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Whiz Tanner and the Secret Tunnel (Tanner-Dent Mysteries, #3) It S October And The Air Is Getting Cooler But, That S Not The Only Thing Causing A Chill For The Proprietors Of The Tanner Dent Detective Agency Best Friends, Whiz Tanner And Joey Dent, The Sixth Grade Founders Of Our Favorite Detective Agency, Are Hired To Help Settle A Bet Chuck Boyles And Thorny Rose Are Deep In An Argument, Which Catches The Imagination Of The Entire School Chuck Claims He Saw A Time Traveling Automobile A DeLorean Like The One From Back To The Future In Farmer Zimmer S Barn Thorny Doesn T Believe It Easy Enough To Check Out, Except The Barn Is In A Bull Pasture Getting Around The Bulls, And Snapping A Picture, Turns Out To Be The Easiest Thing They Do All Weekend And, That S Only The Start Their Little Excursion To Find The Facts Leads Them Into The Middle Of A Robbery Beyond Anything They Ve Ever Encountered Agents M And K Make Use Of The Most Sophisticated Equipment As They Track Down And Aid In The Recovery Of Very Valuable Top Secret Stuff.