eastern Churches The Author Documents The Unequal Treatment Given To The Orthodox And To The Separated Churches, And Traces The Course Of The Various Attempts At Church Union In His Conclusion He Makes An Overall Assessment Of The Spiritual Achievments Of The Church During This Period And The Extent To Which It Justified The First Crusaders Ideals.

About the Author: Bernard Hamilton

British Historian born 1932 Professor Emeritus of Crusading History at University of Nottingham.

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    Very scholarly work about the church in the Latin East exactly what the title promises Like the political orgisation, the Latin church had to find a way to operate in the East Co operation with the secular powers was necessary though not a given, as an incident in Reynald the Chatillon s past makes clear , but there was also a tense rivalry with the existing Byzantine ...

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