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Half Sick of Shadows Who Is The Lady In Ancient Britain, A Lady Is Living In A Stone Walled House On An Island In The Middle Of A River So Far As The People Know, She Has Always Been There They Sense Her Power, They Hear Her Singing, But They Never Meet Her.At First Her Life Is Idyllic She Wakes, She Watches, She Wanders In Her Garden, She Weaves A Complex Web Of What She Sees, And She Sleeps Again But As She Grows, This Pattern Becomes Narrow And Frustrating She Longs To Meet Those Who Cherish Her, But She Cannot The Scenes Beyond The Walls Of Her Home Are Different Every Time She Wakes, And Everyone She Encounters Is Lost, Swallowed Up By The Past.But When She Finds The Courage To Break The Cycle, There Is No Going Back Can She Bear The Cost Of Finding Freedom And What Will Her People Do, When They Finally Come Face To Face With A Lady Of Legend Who Is Not At All What They Have Imagined A Retelling And Metamorphosis Of Tennyson S Lady Of Shalott.

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    This is an unusual book It has such an imaginative and ethereal quality that it seems as if it might have been written by Tennyson himself Not a book for everyone but, if you are looking for a short dreamlike fantasy, this is will work...

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    We are proud to announce that HALF SICK OF SHADOWS by Richard Abbott is a B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree This tells readers that this book is well worth their time and money

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    It is really impossible to say anything directly about Half Sick of Shadows, Richard Abbott s newest and most creative book, without giving the whole thing away.So I m going to say a few general things and encourage you to go get it It s worthwhile summer reading for thoughtful people who like to read on the beach, look out onto the clouds on the horizon and wonder what if.First, you don t need to know that Half Sick of Shadows is taken loosely from the British legend of the Lady of Shalott best known to poetry readers in its version by Alfred Lord Tennyson It s a fun curiosity to map the book on to the legend especially the weaving and mirror part but the story stands on its own.You also don t need to know what genre the book is in order to enjoy it The author says it is Historical Fantasy I would say it s Speculative Science Fiction It includes much learned perspective on historical and especially pre historical things, but the story itself turns out to be less about earth than about well, that would be telling.Half Sick of Shadows is gorgeously written It is very precisely written, as is Richard Abbott s wont, but it also has a kind of sneaky, seductive richness that draws you in by its own sneakiness You don t know that you re going to be...

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    First, a confession my only exposure to the famous ballad, The Lady of Shalott by Alfred Lord Tennyson, is the musical adaptation by Loreena McKennitt Perhaps I once had to read it for a class in school, but since my reading preference has always been prose, it wouldn t be out of the realm of possibility that I have simply forgotten Anyroad, this adaptation takes the Arthurian legend and adds the author s own personal touch an adaptation that, while remaining true to the original s basic story line, is reminiscent of the science fiction episodes I used to watch on Rod Serling s Twilight Zone The progression of The Lady through the various stages of her existence, and the descriptions of the eras in which she awakes are masterfully told by the author The inner turmoil of The Lady, as she struggles with the Mirror to gain access to the people s...

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this completely different take on the Lady of Shallot story, I think my only comment would be I wish the cover was a little exciting and relevant Maybe the scene used, but reflected in a mirror This book has received a Discovering Diamonds Review Helen Hollickfounder DDRevs

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    A most enjoyable read As someone who has always loved Tennyson s poem The Lady of Shalott , the title of this book caught my eye and imagination immediately Rather than being a retelling of the poem, however, this book is a speculative fantasy about the life of the Lady before the events of the poem take place, and on the nature of her observations of the world around her tower The story is very creative and highly original in its development, intriguing the reader with hints about the truth of the Lady s identity and the reasons for her being imprisoned in her tower The Lady s character is quite thoroughly developed, as the reader is allowed into her thoughts and responses as well as into her activities Other characters in the book are less well developed, simply because the story moves from one group to another as it progresses, but all are portrayed in a personal and evocative manner that gives both the Lady and the reader a strong sense of connect...

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    I read Half Sick of Shadows by Richard Abbott via my Kindle Unlimited subscription.I went into this not knowing Tennyson s Lady of Shalott, so I had no reference to compare it to but I see this as a good thing In the first chapter, I admittedly had a hard time visualizing the descriptions concerning the Lady and her Mirror, but by the 3rd chapter I was completely and utterly absorbed The journey the Lady takes is quite clever and I was able to connect with and empathize for her An overa...

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    This was a really neatly constructed story that somehow draws on societal history, faerie lore, science fiction, and insect biology into a sort of non human coming of age tale I was particularly impressed that the main character s emotional stakes are continually compelling, even though she ...

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